pros and cons of Online IAS Coaching Center

pros and Cons of Online IAS Coaching

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Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conduct the civil services examination every year. Many UPSC coaching centres claim that around 200 to 300 of other candidates crack the UPSC and civil services examination after taking the coaching. There are different modes of coaching.

  1. Online IAS Coaching
  2. Live IAS Coaching
  3. Classroom IAS Coaching
  4. Mock Test IAS Programme.

When you see the results of the UPSC coaching institutes physically they would have for any of these programs. This really e influence prospective candidates for upcoming batches of the UPSC coaching centre. In this article we will discuss about pros and cons of online IAS coaching institute.

Online fashion in these days because the people from different corner of the India cannot go to the top metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune to take the UPSC coaching the. and it is said that the metro cities are well equipped to do classroom based IAS coaching.

Let’s discuss pros of Online IAS Coaching Centers

  1. regular schedule for studying helps you in doing the UPSC and civil services preparation in the consistent manner.
  2. Even in the online coaching you get the opportunity to interact with the top educators for IAS preparation.
  3. Life IAS classes help you in asking the doubt which comes during the UPSC and civil services preparation.
  4.  Affordability:- Physically online UPSC civil services examination preparation has become a boon for many civil services aspirants. You can call it as a leveller.
  5. Ease off doing IAS preparation:- take UPSC coaching in online then you need not to leave your comfort zone. You can be at your home and can do UPSC preparation. You don’t need to travel to attend the IAS classes on regular basis. You can sit at home and watch  online IAS classes and how can save lot of time. Even if you are travelling then also you can watch the lessons on your mobile phone and you can do the preparation with this Online IAS preparation.
  6. Availability of course:- the pro of online coaching institute is even that in today Era there is lot of facility of having the internet in cheap cost everywhere. You need to click your mouse and your video lectures for UPSC preparation are available. Physically because of internet you have ocean of UPSC and civil services examination preparation.

Best Online IAS Coaching

Cons of online IAS coaching

Let’s discuss what are the cons of online IAS preparation

  1. Quality of online IAS coaching:  if you have a good platform (like for doing UPSC preparation when there is no issue in terms of quality of taking online classes. These days like you too. It has been seen that many amateur educators have started online IAS classes on YouTube. It has been seen that many IAS educator are preparing for UPSC by themselves. There are few educator’s who could not crack UPSC Prelims examination and have started YouTube channel in this way they are doing more harm than help. So there should be a selection criteria for best online IAS coaching. Basically what happen when you take classroom based IAS coaching there need to clear the interview of that coaching, demo class extra. But when it comes to online IAS coaching there are no parameters. There are no parameters for giving online IAS classes. But you need to understand those parameters before selecting write IAS coaching. Just think yourself that how can the person who could not clear IAS prelim for Mains examination are the person who do not have experience after clearing IAS exam can help you in doing IAS preparation. Just making a PPT and reading it in front of visitors will not help you out. Teaching should be two way communication. And we all know that online preparation is just one way teaching.
  2. No doubt Clearing Counters:- video online best IAS coaching you will not get a doubt clearing counters. Hindi live classroom courses there are doubt counters. You can discuss your queries with the faculties. This way as foreign brains kit accumulated.
  3. Distraction on Internet:- In online mode of operation there is lot of distraction. You get to know that how we prepare for online.  There is a time where we get bored. We all of sudden open social media platform. We start talking with the people. That’s a waste of time. For UPSC civil services examination preparation time is key.
  4. commercialisation – Most Online IAS Courses are commercialisation. Do you really think that an online classes, UPSC faculty really bothered that whether you have watch the complete videos of protein by them or not. We have to sell lot of video lectures and they need to get lot of enrollment for the IAS course. This is what they all bother about. Contrary to the real classroom courses for more you get to know that UPSC faculties keep track of most of the students within the coaching. UPSC aspirants attendance for daily progress and the motivation needs to be taken care by the UPSC facilities. Even it has been seen that if any student do not come to UPSC classes, he or she get the call from the faculty. Classroom classes bring accountability. Many online IAS classes is based on the wonder of earning money. In classroom course UPSC course it has been seen that really any student Miss the online test.
  5. One way communication is major cons online IAS Classes.
  6. Role of IAS faculty:- from childhood itself mentored by good facilities between the school or in college. Teacher can be your a guide, mentor, Guru, philosopher, friend. In classroom waves Tides force you will be finding throughout the journey of your UPSC preparation teachers motivate you. You cannot find this in online IAS coaching. Physically in online IAS coaching they don’t know your name as well.
  7. Online IAS classes lack with personalization:- we all know this is the era of personalization. In online classes you will miss this. If you find any online IAS course based on this philosophy be the best. But you will find this in a rare highest force. You will be finding live IAS classes which bring this personalization.
  8. Lack of consistency:- in online IAS preparation students cannot follow the schedule. There is no fixed strategy as well. Online preparation student prepare for UPSC from different multiple sources and multiple teachers. There is no fixed istrategy and planning. In most of the cases it has been find that same topic is read by the students multiple times. It is a waste of lot of time.

personal guidance in a coaching is very Important this is the Reason I would Recommend Classroom based IAS Coaching. UPSC CSE is Very Competitive examination. In UPSC civil services examination there is very limited seat. You need to be extra smart in comparison to the other people.

In class based IAS coaching you will be getting the personal guidance which is having power of both online and offline IAS coaching.




It’s ok if you take online IAS coaching. But be sure that you take quality online IAS coaching. The quality IAS coaching these days is available only at the platform If possible you can take classroom waste IAS classes which has a strength of personal guidance. Online classes can be less costly but it is not the substitute of traditional IAS coaching. Hope this will help you in deciding whether you should go for online classes or offline classes.

One thing I want to tell to the people who do UPSC and civil services preparation with YouTube that there is no return without investment. This is the basic Funda in the life.


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