Questions asked in HR Round of campus placement

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Top 5 questions asked by HR manager of comapnies or  hr interview quesions

1.Tell me about yourself

2.Strength and weakness
3.Why we should hire you?
4.Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
5. In a situation where you have an idea,how will you project it to ur seniors

1. I am Ayush kumar hard working professional with attitude of learning , judging and implimenting concepts in my daily life. I try to keep my self updated with concepts in my practical life.

2. I feel learning and hard working are my strength where as sweets are my weakness and I am trying to work upon it. Once I will over come this weakness of mine then I will try to identify , evaluate , judge my other weakness before trying to remove them.
3. I am an individual with quality of learning and practicing in my daily life. My past academic records have been significance of my all round efforts and developements. More over my entry in company will add value to capgemini as whole and this working environment will help me in learning lot many things which i may be able to practice in my personal as well as professional life.
4. 10 years from now , I want to see my self as happy, successfull and satisfied individual. By sucessfull and satisfied , i mean to keep my team and all stake holders satisfied with my approach of work.

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