Sample Paper For Software Engineering

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Sample Paper For Software Engineering
Time:3 hr
Answer Question No. 1 which is compulsory and five from the rest.
The figures in right-hand margin indicate marks.
1. Answer the following questions : (2*10)
a) What do you mean by a software process ?
b) Define prototyping model with examples.
c) Give an example of inconsistent functional requirement.
d) Write four charactertistics of a good SRS document.
e) Distinguish between a data flow diagram and a flow chart.
f) Mention 4 desirable charactertistics that a good user interface should have.
g) Distinguish between an error and a failure in the context of program testing.
h) What are the main advantages of using CASE tools ?
i) What are the main disadvantages of DFD model.
j) What is program testing ?

2.a) Discuss evolution of software design techniques. (5*2)
b) Distinguish between a program and a software product with suitable examples.
3.What do you mean by cohesion and coupling in the context of software design? How are these concepts useful in arriving at a good design of a system? (10)
4.Discuss the process models for software maintenance and indicate how you would select an appropriate maintenance model for a maintenance project at hand. (10)
5. Explain with diagram the iterative waterfall model of software development. On your diagram, represent the deliverable that need to be produced at the end of each phase. (10)
6. a) Discuss in brief the different reliability metrics. Draw the diagram for reliability growth model. (5)
b) Eluciade in brief about white box testing. (5)
7. a) What are the main activites carried out during requirements analysis and specification phase ? (5)
b) How are the abstraction and decomposition principles used in developing a good SRS ? (5)
8. Write short notes on (any two) : (5*2)
a) Object Oriented Analysis and Design methodology
b) Mutation Testing
d) Software reuse.

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