Psychology Optional strategy by UPSC topper

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Psychology Optional strategy by UPSC topper

If you want to score high in UPSC Mains, then you should select the optional subjects that suits you. Otherwise, it is actually difficult to clear the exams. Here is one of the most popular optional subject, Psychology that students from any domain can pick  and also check out the Psychology Optional Strategy by UPSC toppers that helped them to crack this subject.

The study of human brain and how it behaves under certain circumstances is termed as Psychology. The success rate in Psychology optional is enhancing year by year. Check out the list of toppers who came out with flying colors after choosing this optional subject.

  • Manish Kumar (2017)
  • Anuj Malik (2016)
  • Mittali Sethi (2016)
  • Anvesha Reddy (2016 )
  • Joseph K Mathew(2016)
  • Annapurna Garg(2015)
  • Ashis Panda (2014)
  • Ankita Singh (2014)
  • Prabhav Joshi (2013)
  • Ravi Ranjan (2013 )
  • Shena Aggarwal (2011 )
  • Shubhra Saxena (2008)
  • Adapa Karthik (2007)

Why Choose Psychology optional for UPSC Mains?

  • Working of human brain is something that can’t be seen but you can feel by the way of decisions and behavior. It would be very interesting to study about fascinating memory which is the ultimate control of our thoughts. A lot of people would pick Psychology Optional for this reason alone.
  • No need to worry about the study materials as the resources are available in abundant.
  • Even if you run out of words during the examination, real life scenarios got you covered as Psychology optional is totally about the study of human minds which actually involves our daily activities.
  • Students from any background can start with Psychology optional and this seems to be a perfect choice medical practitioners who aren’t interested in choosing Medical Science as optional.
  • Overlapping of topics from General Studies 1 will make your preparations easier.

Shortcomings of Psychology Optional

  • Though there are many advantages in choosing Psychology Optional, you need to know about the cons that hinders the preparation and read below to know about them.
  • For each and every subject you choose, it is essential to have an interest. Reading without involvement will take you nowhere and it is better to stay away if you are not interested.
  • A few students who are into technology and science might find Psychology optional, quite tiring and it is suggested to think about other subjects that are available as optional.

An overview of Psychology optional strategy by UPSC toppers

  • Get to know about the nitty-gritty of Psychology Optional strategy before you proceed in detail.
  • The concepts you write should be precise and ensure that the answers are to the point  and also write in a way that the examiner can understand sans confusions.
  • As said earlier, you  can make use of the scenarios that take place on your life to make the answers more fascinating
  • Apart from the above, you can also include experimental studies and flow charts for relevant questions rather writing long paragraphs. In these ways, you can actually save time and complete the exam without any delay.
  • You will be in a dilemma to choose Psychology Optional books as there are several resources in hard copy and available exclusively.
  • Psychology Optional is a subject where you can  bring in the creativity and just show off your writing skills to impress the examiner.

For some students, Psychology syllabus will be very new and to become familiar with the topics, complete the syllabus during the Prelims preparation.

Paper I

  • Here are the important Psychology Optional strategy that are followed by most of the UPSC toppers to stand out from the crowd.
  • A strong expertise is needed in topics like Cognitive psychology, Foundations of Psychology and Contemporary Psychology.

Regular visitors in Psychology Optional papers

Here is the list of topics that are repeatedly asked in the UPSC Mains exam.

  • Research Method
  • Working memory
  •  Intrinsic motivation
  •  Personality
  • Attitude
  •  Values and interests
  • Issues in modern psychology.

Paper II

This section is more into applied psychology which necessitates you to practice more writing. You have to concentrate more in current affairs and the schemes that are revolutionizing in India.

UPSC Psychology Books you should read

  • Psychology by Robert Baron
  • Understanding Psychology by Robert S. Feldman
  • Tests, Measurements and Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences by A K Singh
  • Applied Psychology by Smarak Swain


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