Samarpan Career Institute NEET Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

Samarpan Career Institute NEET Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

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Samarpan Career Institute NEET Coaching In Jaipur Reviews


Past Year Result




Batch Size







  • Past Year Result
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Update in a study material
  • Get Free DEMO Class


  • High Batch Size
  • No Daily doubt sessions
  • No Shortcut tricks to crack the exam
  • No Subject Wise Analysis

In this article we would be reviewing and discussing Samarpan Career Institute, one of the better known names for the preparation of NEET Examinations in Jaipur. We’ll look at the positives and negatives that come with it and try to establish its relevance and utility in the context of the preparation for NEET Examinations.


Address: 136, Gurjar ki Thadi Underpass, Sultan Nagar, Shanthi Nagar, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020
Helpline Numbers: 01572-244888, 8290778888


We will be beginning our analysis of Samarpan Career Institute Jaipur by first looking into its positives. This section would be providing various reasons as to why a NEET aspirant should choose Samarpan Career Institute over other popular coaching institutes for NEET Examination preparations in Jaipur.

Infrastructure plays a major part in enhancing the reputation of a coaching institute and making it a preferable choice among the students. A good infrastructure is really compulsory for a coaching institute to excel and distinguish itself in the business. Samarpan Career Institute offers its students a really decent and impressive infrastructure.The classrooms are built and designed craftily and are well-furnished. Care is given to mollify the aggressively hot Jaipur climate. Also, the general feeling one gets while at the institute is that of slight congestion mixed with assurance and easiness. The atmosphere is quite good at Samarpan Career Institute Jaipur and offers a really conducive environment for the aspirants to carry on smoothly with their preparations.

Study Materials
Good study materials and notes are the hallmark of a top notch coaching institute. Samarpan Career Institute offers a really good reading material to its students which is a huge positive. The content in the materials are highly refined and put in after carrying out an extensive amount of research and innovation. It is ensured that the study materials are relevant in the context of the NEET Examinations and follow the syllabus strictly. Changes in the curriculum and syllabus of the NEET Examination are noted duly and changes are made accordingly, to make sure that the students get the most accurate and required information. NCERT textbooks are referred to closely while designing these study materials. Thus, Samarpan Career Institute satisfies the requirements of the students as far as the quality and content of the study materials are concerned.

Free Demo Classes
Samarpan Career Institute also offers free DEMO classes to those wishing to take admissions at the institute. Thus one can get a better look at the state of things, assess the teaching methodology and evaluate the general ambience out there before reaching any firm conclusion. This symbolises the transparent nature of the management at Samarpan Career Institute Jaipur. It is one of the factors which make it a really good place to be in for the preparations of NEET Examinations.

Good Past year results
All the prominent coaching and training institutes, irrespective of their fields of interest, have one thing in common. The past year performances. More than decent past year performance is the hallmark of truly great coaching institutes. Samarpan Career Institute Jaipur does well in this regard, as the past year results offered by it have been really nice. As a result, it can be labelled as a good choice for NEET aspirants.


While undergoing the entire motion of selecting a coaching institute, one needs to consider the pros and cons of the institute in equal light. This leads to the formation of an unbiased picture and impression of the institute which is quite necessary for selecting a competent coaching institute. Having looked into the positives of Samarpan Career Institute, we would now be looking at negatives associated with it, so that the students can get a clearer picture of the things.

Large batch sizes
Batch sizes are one of the important factors which the students consider while selecting a coaching institute. A large batch size is never considered to be favorable as it leads to a highly congested atmosphere. It also means that students can’t really get the personal care and attention of their faculties which could otherwise have provided a really good impetus to their preparation. The batch size at Samarpan Career Institute is around 200 students per batch which is pretty high. The institute needs to reconsider the batch sizes, so that the quality of guidance and support available to each student doesn’t get hampered.

Subject Wise Analysis is not conducted
It is compulsory that after taking regular assessments, a student needs to know about the mistakes he/she made which caused problems. The proper and most effective method of this evaluation is a subject wise analysis session hosted by the coaching institute. Samarpan Career Institute doesn’t offer such sessions. This means that a student needs to work really hard to detect his shortcomings which can be a time consuming process.

Bookish approach of teaching, short cut tricks not discussed.
For examinations which require students to solve the question paper in a fairly limited span of time, it is necessary that one is well-acquainted with the short cut methods and tricks to solve the question. The teaching method at Samarpan Career Institute is highly bookish and morose. Enough emphasis is not given to short cut tricks which are necessary for solving the question papers effectively on time. Thus, in order to improve itself, the institute needs to focus on and remodel its pedagogy.

Doubt Sessions are not conducted
Doubt sessions are an essential part of pedagogy at any coaching institute. These sessions ensure that a student gets his doubts cleared timely. If left uncleared for a long span of time, doubts tend to pile up and tend to hinder an aspirant’s preparations. Samarpan Career Institute doesn’t offer the provision for doubt sessions. This is a major negative associated with the institute which needs to be corrected if the institute needs to improve its standing in the list of top coaching institutes for NEET Examination preparations in Jaipur.

Samarpan Career Institute NEET Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

Course Offered By Samarpan Career Institute – Neet Coaching

Address -136, Gurjar ki Thadi Underpass, Sultan Nagar, Shanthi Nagar, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020

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Contact No – 01572-244888, 8290778888

Fee-1 yrs 90k

Batch Size – 200

Notes –study materials , books , tshirt bag , test series online offline

Google Reviews – 4.8 out of 5 stars ( 6  reviews )

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Address -136, Gurjar ki Thadi Underpass, Sultan Nagar, Shanthi Nagar, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020

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