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Project manager and Project management

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A project manager mainly defines the path through which a task can be accomplished and he/she is also responsible for assigning the task. For planning and staffing for the project a project manager states and describes the objectives of the project. A project manager acts as a client representative and determines the implementation of the project according to the requirement. He /she determine and fill the gap between the client and the organization.


Responsibilities of a project manager

Responsibilities of a project manager

About Project Management training

PMI or project management institute provides many exams for different certifications. These certifications are considered to be the best in all the industries and organizations. PMP exam is designed in a way so that the student is evaluated not only through his/her technical and learning skills but also the behavioral, ethical, way of thinking and  it is expected that he/she must have the ability to handle all the situations of the project.

Project management professionals do know a wide range of tools and tactics for managing the project. Utilizing the resources and the optimum use mainly depends on each other. But this is a skill that the resources used for the project is used optimally or fully but not more than that. So for that project cost and resource estimation are done before the start of the project.


Responsibilities of a project manager:-

Responsibilities of a project manager

Responsibilities of a project manager

There are many job roles of a project manager. The project manager accounts and monitors the fact whether the participants of the projects are executing and are they aware of their job roles in any specific project or not. The responsibility of a project manager depends upon the industry factors. It includes industry, company size, company ethics and other factors. First he/she has to look for the needs of individuals, needs of the teams and also the needs of the task. But the other responsibilities are as follows:-

1. The first task of a project manager is to find the objectives of the project and also does its feasibility study.

2. Then the task is planning for the work to complete.

3. Project manager is responsible for attaining the team objectives.

4. In the next phase the module of the tasks is assigned after the team or group is being fixed.

5. The task and the responsibility according to the task are assigned to the team members.

6. Monitoring the work and output quality and controlling it.

7. The progress is scrutinized and steps are taken accordingly.

8. Checking and assessment of the performance is done for each and every team member.


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