C.B.S.E Sample Paper Class 12th Chemistry

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Sample Paper class 12th Chemistry


1. Define “Intrinsic Semiconductors”.
2. What is meant by Broad Spectrum Antibiotic?
3. State Henry’s law about partial pressure of a gas in a mixture.
4. Aluminum crystallizes in ccp given that the radius of the atom is 125 pm. Find the length of the side of unit cell and how many unit cells are the in 1 cm3 of aluminum.
5. What do you understand by “denticity in a ligand”?
6. Why is an Alkylamine more basic than ammonia? How would you account for the fact that metal-metal bonding is more extensive in the 4d and 5d series of transition elements than that of 3d series?
7. State the principle of recovery of silver after the silver ore has been leached with NaCN.
8. How would you obtain benzoquinine from phenol and Propane-2-ol from Propene
9. Explain how the phenomenon of adsorption finds application in the process of production of vacuum and hetrogenous catalyst.
10. Explain Hoffmann’s Bromamide Reaction with a chemical equation.
11. Explain the principle evolved for the process of vapour phase refining of titanium metal.
12. Aluminum crystallizes in ccp given that the radius of the atom is 125 pm. Find the length of the side of unit cell and how many unit cells are the in 1 cm3 of aluminum.
13. CO (II) is easily oxidised in the presence of strong ligands. Explain?
14. Why is Copper (I) is not stable in an aqueous solution?
15. Define Order of Reaction and Elementary step in a reaction.
16. Explain the rate law and rate constant of a reaction.
17. Explain the conduction of electricity in solids.
18. It is seen that transition elements in general act as good catalyst. Explain your answer?
19. Draw the structures of the monomers of the following polymers:-
1) Teflon
2) Polythene
20. Define :-
1) Peptide linkage
2)Pyranose structure of Glucose
21. Name the products of hydrolysis of Sucrose and Lactose
22. Define Emulsion and Hydrosol.
23. Differentiate between molarity and molality.
24. Point out two important uses of:-
1) Bakelite
2) PVC

25. Give reason(s) the enthalpies of why the atomisation of the transition elements are high.
26. Explain Nylon 6,6 with its uses.
27. The half life of radioactive decay of 14C is 5730 yr. An archaeological artefact containing wood had only 80 % of the 14C found in living tree. Estimate the age of the sample.
28. Give reasons for the following:-
1. NH3 adsorbed to great extent as compare to N2 gas.
2. ICl is more reactive than I2
3. +3 oxidation states become more and more stable from As to Bi in the group.
4. Sulphur in vapour state exhibits paramagnetism.
29. Explain:-
1. Mole’s Fraction
2. Van’t off factor
30. Explain the Preparation and properties of K2CR2O7

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