Religion is a Private Affair

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Religion must be declared a private affair. In these words socialists usually express their feelings towards religion. But the meaning of these words should be perfectly defined to prevent any misapprehension. We stipulate that religion be held a private affair so far as the state is troubled. But by no means can we regard as religion a private affair so far as our festivity is concerned. Religion must be of no concern to the state, and religious societies must have no connection with lawmaking authority.

Everyone must be absolutely free to confess any religion he pleases, or no religion whatever, i.e., to be an agnostic, which every socialist is, as a rule. Favoritism among citizens on account of their religious sincerity is completely unbearable. Even the bare mention of a citizen’s religion in official documents should unquestionably be eliminated. No subsidies should be granted to the established minster or state allowances made to religious and religious societies.

These should become absolutely free associations of like-minded citizens, associations independent of the state. Only the complete implementation of these demands can put an end to the reprehensible and accursed past when the cathedral lived in feudal dependence on the state, and Russian citizens lived in feudal dependence on the established minster, when medieval, inquisitorial laws  were in subsistence and were applied, persecuting men for their belief or disbelief, violating men’s consciences, and linking warm government jobs and government-derived incomes with the allowance of this or that dope by the established cathedral. Complete separation of minster and State is what the socialist grassroots demands of the modern state and the modern cathedral.

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8 Responses to Religion is a Private Affair

  1. Rohit Kumar says:

    yes i completely believe that religion is private affair. We are living in 21st century but we are still from the diversity of religion and caste. We should free to accept any religion whatever we like ,we want to follow not with what my father born with. I am Hindu and i want to marry a Muslim girl but i cant. This is where religion has a limit.I believe Humanity should be our religion then we can free from these Hindu Muslim Sikh like social burdens.

  2. Kriti Das says:

    Religion is and should always be treated as an individual’s private affair especially in a secular country like ours.Religion is nothing but a way to communicate with the Almighty and I don’t understand why it should be of anyone else’s concern .India is country having a rich cultural and religious diversity.We should develop a tolerant attitude towards all religion and give each other space so that everyone can practice a religion of their own choice.The fact that all of us believe in the Almighty(in what ever form) should bring us together and serve as medium of unification.

  3. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    “Religion is a private affair” depends on the way we the human want to be treating it as.Religion are created by some of our ancestors,and as the days are progressing rectification on every religion are being made by we the “HUMANS” only.So trying and making the word “RELIGION” as much as liberal and of a common man use can do greats in the society.

  4. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Religion is of course a private affair. In our society till now people are treated based on their religion. Which is really disappointing. The politicians also utilize these sentimental issue to secure their vote bank . All kind of religion based reservation should be banned , otherwise the inequality will always exist in our society which is not expected at all. Everybody should have the freedom to choose any religion or to be an agnostic but they must not be judged based on their religious view at all.

  5. Dinesh says:

    yes, Religion is private affair

    the only thing that splits us other then the Gender is this the RELIGION
    Many use this weapon to destroy the unity among us as we are the current generation we should treat human without considering the religion

  6. Seetha Manoharan says:

    religion should be private affair. we should not consider this between state….

  7. boopathy sathish says:

    religion is a dangerous to deal with … it should be concerned in all aspects . criticism of religion should be driven

  8. patlakshi says:

    yes, religion is a private affair and it should not come into the affairs between the state. As by doing this it can create many disputes, rights that could damage or split the society in two or many parts.

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