Tips to Write a Good Report ( Report Writing )

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Report Writing is an essential skill required for every professionals, any working scholars and for students. An effective report of a project will give you all the information or idea  related to that project. In this section, we will help you to write a good report. Find the tips to write an good and effective report with explanation of different report writing techniques. The researchers collect the data by conducting the research process, the data obtained is thus analyzed and reach the conclusion. The different findings that have been obtained through analysis is written in the form of a report.

Types of Report

The report can be of two types report

  • Oral Report
  • Written Report
Report Writing

Guidelines for Report Writing

An Oral Report is the presentation of the findings obtained in form of spoken words. Oral reports mainly lack visual presentation or advantage. In such type of report the pace at which it is delivered cannot be controlled. These reports are generally not precise and the presenter is not given much time for its presentation since the time is limited.

Points to Remember in Report Writing 

There are some important points that need to be considered while making an oral report these are :

  • The reporter must be aware of the audience to whom the report is to be presented
  • There should be proper planning before delivering the report like the objective must be clear, there should be all the necessary information in it that should be organized in an efficient manner with respect to the audience.
  • The language that is to be used must be suitable to the audiences and should be simple and convincing enough
  • To make the report effective the reporter can give the handouts of the report which would contain the summary of the report being delivered

Reports can be classified in different ways –

  • Reports can be classified based on the time interval like it can be weekly, monthly, yearly quarterly etc.
  • On the basis of the subject matter or field.
  • Based on the form of the presentation like it can be short (eg: memos,letters) or it can be long( eg: information and examination reports)

For writing an effective report certain principles need to be followed :

  • The report must be objective, the reporter should only narrate the facts in the report instead of his viewpoints and make useful inferences from it.
  • The report must be concrete, it should have the required statistical data
  • The report must be organized with a proper outline to it, there must be a proper sequence to different sections in the report.
  • There must be clarity in the ideas of the reporter , the language used in the report must be simple and plain so that it is easily understood by the audiences.
  • The report should be neatly written with all possible charts and diagrams wherever required in the report.

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