Sample Paper 12th Physics Paper

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Sample Paper 12th Physics Paper

                                        FINAL EXAM

                                           PHYSICS- 12th








Q.1 CHOOSE A CORRECT ANSWER.                 (5MARKS)

A) Which is the unit of current-

w) ampere

x) volt

y) meter

z) ameter


B) According to ohm’s law which is not correct-

w) v=ir

x) r=v.v/p

y) p=v/i

z) i=v/r


C) Which capacitor is polarity dependent-

w) ceramic

x) electrolytic

y) film capacitor

z) both b&c

D) The range of tuned amplifier is-

w) 0 to 100 khz

x) more than 100 khz

y) 20 to 200 khz

z) more than 200 khz


E) Which gate gives the output high when one of its input is low and other is high-

w) and gate

x) or gate

y) ex-or gate

z) ex-nor gate

Q.2 FILL IN THE BLANKS.                                    (5MARKS)

a) The volume of electron is_.

b) Gravitational force of earth is_.

c) the ohm’s law is_.

d) the polarity dependent capacitor is_.

e) the value of current is_.


Q.3 TRUE OR FALSE.                                            (5MARKS)

a) e=mc2 is einstine energy theory.

b) volt is the unit of voltage.

c) ampere is the unit of resistence.

d) 0.945 is the value of gravitation.

e) 0to100 is the range of tune capacitor.

Q.4 GIVE THE ANSWER IN ONE WORD.                (5MARKS)

a) What is the ohm’s low.

b) What is the volume of proton.

c) What is the volume of electron.

d) What’s the formula of gauss theorem.

e) What’s the coulamb’s law.


Q.5  write dawn the concept of motion of electron. (7mrk)


Write down the characteristic of voltage-current.


Q.6 Write the application of superconductor.  (7mrk)


Write down the conductivity and resistivity of material.


Q.7) Write down the principal of thermo emf.    (7mrk)


Write down the biot-savart law.


Q.8) write down the heating effect of joule’s law. (7mrk)


Write the application of the magnetic field.


Q.9) Comparison between self induction and mutual induction.                                                                      (7mrk)


Explain and define the coefficient of self induction.


Q.10) Define electromagnetic wave and its characteristic. (10mrk)


Explain the Maxwell displacement current.


Q.11) Write down the bohr’s modal.               (10mrks)


Write the photo cells and their application.

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    This article is very important for those students who will be appearing for class 12 board examination. Physics is not a hard subject rather it is very interesting. Some more numerical questions are expected.

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