Rau IAS study circle or Plutus IAS

Rau IAS study circle or Plutus IAS

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Rau IAS study circle or Plutus IAS

Rau IAS study circle or Plutus IAS which coaching to Join. As an educationist and Coaching guide from Linkedin to oureducation I always receive this question from students from past 3 years.

Which of the two coaching is better

Here in question are

a. Rau IAS study circle

b. Plutus IAS

Although decision has to be taken by students, our job is to put both side view point and inform students about others views

Rau IAS study circle VS Plutus IAS

A well advertised coaching in IAS coaching list. You will find advertisement of Rau IAS study circle every day in Indian express and The Hindu. May be some days they miss but I think Rau IAS study circle advertises for at least 100 days a year may be more than that.

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If we try to identify total costing of advertisement incurred by Rau IAS study circle that will be at least 100 times more than cost incurred by Plutus IAS in one year at News Paper adds.

So for promotion we would like to add points to Rau IAS study circle.

Moreover Rau IAS study circle is one of the oldest ias coachings of Delhi. Plutus IAS which is in IAS coaching from past 6 years is very new in terms of experience in front of more than 35 years of experience of Rau IAS study circle.

Infrastructure:  Rau IAS study circle use to teach about 300 students in one batch before 2017. In advertisements of 2018 they have committed to teach 80 to 90 students in one batch. Plutus IAS use to teach only 35 students and only 1 batch till 2017 , For 2019 batch Plutus IAS has first time declared 3 batches and have committed to teach 240 students in 3 batches. Plutus IAS is comparatively very small in terms of numbers of students studying at coaching.

Teachers : Rau IAS study circle has large list of teachers to show on website but promoted teachers are rare in class where as Plutus IAS creates panel of 6 teachers every year keeping in view performance of faculty during last year preparation.

Admission process at Rau IAS study circle is more robust and students have facility to take admission online where as at Plutus IAS more conventional and old methodologies are used and a student has to go through 1 to 1 interaction with faculty on NCERT before getting admitted to coaching. Few are rejected as well.

Past Year Result: Rau IAS study circle has been very vocal about results from Tina Dabi to AIR rank 2 of UPSC 2017 Anu Kumari and similarly Rau IAS claims to produce more than 1/3 of UPSC result .

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Plutus IAS informed that they do not publish results and if they start claimig students result the way Vajiram and Rau IAS claims even for students who came for interview guidance or test series Plutus IAS will have list of more than 700 students for result of UPSC 2017 but as Plutus IAS has only been teaching 35 students directly to their coaching they do not claim in advertisement any thing. Best UPSC coaching for IAS .

Conclusion: We have put researched views about both coachings and decision has to be taken by students . You will see advertisement of both coachings on our website so both are directly or indirectly paying me to write this article , So take decision on your own , if need our help let us know. For pdf notes of IAS in onlinekhanmarket


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