Sample Paper for Computer Architecture and Organisation

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Sample Paper for Computer Architecture and Organisation given here those who are prepairing for Engineering Examination for the interview point of view and semester as well,learn more from this page.we have described many questions and Answers with their solutions.


Sample Paper for Computer Architecture and Organisation will improve the efficiency and learning regarding computer organization and Architecture.Read this carefully.

Computer Organization Paper

Computer Organization Sample Paper


1. Compare the characteristics of SIMD and MIMD.

Ans  MIMD stands for multiple instruction,multiple data whereas SIMD stands for single instruction,multiple data.




sample questions on computer architecture

sample questions on computer architecture

2. What is instruction format? Discuss different types of instruction formats.

Ans: The number and arrangement of fields in a computer instruction is called the instruction format.When the assembler processes an instruction, it converts the instruction from its mnemonic form to a standard machine-language (binary) format called an “instruction format”.  In the process of conversion, the assembler must determine the type of instruction, convert symbolic labels and explicit notation to a base/displacement format, determine lengths of certain operands, and parse any literals and constants.

3. Explain the stack-based architecture of a CPU with the help of a diagram.

Ans: A stack computer is programmed with a reverse polish notation instruction set.

4. What is memory hierarchy? Why do we need it?

Ans: A “memory hierarchy” in Computer storage distinguishes each level in the “hierarchy” by response time.

5. What is RAM? Explain 2D organisation of RAM.

Ans: RAM is basically Random Access Memory.

6. What is Cache? Discuss associative mapped cache organisation?

Ans: A CPU cache is a cache used by the CPU of a computer to reduce the average time to access memory.

7. Define addressing modes.Classify and explain with examples.

Ans: An addressing mode specifies how to calculate the effective memory address of an operand by using information held in registers and/or constants contained within a machine instruction or elsewhere.

8. Differentiate between Hardwired control and Microprogrammed Control.

Ans: A hardwired control unit has a processor that generates signals or instructions to be implemented in correct sequence.

9. Define stack with applications.Show how a stack can be implemented using auto-increment and auto-decrement addressing modes.

Ans: Stack is basically a last in first out data structure.

10. Write short notes on memory reference,CPU reference and I/O reference.

Ans: In computer science, a reference is a value that enables a program to indirectly access a particular datum, such as a variable  or a record.

Objective Type Questions With Answers

11.  A computer’s memory is composed of 8K words of 32 bits each. How many bits are required for memory address if the smallest addressable memory unit is a word?

a. 13

b. 8

c. 10

d. 6

Ans  13

12  A computer’s memory is composed of 4K words of 32 bits each. How many total

bits in memory?

a. 12800

b. 1280000

c. 1310720

d. 131072

Ans  131072

13  A computer’s memory is composed of 8K words of 32 bits each, and a byte is 8

bits. How many bytes does this memory contain?

a. 8K

b. 32K

c. 16K

d. 4K

Ans  32K

14  Which of the following programming languages has an instruction set closest to the 

machine language of a computer?
b. Fortran
c. Assembly Language
d. C++

Ans Assembly Language

15 The first person who published paper on using computers to perform tasks other than computations is 

a. Charles Babbage
b. Lady Lovelace
c. Alan Turing
d. Konrad Zuse

Ans Alan Turing 

16  What was the name of the government funded computer used during World War II to
compute firing tables?
a. VAX computer
b. IBM computer
c. Colossus computer
d. ENIAC computer

Ans  ENIAC computer

17  The kind of interface with icons and menu bars for user to point at with mouse instead
of entering commands for operating system to perform certain tasks is called
a. GUI
b. Command line interface
c. User friendly programming
d. None of the above

Ans  GUI

18  What is the output of the following program?
#include <iostream>
void tttttt ( int & a, int & b );
int main()
int m = 10, n = 100;
tttttt( m, n );
cout << m << ” ” << n << endl;
return 1;
void tttttt( int & a, int & b )
int t = a;
a = b;
b = t;
a. 10 10                         c. 100 10            e. none of the above
b. 10 100                      d. 100 100

Ans  100 10  

19 Given A = FALSE; B= TRUE . Which one of the following is TRUE?
a. B implies (A and not B)
b. not (A or B)
c. not (not A and B)
d. not (A or not B)
e. B implies A

Ans  not (A or not B) 

20 For an applications program, program documentation external to the program (as
opposed to comments embedded in the code) should
a. be brief, be written in telegraphic style, use ample diagrams, and be designed for
use by the original programmer only
b. be comprehensive, including information for users as well as technical
information, to facilitate future revisions
c. be discarded once the program is finished, in order to protect the copyrighted. be
written only if required by the job supervisor
d. never be written by the original programmer

Ans  be comprehensive, including information for users as well as technical 
information, to facilitate future revisions


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