Pulveriser Sleeves

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Pulveriser sleeves are those sleeves which are done in the pulverizing mechanism. Pulverising is a mechanism into which the grinding of the materials is done. And the flow in which the oscillation of the bulk particles is done is known as pulsatile flow.
In dust collectors we used the pulveriser sleeves which is used for the operation of grinding and resizing the particles in the filter bags. These sleeves are made up of cotton, polyester, woven filter fabric and polypropylene. These sleeves are made for any type of grinding operations.


In pulverising mechanism the grinding is done by the rolling ball mills. These ball mils are in the number and have some wait in it. So they are able to grind the particles in the sleeves of the filter bags. These sleeves are made for custom grinding operations. These sleeves are able to give the max. efficiency with the minimum product loss. In the grinding operation of the pulverised sleeves the rotating balls are allows to lift and rise in the sleeves pockets so that the bulky particles are grinded.
In the pulveriser sleeves the tiny particles are available o we get into it then after that we allow the grinding operation in it, this grinding operation is known as pulverization and thus pulverizing operation is done in the sleeves.


Sleeves that are used for taking the tiny particles for the grinding operation.
Pulveriser which is used for the grinding operation.
Rolling balls these are the balls which rotate in the particles so that the particles may grinded.
These rolling balls are made up of the steel balls.
The sleeves are generally made up of cotton, polyester, polypropilyle.


The pulveriser sleeves are made for various kind of operation in the filter bags. They are works in the following type of filter bags such as-
Pulsejet type pulveriser sleeves.
Reverse air type pulveriser sleeves.
Shaker type pulveriser sleeves.


Large surface area of the sleeves
Stainless steel balls with anti-corrosive
Wide range of pour sizes which ensures the low product loss
The balls are movable or rotation with the help of the rolling balls mills


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