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Project Manager- The head of project management

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A project manager is the head of the project. A project manager is expert and professional in the field of project management and handling the issues of management. It includes the tasks like planning, organizing, staffing, scheduling, executing and also the closing of the project. All the industries which are based on production and service require project manager.

Topics handled by a project manager

Topics handled by a project manager

The topics handled by project manager

A project manager is responsible for coordinating, administering, facilitating and authorizing for the tasks to complete. But the main responsibilities in the following fields are the most important tasks of a project manager:-

Project management:-

Managing the entire project is the main province of a project manager. This individual participates in all the tasks which are included for completion of the tasks. He/she maintains the progress of the project and maintains the mutual interaction of both the parties. This interaction is maintained in such way so that it reduces the risk factors, the costs and maximizes the benefits of the organization.

Products and services:-

The working and its output is monitored at regular intervals by the project managers. With this method he/she oversees and checks the operation and the implementation of each and every working module.

Project Tools:-

There are many project tools which are used for implementation in the project. The tools consist of knowledge, concepts and the techniques which are used for managing the projects which are often unique to the project management. Some of the techniques such as Gantt chart, PERT chart, critical path analysis, earned value management are used for managing the project. Effective project management tells us the use of skills and knowledge by the project managers which shows the area of his/her expertise.

Project teams:-

Project teams are one of the main building blocks of any organization. Maintaining the communication between the subordinates and the higher authorities in the team and organization is necessary. That task is accomplished by a project manager. Moreover while recruiting members for a team a project manager must consider the critical roles and chemistry rather than looking for only the technical skills.


Uncertainty is raised by the issues and influence of risks in the projects. A good project manager also focuses on the attempts of reducing the risk percentage. There are many examples in big organization where the project managers adheres the policy of open communication between the project participants. This process is done for evaluating and analyzing the risks and their concerns on that. So in this process proper solution towards the risk is also measured.


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