Sample Paper for Distributed Operating System

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Distributed Operating System


Note: Attempt any five questions.

1. What do you mean by Distributed operating system?Write motivation factor of distributed operating system.

Ans: A distributed operating system is a software over a collection of independent,networked,communicating and physically seperate computational nodes.

2. What are the problems raised with Distributed operating system?

Ans: The distributed operating system is quite unreliable and unambigous.

3. What are the communication mechanism of CSP and its working?

Ans: Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a formal language for describing patterns of interaction in concurrent systems.

4. Explain Ricart algorithm in detail and analyse its performance.

Ans: Ricart algorithm is an algorithm for mutual exclusion on a distributed system.The terminologies associated with it are:

A site is any computing device which is running the Ricart-Agrawala Algorithm

The requesting site is the site which is requesting entry into the critical section.

The receiving site is every other site which is receiving the request from the requesting site.

Performance: 2*(N-1)

5. Differentiate between Broadcast algorithm and Heuristic algorithm.

Ans: Heuristic algorithms provides more acceptable solutions for custom instruction generation.

6. What is load algorithm and define its components.

Ans: The components are as follows:

Transfer Policy:

This policy determines whether the node is in a suitable state to share the load.

Selection Policy:

This policy selects a task for transfer. Simplest approach is to select the newly originated task at the node which has made this node as the sender for task transfer.

Location Policy:

This policy selects the node where the selected task is to be transferred. Simplest approach to find such node is Polling.

Information Policy:

This policy is responsible for determining when the system state is to be corrected, from where it is to be corrected and what information is to be corrected.

7. What do you mean by Task migration?

Ans: The objective of Task migration was to achieve balanced load among processors, reduce the communication overhead of the load balancing algorithm, and improve resource utilization, which results in better average response time. A communication protocol and a fully distributed algorithm for dynamic load balancing through task migration in a connected N-processor network are presented.

8. What are the advantages of Distributed Operating System?

Ans: The advantages of Distributed system is that they are multitasking , multiprocessing and real time operating systems.

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    We all know about the general operating system (OS), but what is distributive OS? The article helps me to know about it. It is a software over some computational nodes. Not only this, it covers many more issues regarding this.

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    Very standard sample paper,just the way the original one is.Distributed operating system is getting popular and this solved paper is sure to find many takers.

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    Good set of questions for Distributed Operating System.Quite Helpul !!

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    Given question covers Basic Concepts & questions of Distributed Operating system , it will be really helpful for candidate appearing for DOS(Distributed operating system) examination.

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