Public Administration Optional Strategy by IAS Topper

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UPSC Toppers Strategy on Public Admistration Optional

Get to know about the Public Administration Optional Strategy to crack UPSC Mains!!!

Choosing optional subjects for UPSC Mains is the biggest boon for all IAS aspirants. You can choose the subject you like and prepare nicely to score more. In recent times, Public Administration Optional is one subject the many students select. Here are the reasons for selecting this subject as one of the optional subjects.

More than thousand students have selected Public Administration optional in which 150 students passed the UPSC mains. Comparing to other subjects, the success rate is very much higher and this is the reason for students to opt Public Administration Optional.

Why choose Public Administration Optional?

Here we have listed out some of the reasons that prompts the students to take over Public Administration optional Strategy.

  • Tiny syllabus
  • Concepts are precise
  • Easy to prepare
  • Comprises of concepts that you can utilize in real life while performing your national duty
  • Like other optional subjects, Public Administration Optional incorporates some contexts from General Studies papers.

Topics like Parliament and State Legislatures, Dispute Redressal Mechanisms and institutions, Governance, Ministries and Departments of the Government, Aspects of governance, transparency, and accountability, Separation of powers between various organs, Functions and responsibilities of the Union and the States, E-governance, Constitutional, statutory, regulatory and quasi-judicial bodies, Role of civil services in a democracy, Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections, Government policies and interventions for development in different sectors and Issues relating to poverty and hunger are available in General Studies II.

Some topics such as Disaster Management, Environment, Planning issues, Role of media and social media site in internal security, Government budgeting, Inclusive Growth and Security forces and agencies and their mandate are from General Studies III.

Remember that you can opt for Public Administration optional  Strategy only when you have enormous interest or else it’s better to prefer other subjects.

A few questions in Public Administration will necessitate you to have an extensive knowledge on other subjects like Sociology, Management and more.
In such cases, you have to earn knowledge in other subjects as well and it is actually time consuming making the preparation quite difficult. Unlike other subjects, you can utilize examples based on global Governance.

Preparation tips for Paper I

Topic-wise Public Administration Optional Strategy

Paper I

Scoring in this sections is a piece of cake and remember that this part in Public Administration Optional requires a clear understanding of the topics you learn.

Administrative Thoughts

Just don’t read theories, make endeavors to travel through the situation and understand broadly.

Administrative Behaviour

You will find some essential topics that easy to learn.


Necessitate you to concentrate on Contigency Theories and current affairs.

Accountability and Control

Interlink the topics and try to remember the context without any dilemma.

Administrative Law

This section is about comparing and contrasting the laws that are followed in renowned countries such as the United States, French, British and not to forget the judgments given by our Supreme Court.

Comparative Public Administration

This section will necessitate to think in different perspectives and answer in a way that it justifies the situation.

Development Dynamics

The questions in this section will come in rare case scenarios.

Personnel Administration

You need to concentrate more on this paper as it has became a frequent visitor in the UPSC mains.

Public Policy

Learn about the execution of public policy and comprehend it precisely. For references, you can make use of Newspapers.

Techniques of Administrative Improvement

Quite easy to prepare when compared to other topics and a easy scoring section in Public Administration Optional.

Financial Administration

People who are allergic to Mathematics don’t panic as it is just about the accounting types and practice of auditing in the Government.

Paper II

This part will consist of important topics like Evolution of Indian Administration (easy to prepare and easy to score), Philosophical and Constitutional Framework of Government ( try interlinking the topics for remembering better), Public Sector Undertakings, Union Government and Administration & State Government and Administration, Plans and Priorities, District Administration Since Independence, Civil Services, Financial Management and more.

To score better, you need to prepare better and this possible when you take guidelines from toppers and staffs who guide numerous IAS aspirants to achieve their passion.


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