Rotary airlock valve

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It is a superior quality rotary air locks that are reliable and more efficient and have a long service life.

The  important key to rotary valve performance and durability is optimal selection of air lock that depending on your process requirements and our long experience in selection , designing and manufacturing of rotary valves enables us to offer unmatched custom designs in the industry.


Heavy duty drop through Rotary Airlock Valve 

The Drop through Rotary Airlock valve is the standard unit and mostly used in most applications and these units are available in round or square.

Blow Thru Rotary Airlock Valve

It is used in pneumatic conveying applications only but both positive pressure and vacuum and instead of a typical outlet and blow through rotary airlocks includes the two ports on the sides in the valve near the bottom.

Standard Duty Rotary Airlock Valve

It is a less expensive and the alternative to the Heavy Duty Airlocks , however it is ideal for applications for which a more robust valve is not required.

Easy Clean Rotary Airlock Valve

Rotary airlock valves are used to feed product from or into a pressure or vacuum system and the rotary valve maintains an airlock by the closely and  machined tolerances between the internal rotor and rotary airlock body.


In multiple applications feeding device helps to lock and determine the quantum of system that the air loss because of its precision complete.

Although the application varies from ordinary volumetric feeder to a precise air locking device and whenever the differential pressure varies.

However , rotary air locks are available in the size range of 150 mm to the desired size.

The different designs are also available of rotary air locks for the specific application of drop and blow through it.


FT Series Airlock

These are used in the wide range of applications and the material enters inn from the top and exits from the bottom flange of rotary valve.

BT Series Airlock

These are used in pneumatic transport systems and they are suitable for transferring sticky powdered materials. Although the material enters from the top of it and exits from the side flange and transferred to conveying pipe.

OS Serisi Airlock

These type are also referred as side entry type rotary feeders which are used for preventing crack-age of delicate materials like sunflower seed and peanut and these models are also suitable for hard to shear pellets like nylon or plastic granules.


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