Right age to prepare for IAS

Right age to start IAS preparation

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Its the common enquiry by the students, preparing for IAS examination that what is the ideal age to start preparation for the UPSC examination.

We all know that as per the UPSC notification the candidate should have 21 years of minimum age to appear in the civil services examination.

We are habituated of getting influenced by others this is the reason kids develop dream to become IAS officer from childhood only.

Today we will be providing you the answer of question what is the ideal age to prepare for the IAS examination.


Right age to start IAS preparation

IAS or IPS is the prestigious job in India. Indian Administrative Services is gaining lot of attention from the youngest IAS because of the respect provided by it along with the facilities in the government job.

When we spoke to many UPSC aspirants they told us that they have started preparing for IAS examination form school itself. The others told us that they have started preparation for UPSC from their bachelor degree itself.

So every individual is having different thought process and procedure strategy to start preparing for UPSC examination. But we will discuss what is the right age for preparing the IAS examination.


When you will be at the age of 16 years

Start preparing for the UPSC examination after class 10th on word itself. This is the ideal age for many UPSC aspirants.

You know what, students these days are so strategic that they start taking the subject in 11th class as per their choice of main subject in the UPSC optional.

When when you come to class 11th, automatically School studies become hectic. This is the reason, it is difficult for many student to gel up and maintain both things together.

What is a student study in these are the age of them in the IAS exam. We all know that UPSC keep on changing the pattern of examination this house students preparing for IAS exam to get updated at the early age.

There is a downside of this. Students who start preparing for the IAS examination at the early age and could not clear the exam in first attempt often get into depression.

Students Starts preparing for IAS at the age of 18

You become mature when you are at the age 18. For for some people age 18 is the ideal age to start preparing for ias examination. After this age, students look for the best career choice for them. You have to decide whether you need to do engineering, bcom, Ba, B.SC or what. Few snart people make the right choice by doing the bachelors in the areas of interest. After that they, even take the subject of graduation in the UPSC mains examination.  Thats, ho the intelligent, preplanner make the ideal choice at the right age of life  on Preparing the toughest exam known as  Indian administrative exam.


Right Choices

Right choices at the right age brings the good result. The reason being, you keep on getting the experience of the IAS preparation with Time. The UPSC IAS examination syllabus is wide. so if you take the decision of preparing the IAS exam athe age of 18, which the right age doubt, you have considerably high Chances to even become the UPSC IAS rank holder.

For e.g. we all know about Tina Dabi . She has started preparing For the IAS Exam from class 12th itself. Don’t yo think that was the Right decision. She was he Rank hold in Civil services Examination.

Generally, after age 18 with in 3 years or 4 years. , your bachelors degree get also completed. We all know the you can appear for UPSC civil services examination  from age of 21 itself. Every thing that you studied in recent graduation time will be fresh in your mind. This is the Reason, even experts believe that Right age to start preparing for IAS examination is 18.



Students Start Preparing For IAS  at the age of 21

Most people  take the important decision of career in life after graduation. These a kind of people believe in preparing IAS after graduation is Right age. The read being, IAS preparation needs the focussed Study.

These upsc aspiants believe in doing right thing at right amount of time. Like they don’t want to sail in two baits at the time.


right age to prepare for IAS Exam


Its not like student who decided to prepare for IAS at the age of 18 or 16 as discussed are wrong. Basically, Every UPSC aspirant is different. Like wise, RIght thing is different forr different people. Few people believe in preparing IAS exam at the age of 16th is Right. It may be right for them and may not be Right for you.

Likewise few people want to start preparing for IAS at the age of 21 thats also right for them.  See IAS preparation if done strategically well with help of Right Guidance don’t take  more than 2 years.

Now you are done with graduation, you are done with basic education required to appear in the UPSC examination. Completing graduation is the minimum eligibility for IAS UPSC Examination.


UPSC Toppers group


IAS Preparation after 21

Many upsc aspirant even after clearing the bachelors degree mgo for Post Graduation. The reason being, UPSC aspiranst think that going for PG is the right step towards the IAS preparation.

Infact one of my friend, who was from IIT Kanpur he was at the age of 21 only decided to go for M.A. in economice you know why?

Because he wanted to take MA economics in UPSC IAS optional. So, i think that the Right choice at the Right age. He even cracked the IAS examination and complete the Post graduation by the age 23.

Average age of ias qualifiers

you know what, it has been seen that UPSC aspirants who crack the IAS examination is having the Average age of 26.9 Years.   So when people ask the best age  to become the IAS officer its not one for all. Its simply when you crack the IAS exam cool!!


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Thats all about the discussion on Right age to prepare for the IAS Examinatiion.

Please do tell us in what age you started preparing for he IAS Examination. What is your decision of preparing IAS examination in Bachelors or after the bachelors.

Incase you have any query do comment us in the Comment section below. We will try to answer in 24 hours.


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  1. Puneet says:

    How do I start for IAS/PCS preparation. Can you please give me an outlook to every step and all the study material and from where shouuld I study. I’m doing my graduation now in bsc botany( hons)

    • We have already told you about right age to start your UPSC civil services examination preparation. If you really want to have the UPSC examination preparation study material that too in the very cheap price then you can take it from – http://onlinekhanmarket.com/.
      If you want to do UPSC and civil service examination preparation by staying at your home then you can at the online classes of any of the best UPSC coaching institute for UPSC preparation of your choice from http://thehinduzone.com/.
      Also check – sure shot strategies to crack the UPSC exam

  2. Jyostna says:

    My son is in std 8th. Is it advisable to get him admitted for IAS coaching classes now?

    • We would Suggest you to allow him pass 10th then You can admit him into the IAS Coaching Centers. I want you to please ask Once his interest with in the IAS preparation. To prepare for the IAS Exam it is important to have the Self Interest in the IAS Exam. We all know the UPSC CSE Exam Syllabus is very wide. UPSC Exam needs Patience as well. SO until he has Interest in Subject, IAS preparation will be Tough Journey. You can start him at house only with Notes of the UPSC Coachings from Finest IAS Classes in cheap rate – Best IAS PDF Notes . These Notes will help you in developing the Base from here onwards. After that you an admit him in Coaching after class 10th.

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