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Retailing and Wholesaling consists of all the activities which includes the selling of goods and services directly to the end consumers for their personal use or for non professional use. A retail market is an enterprise where all the goods are available under one room serving for the purpose of convenience to the customers and whose large sales volume comes from the process of retailing. Any organization who is serving for the purpose of providing goods to the customer is doing retailing. Here in this post, we are going to discuss Retailing and Wholesaling to understand the topic.

There are different types of retail stores that are made available for the customers, these are :

Retailing And Wholesaling

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1) Speciality Stores- these stores offer a narrow product line.
2) Departmental Stores- these types of stores offer various product lines.
3) Discount Stores- these are low price and high volume standard stores.
4) Supermarkets- these are low cost ,high volume self service stores specially designed to meet all the household needs of the customers.
5) Convenience Stores- these are the small stores in the residential areas which offer high range of convenience products and are opened all day long.
6) Off price Retailer Stores- these are for the left over goods which are not available anywhere and are sold at low rate, like factory outlets and are independent off retailers.
7) Superstores- these stores have a huge space for selling goods, they include all the food and household items and also offers services to the customers.


For retailers it is very difficult to differentiate themselves from the other retailers, therefore they often differentiate themselves with the type of services they provide to the customers. Usually there are four levels of services that can be offered by the retailers which are:

  • Self Service- in this the customers are ready to carry out and locate and select the goods in order to save money
  • Self Selection- customers search for the goods by themselves and can also ask for assistance.
  • Limited Service- These retailers offer many verities of shopping goods and the customers demand more information than in the self selection service.
  • Full Service- Here the staff assist and help the customers in every phase of the purchase, and this often results in high retailing cost to serve.


It includes of all the activities in selling the goods or services to those who buy it for the purpose of resale or for the use in business operations, these exclude retailers.

There are many services provided by the wholesalers which are :

  • Selling and promotion of goods
  • Bulk breaking
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation

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