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Whenever there comes reliability and security of power system, an important term “THE BULK POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM”  then arises. It comprises of many elaborate, complex interconnection of power components which make up an interconnected power system.

It may also include  part of the network which connects the power plants, the major substations and the main Electrical high voltage/high voltage (EHV/HV) lines. Interruptions in the bulk power supply are very serious because many users are affected by these interruptions..

Bulk power supply system can be costly.

They are to be avoided and much effort is spent to dp that MTL is arich source of field bud power supplies that provide reliable power for foundation field bus networks in safe and hazardous areas. From the bulk power sources, through general purpose to fully redundant supplies to energy limited power supplies for full live working in hazardous areas applications.

                                                               INTERCONNECTED SYSTEMS

A distributed system with multiple available power sources that can loop throughout the network is called an interconnected systems. If one source goes down, a different source can be activated to maintain service.

Interconnected systems are a responsive engineering based company. For over 20 years they have provided ‘First class’ engineering support for cable harness design, and for Interconnected component selection.




It is the relationship between any  two unwanted signals. If the signals  are from different sources they are usually uncorrelated. That means that they if are  multiplied with each  other there will be no DC term produced.  And if they are from the same basic source like a clocked system they will have parts in common and multiplying them together will produce a DC component.

The example is a simply supported beam with random forces at 1/4 and 3/4 of the length. The physics of semiconductor devices of the two forces is equal. The analysis of uncorrelated loads is simple and done with the physics of semiconductor devices frequency and physics of semiconductor devices commands, for each force. When fully correlated forces, the command should be used, but I cannot find anywhere what values should be inserted, and there is no example in the manual (including verification manual)

Simulation technology suitable for extracting correlated and uncorrelated distortion in communication systems is presented there by. This is achieved through a new frequency- indexing scheme with the arithmetic operator method that separately tracks correlated and uncorrelated inter modulation products when multi-tone signals with uncorrelated phase are amplified through a nonlinear system. Now this indexing scheme is illustrated with a three-tone example and results from a fifth-order nonlinear amplifier excited by fifteen independent tones are considered. In this  example it is shown that undesirable uncorrelated in-band distortion is lower than the innocuous correlated in-band distortion.



Reliability is the probability of a system  that a system will not fail in the time frame of interest under given conditions.

In case of 24/7 operations, availability is the fraction of the time that a repairable system is working.

Any risk analysis of corporate power reliability alternatives must consider current offsite, onsite power reliability, system configuration, equipment type and age, and other factors should also be taken into considerations.yes, An initial benchmark should be established considering current and projected power availability and quality needs.

  •  AVAILABILITY-  The availability takes into account the total time over a selected period that power is available to critical equipment at nominal voltage ratings.

 QUALITY- quality  involves the instantaneous voltage requirements of critical equipment.

These were some of the reliability conditions of power networks.

some expected questions and answers..

ques 1) what is availability of  power network system?

ans) availability takes into account the total time over a selected period that power is available to critical equipment at nominal voltage ratings.

ques 2) Are power network circuits cost effective?

answer- yes up to some extent they are cost effective.


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