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Reservation or can also be called as quota system in India is a form of affirmative action designed to improve the well-being of backward and under-represented communities defined primarily by their ‘caste’’. The main objective of the Indian reservation or quota system is to increase the opportunities for enhanced social and educational status (in the sense better than the previous—until it becomes equal to that enjoyed by an average member of other communities) of the underprivileged communities and, thus, enable them to take their rightful place in the mainstream of Indian society. The reservation or quota system exists to provide opportunities for the members of the SCs and STs to increase their representation in the State Legislatures, the Executive Organ of the Union (Centre) and States, the labour force, schools, colleges, and other ‘public’ institutions. The Constitution of India states in Article 15(4): “All citizens shall have equal opportunities of receiving education. Nothing herein contained shall preclude the State from providing special facilities for educationally backward sections (not “communities”) of the population.” It also states that “The State shall promote with special care the educational and economic interests of the weaker sections of society (in particular, of the scheduled castes and aboriginal tribes), and shall protect them from social ”injustice” and all forms of exploitation.”
But now-a-days the scenario is different. General category people are slowly slowly getting frustrated because of it. And it is natural, when for example, a highly eligible general category person is rejected from a job as they have selected a mediocre guy just because he is under quota system of any caste. In the present day many people under quota system are enjoying benefit of it over general category people even if they don’t need it or don’t deserve it. And this is not right. So it should be seen that reserved seat in any place should be given to only those person who deserve it or need it because in this twenty-first century, all people are same before constitution, thus dividing them on the basis of caste should be stopped.

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  1. Shomik Chakraborty says:

    The quota system has helped nobody. It has corrupted and divided our society even more. It is a monster that is slowly killing ouyr society. Quality has gone downhill and is almost zero in this country. Most of the graduates who avail of quota are sadly lacking in quality and whereas this may be still be accepted in arts it cannot and should not be accepted in any other field especially medicine and engineering. Merit and merit alone should be the deciding factor for a seat in our academic institutes.


    QUOTA system in India is based on caste system but i feel it should be based on economic condition of a family.Indian government did try a lot to assess who actually belong to economically backward classes.Now its high time that our government should try new methodology to solve problems regarding quota system

  3. Seema Mishra says:

    Hey before commenting on the topic,i want you to understand the importance of constitution and pain taken to amend it.Our great ancestors took almost months to form the laws and they have put their efforts in making the most suited according to the circumstances.
    Quota system is certainly very unfair to many students, but at the same time it is also doing good to many under privileged communities and to those who cannot afford the best of education in the best of institutions.
    Hence, the government needs o pay more attention to these type of issues rather than just formulating the schemes as promised to the people and then leaving them to their fate.

  4. aratrika sengupta says:

    Successive governments have found out that the present quota system has not been able to achieve what it has been set up for. So why not just try to do away with it and try something new rather than to stick on to something which has not worked. Even the new system may have some irregularities, with people showing false economic status and salary certificates, but at least this will include the economically weaker people from all castes, rather than some castes or communities.

  5. barun kumar singh says:

    Caste system is not new to Indian society.It is followed from ancient times.1st it started with Brahmin’s, kshatria’s , sudras and vashiyas.This was the origin of the caste system this was not to make a person feel lower or higher it was just to assign jobs to the person who are capable of doing that particular thing.But this created gaps between these communities and as a result the stronger on started putting pressure on weaker once.To remove this gap and give the weaker ones equal position in the country in every aspect the government started giving reservation.

  6. Neha S says:

    Remember the British’s DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY, may be the quota system is inspired from that so that it becomes easier for the government to rule upon and get there vote.
    It is a complete social evil, why not the candidate can be judged on his mental ability, why is there a distinction between the general and ST and SC, even reservation for women is a foolish thing to be adopted at some places.
    If a candidate proves his ability then only he should deserve his place.
    In fact India is said to be SECULAR in nature, well then i don’t see it!!!!

  7. Saurabh Singh says:

    QUOTA system should be banned completely..It’s not good for candidates who really deserve in any exam..everyone should be treated equally..

  8. Ankita Prajapati says:

    QUOTA solution will not going to bring any positive aspect for country but sure it will be positive for politicians to win election…

  9. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Reservation system is the most pathetic and muscularly hard hitting step taken by the government.
    The talented and skilled class of labor gets thrown to darkness of ignorance and non-appraisal in form of promotions and other incentives just because of the reservation.
    Unskilled and potential less people get the opportunity to grab high posts and in turn pollute the administration by their cheap ideology.

  10. Mitali Panda says:

    Quota system isn’t good for society …… its an evil which needed to be eradicated . this happens only when we all come together.Quota creates division among colleagues and friends . it doesn’t give the opportunities on equal basis . rather the good candidates are left behind due to this evil cause

  11. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    Quota creates divide.It brings inequality and snatches the rights of more deserving person.

  12. Surajit Pramanik says:

    Reservation of seats in every field of our lives is become todays burning issue. Reservarton for real purpose is been supported by everyone. but the mis use of the power is shold be strictly banned. everybody shold have the equal power. knowledge & talent must not be judged by the quota system. In stead of quota system there must be startig a new system for all the meritorious student who are really deserve.

  13. Sourabh Das says:

    Quota System is really taken a disgusting role in our socity. this system was made to equalize the people of several caste in India. So that they can also take part in the social activites.
    But now a days this system has taken a different senario. Some people are misusing this facility. and for these reason many general canditates suffer in the route of education, job etc. Bcause having very good qualifiction they could not get chance which they deserve.
    So we should stop this or take care of this misuse.

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