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Umiya Career Development Council (UCDC) was established in 2000 and since then has worked voraciously in helping the IAS aspirants across Ahmedabad in realising and fulfilling their aspirations of getting placed in reputable niches of Civil Services. UCDC is a private council and helps students in excelling at a number of competition examinations. Owing to top draw facilities and services offered by it in order to supplement a candidates aim of successfully cracking the UPSC examinations, it is one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

Rank 3 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

Umiya Career Development Council, like other top notch IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad has a more than decent infrastructure to support an IAS aspirants efforts towards cracking the prestigious Civil Services Examination. UCDC has well-furnished, well built, spacious and air conditioned classrooms which all in all have a positive effect on a candidate’s mindset. The classrooms are also supplemented with the latest Audio/Video teaching technologies. Thus, it fulfills the first crucial criterion among many, and can be termed as one of the top IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

The services offered by UCDC are plenty. It has accommodation facilities for the preparing aspirants. The atmosphere in those hostels are more than favorable for IAS aspirants to carry on with their preparations without any major distractions or blips. It also has a canteen. UCDC also offers excellent library facilities to its students so as to ensure that no candidate faces the want of books or study materials of any kind. The institute also offers a separate study room and a group discussion room to its students which can be aptly utilised by the students for their own positive purposes. These amenities offered by Umiya Career Development Council guarantee that the journey of an UPSC aspirant remains smooth and fruitful for most parts.

Details of Rank 3 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Top UPSC Coaching in Ahemdabad

Like any top notch IAS coaching in Ahmedabad, UCDC too has a distinguished group of expert facilities who have immense knowledge and command over the subjects or the courses which they supervise and teach. The methodology of teaching followed by the faculty at UCDC is quite unique but very effective at the same time. Traditional methods of teaching are combined with the modern sophisticated modes of pedagogy so as to bring out the best out of each aspirant. UCDC acknowledges the different mental capability of each student but treats each student in one same manner without any discrimination which is perhaps the biggest positive about the pedagogy at UCDC.

The study material at UCDC is carefully designed and up-to-date with the requirements of the UPSC syllabus. Apart from the study materials, emphasis is laid on the constant evaluation of the students, via mock tests. UCDC has its own test series as well which ensures that the IAS aspirants can easily evaluate the level of their preparations with respect to the other top notch candidates around them. The institute also conducts newspaper reading sessions , which, as many experts recommend, is a must for any IAS candidate to excel. The facility of doubt classes is also available at the institute which the students could avail to clear up any sort of misconceptions they have. Online classes and courses are also offered at UCDC .In addition to this, simulation of the IAS interviews is conducted by a group of faculties regularly at UCDC, in order to make sure that the students know what’s coming and are well and truly prepared for that. Thus, considering the quality of the study materials offered and availability of a more than decent test series, one can easily say without hesitation that UCDC is one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

About Rank 3 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching Center in Ahmedabad.

UCDC quite interestingly maintains the record of its Alumni as well. Now, this might not seem to be a really significant aspect in comparison to some others, however it has its own positive and important implications. By maintaining the alumni record, UCDC ensures that it can basically invite some of its alumni who have done wonders in the UPSC Examinations in the past. As a result, the students at UCDC are always in touch with that administrative hang of things, know fully well the magnitude of the task they are undertaking and remain constantly motivated to pursue their goal tirelessly.

The average batch size at UCDC is approximately 50 students per batch, which is nice and moderate enough for every faculty to keep a close eye on each of his students at a personal level. A better student-teacher dynamic as a result is established at UCDC which helps the IAS aspirants at UCDC a lot. Such a dynamic might not be easily available at most other top IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad and this is one of the factors which contributes in making UCDC one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

Why IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad?

Moving to the criterion of judging the credibility and substance of a coaching institute, the past results, we find that UCDC does do bad in this field as well. Many of its students have got placed into prestigious cadres of Public Service and are doing quite well. One needs to remember that UCDC covers a variety of competitive examinations and has given satisfactory results in almost all of them.


UCDC is a private council and owing to this, the fee structure is relatively high, which might just prove difficult for students from weaker economic backgrounds to afford.

UCDC although has done a commendable job, still hasn’t produced that staggering level of results which some of its counterparts have been producing consistently. Also, owing to the start of a new batch a comprehensive picture about the past results isn’t available.

UCDC focuses on multiple competitive examinations which can at times lead to the degradation in qualities of one or more niches it deals with.

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