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Rank 7 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad. It occurs under top IAS coaching in Ahmedabad.


Rank 7 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

On the 7th spot in the rankings for the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad, we have perfect Career Education (PCE), one of the most well-known brands for IAS coaching in Ahmedabad. PCE owes the majority of its success to an interesting style of each it follows. Emphasis is laid on meaningful understanding and subsequent assimilation of the subject matter rather than the baseless bookish approach towards learning. Highly sophisticated and modern electronic techniques are intermingled with tried and tested solutions to UPSC Civil Services Examinations to produce the best possible results. Thus, it is this interesting style of teaching which has earned great renown in Ahmedabad and made PCE one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

Details of Rank 7 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Top UPSC Coaching in Ahemdabad

Address: 401, Shayona Arcade, Beside Shyam Shikhar Complex, Nr. India Colony Cross Road, Bapunagar Tolnaka, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad
Mobile: +91 7405309305
Email: perfectcareeredu.3004@gmail.com


Perfect Career Education burst into the IAS coaching landscape in 2006. Since then, it has caused ripples in the field owing to its highly revolutionary style of teaching and approach towards UPSC Civil Services Examination. Management at PCE believes that the students should be made acquainted with the subject matter and course content in a rather relaxed manner and not in a way which actually makes it cumbersome for the aspirants.

Perfect Career has now been delivering quality services to IAS aspirants for 12 long years. One of the major causes for this success happens to be really nice infrastructure offered by PCE to its students. The classrooms are well-furnished, air conditioned and clad with the latest audio/visual teaching methodologies so as to enhance and speed up the learning process considerably. The general atmosphere of PCE is competitive and quite healthy. It makes sure that the general mood of a student is quite light and he/she gets a conducive environment to grow and prosper in.

Perfect Career Education boasts of a really well-trained and experienced faculty. The members of the teaching staff are experts in their respective fields and hold good command over it. Possession of an in-depth and detailed knowledge of the subject ensures that the faculty are in a good shape to address the doubts and queries of the students timely. This is one of the hallmarks of success of PCE. The doubts and queries of the students are prioritized highly by the management and faculty at PCE and are answered satisfactorily. Thus, no doubts remain with the students and the preparation is carried out really smoothly.

Study Materials
The study materials offered by Perfect Career education is of top standard as well. The research and development team at PCE works tirelessly to offer only what’s really accurate and helpful for its students. It also monitors any changes made by UPSC in its syllabus and updates the content accordingly. The study materials are packed with a healthy dosage of current affairs and a proper analysis of each crucial event is given as well. This is done so that the mental capacities of the students grow hand-in-hand and they get the complete understanding of everything happening around them, rather than just an insignificant collection of questions and answers.

Batch Size
The batches at Perfect Career Education are quite modest as well, with each batch containing merely 10-15 students. This leaves a lot of scope for a more lucrative student-teacher dynamic. Every student is bound to get personal attention by his/her mentor in such a batch and thus, the learning-teaching process becomes way more fruitful and enjoyable. Students can get a more specific evaluation about the glitches in their preparation strategies, from someone who has been observing them from close quarters. This proves highly beneficial for those studying at PCE.

Offline Test Series
Perfect Career Education has an offline test series. The level of test series hosted by PCE might not be as high and accurate as some of its national level counterparts, but is still quite handy enough for someone to assess his/her level of preparation. The test series offered by PCE might still need some improvement but no doubts whatsoever can be raised on its credibility and effectiveness. A candidate can get to know his position among some of the top notch IAS aspirants and thus prepare a further plan of action accordingly.

Supportive Management
The management at Perfect Career Education is quite supportive to its students. It believes that the success of PCE is reflected by the success of its students and works really hard to ensure that students face no difficulty while going after their goals. A supportive management makes the situation a lot more easy for the students and any doubts or queries arising are answered timely and satisfactorily.

About Rank 7 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching Center in Ahmedabad.


Lack of Substantial past year results
Perfect Career Education lacks as far as really good past year results are concerned. In order to establish itself as a more prominent coaching institute in the industry, PCE needs to focus more on churning out staggering results.

Faculty credentials
Sufficient details about the credentials and qualifications of the faculties is not provided on the website of the institute, which can be counted as a minor negative.

Lack of a potent all-India test series
Perfect Career Education doesn’t have an effective all-India test series, which means that the candidates don’t have an effective tool or parameter to measure their preparation levels against some of the most dedicated and top-notch candidates from all over India.


Perfect Career Education has still a number of flaws which it needs to address. It lacks a potent all-India series most importantly and still has a lot to deliver as far as past year results are concerned. If stakeholders at Perfect Career Education manage to remove these two flaws from the institute machinery, the institute can reach new heights and further its claim of being one of the most sought after and best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.


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