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Programmable logic Controllers (PLC) is the new technological need of many industries, and thus has been added to the curriculum of many students belonging to the electronic branch. The PLC is a digital computer used for the automation of many processes in the industry(mainly ) electromechanical processes. These are like amusement rides, assembly lines or light fixtures. PLCs are designed and used for many applications like for controlling the machinery. The PLCs are designed for multiple analogue and digital inputs and output arrangements, Extended temperature ranges and many more. These devices are used so much because of they have immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration and impact also.

So, the knowledge of PLC and by knowledge I mean proper knowledge of PLC is very important for any electronics engineer in today’s date. Thus here are some good books for PLC.

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Programmable Logic Controllers (English) 3rd Edition:

The book contains all up to date info about the PLC and is a great book to follow for the betterment of a student. If you want to learn the basics of PLC and want to make your base strong follow this book.

Author: Frank Petruzella

Publisher: Tata McGrawhill

Print price: 735

Discount: 29%(new price- 521)

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Programmable Logic Controllers (English) 5th Edition:

The following book by Goerge Bolton is a piece of art and explains all the concepts of PLC very fine to the students, This is an book that one can surely follow to get proper knowledge about the whole PLC thing. The Knowledge of PLC is very needed in today’s world. Thus following this book wont disappoint you.

Author: George Bolton


Print price: 365

Discount: 15%(new price- 308)

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The book is a brief introduction about the programmable logic controllers. Although the book wont provide you an detailed explanation but it will provide you enough knowledge if you want to know about PLC before a training or so.

Author: Webb John W, Reis Ronald A


Print price: 350

Discount: 24%(new price- 263)

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Programmable Logic Controllers : Programming Methods and Applications (With CD) (English) 1st Edition:

The books starts with the fundamental of PLC and then goes on to the history and the need to it. It also deliberately explains the function of PLC and the way it works. It also has many mathematical explanation and equations. The latter chapters complete the Proportional Integral derivative(PID) and many other important aspect of the design.


Publisher: Pearson India

Print price: 650

Discount: 23%(new price- 500)

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Thus, here are the best books on PLC for the basic knowledge over this subject.




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    I want reference books for plc

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    We are looking for good reference books on electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Robotic , , PLC devices and Programming guide. Sensors and transducers, AC drives, Servo motors, nano sensor devives, Specialised motors and applications

  3. swathi says:

    how to learn PLC and SCADA for power systems automation

  4. Tejaswi Pandava says:

    i will say newer and ever buy programmable logic controllers by john w. webb and ronald a reis that was one of my all time worst book which i came across so many grammatical mistakes poor explanation and lack of good examples rather i will say questions are not even explained properly if u don’t believe it just go to counter or timers section and try reading a problem. i will bet that you wont understand a thing

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