How to prepare Reasoning for SSC CGL

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How to prepare Reasoning for SSC CGL 2017


The SSC has released its official SSC CGL notification 2017. It’s time for you to plan exactly how to prepare for SSC CGL Tier I exam. This article give you preparation for SSC CGL reasoning.


Before you begin with the preparation, you should know the topic wise weightage of various topics. That come under the reasoning section of CGL exam. Bellow is the weightage of topics as per the SSC CGL 2016.


Coding Decoding0-1
Dictionary & Word Order0-1
Venn Diagram0-1
Blood Relation0-1
Missing Number1-2
Sitting Arrangement0-1
Paper Cutting0-1
Mirror & Water Image0-1
Figure complitation0-1
Hidden figure0-1
Word Formation0-1
Age related0-1
Coded Equation0-1
Certain Based Equation0-1
Distance and Direction0-1
Figure Counting0-1
Sitting Arrangement0-1
Logical Reasoning0-1


For almost all candidates, reasoning is the most scoring section of the exam. Above table help you understand the importance of various topics based on the amount of marks that they hold in the exam.


Firstly above all topics divided into two parts.

  1. Easy
  2. Deficult



Easy: Analogy, Classification, Matrix, Dictionary & Word Order, Venn Diagram, Paper Cutting, Mirror & Water Image, Figure complete, Hidden figure, Word Formation, Coded Equation, Figure Counting etc. These topics are easy and easy to understand. So, you can start with these topics because 45 minute is enough for every topic to understand the particular topic logic.


Difficult: Series, Coding Decoding, Blood Relation, Missing Number, Puzzle, Sitting Arrangement, Age related, Certain Based Equation, Distance and Direction, Sitting Arrangement, Logical Reasoning, Syllogs etc. are difficult compare to Easy topics but not so much tough. So, after complete all easy topics you can move on these topics. You can easily understand these topics with in 1:30 hour aprox.


Hence, As per analyses all topics and there weightage. Now you know which topic you pic up first or from where you start the SSC CGL reasoning. It is also clear , with in 20 to 25 days you can cover all SSC CGL reasoning Syllabus for crack the SSC CGL Pre 2017.

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