Sample Paper for SSC Graduate Level Exam

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SSC (Staff Selection Commission) which is an Indian Government organization that recruits staff members for various posts in different departments.Exam Pattern-

  1. Written Examination:-
  • General intelligence & reasoning
  • General awareness
  • Numerical aptitude 
  • English comprehension

Total marks 200 and duration 2hours

2. Main written examination-

  • Arithmetical ability
  • English language & comprehension and
  • Commerce/mathematics/statistics/economics

Total marks each 200 and duration 2hours

Sample Paper for SSC Graduate Level Exam

Sample Paper for SSC Graduate level Exam

Sample Paper for SSC Graduate level Exam:-

FULL MARKS:200                      TIME ALLOTED:2 hours

There are four sections each containing 50 questions.Directions are given before each group of questions.



Directions (1-9) : In the following questions, select the related letter/word/number from the given alternatives.

1. Carbon : Diamond :: corundum : ?

a) Pearl
b) Pukhraj
c) Garnet
d) Ruby

2. Novelty : Oldness :: Newness : ?

a) Culture
b) Discovry
c) Model
d) Antiquity

3. Annihilation : Fire :: Cataclysm: ?

a) Earthquake
b) Flood
c) Emergency
d) Steam



5. EJOT : VQLG :: BGLQ : ?

a)  AEIM

6. KMF : LLH :: RMS : ?

a) SLR
b) SLU
c) SSU
d) SUS

7. 10 : 91 :: 9 : ?

a) 69
b) 72
c) 89
d) 97

8. 7 : 56 :: 9 : ?

a) 63
b) 81
c) 90
d) 99

9. 20 : 50:: 100 : ?

a) 150
b) 250
c) 200
d) 156

Directions (10-18) : In the following questions, find the odd number/letter/number pair from the given alternatives.

10.  a) Goat                b) Puppy                      c) Cow                d) Buffalo

11  a) Rectangle        b) Square                     c) Cube               d)Triangle

12. a) Cement           b)Paste                          c)Oil                    d) Glue

13. a)29                      b) 53                              c) 85                    d)125

14. a) 37                     b) 45                              c) 49                    d) 65

15. a) 21                     b) 39                              c) 83                     d) 56

16. a) BCD                  b) KO                             c)MN                   d) HS

17. a) BCD                  b)NPR                           c) KLM                 d) RQP

18. a) GIQ                   b) BDW                         c) FSH                  d) IKP

19. Arrange the following words in their ascending order, as in the dictionary:

1. Perk
2.  Pile
3. Pith
4.  Pick
5. Pour

a) 14325
b) 14235
c) 12345
d) 51234

20. Arrange the following words in their ascending order:

1. Millennium
2. Diamond Jubilee
3. Silver Jubilee
4. Centenary
5. Golden Jubilee

a) 23541
b) 25314
c) 35241
d) 23514

21. Arrange the following words in their ascending order:

1. Weekly
2. BI-annual
3. Fortnightly
4. Monthly
5. Annual

a) 13425
b) 25413
c) 41235
d) 52431

22. Which one set of letter when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall completed it

a) babcc
b) bcabb
c) abcbc
d) bcabc

Directions (23-30): In the following question, a series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

23. 0, 6, 24, 60, 120, 210, ?

a) 240
b) 290
c) 336
d) 504

24. 1, 4 , 27, 16, ? , 36, 343

a) 25
b) 87
c) 120
d) 125

25. 5760, 960, ? ,48, 16, 8

a) 120
b) 160
c) 192
d) 240

26. 2, 2, 5,13, 28, ?

a) 49
b) 50
c) 51
d) 52

27. A, C, F, J, ?, ?

a) L, P
b) M, O
c) O, U
d)  R, V

28. AZZY, BUT, CXW, DWV, ?

a) EVA
b) EVU
c) VEU
d) VUE

29. A, GHL,? , UVWXY

b) MNO

30. DEF, HIJ, MNO,?

a) STU
b) RST
c) RTV
d) TUV

31. If X is brother of son of Y’s son, then how is X related to Y?

a) Brother
b) Cousin
c) Grandson
d) Son

32. Deepak is brother of Ravi. Reema is sister of Atul. Ravi is the son of Reema. How Deepak related to Reema ?

a) Son
b) Brother
c) Father
d) Nephew

33. A is uncle of B, who is the daughter of C & C is the daughter-in law of P. How is A related to P?

a) Brother
b) Nephew
c) None of these
d)  Father.

34. If SUMMER is coded as RUNNER, the coded for WINTER will be


35. In a certain code SPIDER is written as PSDIRE, then COMMON will be


36. If BOMBAY is written as MYMYMY, how TAMIL NADU is written


37. In a certain code THANKS is written as SKNTHA, then STUPID is written as

d) None of these

Directions (38-42): Study the information carefully & answer the given questions:

1.      B & E are good in Dramatics &Computer Science.
2.      A & B are good in Computer & Physics.
3.      A, D & C are good in physics & history.
4.      C & A are good in Physics & Mathematics.
5.      D & E are good in History & Dramatics.

38. Who is good in Physics, History & Dramatics ?

a) A                  b) B            c) C            d) D

39. Who is good in Physics, History & Mathematics, but not in Computer Science?

a) A                  b) B            c) C            d) D

40. Who is good in History, Physics, and Mathematics & Computer Science?

a) a                   b) B            c) C            d) D

41 Who is good in Computer Science, History & Dramatics?

a)      A                b) B            c) C            d) D

42. Who is good in Physics Dramatics & Computer Science?

a) A                  b) B            c) C              d) D

43. If * means +, + means /, – means* &/ means -, then 8*7-8+40/2=?

a) 1
b) 37/5
c) 43/5
d) 44


21     24     36

11     14     12

3       ?       4

77     112  108

a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 5

45. If L denote /,  M denote *, P denote + & Q denote-, then which of the statement is ttue?

a) 32 P 8 L 16 Q  4= -1.5
b) 6 M 18 Q 26 L 13 P 7=173/13
c) 11 M 34 L 17 Q 8 L 3= 38/3
d) 9 P 9 L 9 Q 9M 9=-71

Directions (46-50): Study the following information carefully to the given questions :

Madan & Rohit are in the same team of hockey. Parth defeated Rohit in Badminton but lost to Sachin in tennis. Nitin teams with Sagar in football and with Sachin in hockey. Rohit defeated sachin in chess. Those who play cricket do not play badminton, volleyball or tennis. Mandan & Parth are in opposite teams of basketball. Nitin represents his state in cricket while Sagar does so at the district level. Boys who play chess do not play football, basketball or volleyball. Madan & parth are togerther in the volleyball team. Boys who play football also play hockey.

46. Name of the boys who do not play football.

a) Sachin, Nitin
b) Rohit, Sagar
c) Rohit, Sachin
d) Rohit, Nitin

47. Who ply both hockey & tennis?

a) Sachin
b) Rohit
c) Nitin
d) Parth

48. Which is the most popular game with this group?

a) Cricket
b) Hockey
c) Football
d) Badminton

49. Who play the largest number of games?

a) Sagar
b) Rohit
c) Nitin
d) Parth

50. Which boy plays both badminton & hockey?

a) Sachin
b) Rohit
c) Nitin
d) Parth



1.Mo Yan, a chinese has been awarded by one of the Nobel Prize in 2012.The prize is in the field of:


2.The World Health Organisation has declared which disease as “Global Pandemic”

(a)Swine Flu

3.Under Bharat Nirman the target was setup to provide road connectivity to all villages by the year


4.India is not associated with which of the following organisations?


5.Who is Ms Meira Kumar?

(a)Chairperson of India
(b)Deputy Finance Minister
(c)India’s representative in Home Affairs
(d)speaker of Lok Sabha

6.Which of the following countries is maker of “Audi” cars?


7.Which of the following is not a member of IBSA?

(b)South Africa

8.The 6th economic census will be conducted in which of the following years?


9.What is the official national sports of Bulgaria?

(C)Throw ball

10.Deficiency of vitamin D gives rise to-


11.What does niacin deficiency cause?


12.Where the battlefield of Plassey situated?

(c)West Bengal

13.Java is an island of which country?


14.Which city is not the same time zone as New York city?


15.Which city is farthest south?

(b)St. Petersberg

16.Which is the dominant religion in Malaysia?


17.Tibetan writing is based on script from where?

(c)Ancient China

18.Which of these is not invented in China?

(d)Gun powder

19.Which of the following is not invented in India?

(a)Optical fibre
(b)Corrosion-resistant iron
(c)Plastic surgery

20.India’s satellite lauch-pad is located at-


21.The unit of energy in MKS system is-


22.How many space shuttles has NASA built with the intention to use in space?

(d) 7

23.The velocity of light was first measured by


24.Who discovered Uranus?

(d)none of these

25.The scientist who first discovered earth revolves around the sun.


26.The first Indian remote sensing satellite was launched into space in


27.SITE is nick name of

(a)Teacher in sky
(b)Literacy to villages
(c)Earth communication
(d)Indian TV

28.Space Application Centre(SAC) is located in

(d)none of these

29.The code name of first vehicle driven by man on moon’s surface.

(a) Luna 22

30.Demand for Labour is

(a)Derived demand
(b)Joint demand
(c)Composite demand
(d)competitive demand

31.Who is the ex-officio chairman of Rajya sabha

(c)Leader of Opposition

32.The first battle of Panipat took place in


33.Who is chosen by the members of Rajya sabha?

(b)Deputy Chairperson

34.What was the name of samaj formed by Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

(a)Brahmo samaj
(b)Prarthana samaj
(c)Arya samaj
(d)Satya samaj

35.Dodabetta Peak is located in the


36.The boundary line between India and China is called

(a)Radcliffe line
(b)Durand line
(c)McMohan line
(d)Red line

37.95% of world’s diamond reserves are found in


38.The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the

(a)Red Sea
(b)Black Sea
(c)Caspian Sea
(d)Persian Gulf

39.The most stable eco-system is


40.Genes are made up of

(a)DNA,RNA and protein
(b)DNA and RNa

41.Desalination of sea water is done by

(c)Reverse osmosis
(d)Fractional distillation

42.Alta Vista is an-

(d)Search engine

43.The material used for safety from nuclear radiation is


44.Which is the only host team of ICC Cricket World Cup?

(b)West Indies
(c)South Africa

45.The organism living at the bottom of water mass is called-


46.The neutral gas is-

(a)Nitrogen dioxide
(b) Sulphur Trioxide
(c)Hydrogen sulphide

47.Find the odd one-

(d)Slaked iron

48.Mother Teresa was awarded Nobel  peace prize in


49.The hormone insulin is a

(c)Fatty acid

50.Department of survey of India is situated in




  1. If a boat is moving in upstream with velocity of 14 km/hr and goes downstream with a velocity of 40 km/hr. Then what is the speed of the stream

(a)13 km/hr
(b) 26 km/hr
(c) 34 km/hr
(d)none of these

2. A certain number of man can finish the work in 10 days.If there are 10 men less then the work is finishe din 10 days more.How many men are there?

(a)110 men
(b)130 men
(c)100 men
(d) none of these

 3.In simple interest what sum of money will amount to 1120/- in 4 years and 1200/- in 5 years?


4. x% of y is y % of ?

(d) none of these

5.A man buys an article for Rs. 27.50 and sells it for Rs. 60.Find his gain percent.

(a)4 %
(b)6 %
(c)3 %
(d)8 %

6..If loss is 1/3 of S.P.Then loss percent is.


7.The difference between the number and its three-fourth is 50.What is the number?


10.A number is doubled and 9 is added to it and the resultant is trebeled it becomes 75.What is the number?

(b)can not be determined

11.Hitesh is 40 years old and Roonie is 60 years old.How many years ago was the ratio of their ages 3:5


12.Two dice are thrown simultaneously. What is the probability that product of two numbers are even?


13.A box contains 10 black and 10 white balls.The probability of drawing two balls of same colour is


14.Two dice are tossed.The probability that the total score is a prime number.


15.The angle of elevation of the sun, when the length of the shadow of the tree is square root of 3 times the height oh the tree, is

(a)30 degree
(b)45 degree
(c)60 degree
(d)90 degree

16.Find the odd man out of the series 3,5,7,12,17,19


17.Find the ratio of L.C.M and H.C.F of 5,15 and 20.


18.GCD of x^2-4 and X^2+x-6 is


19.What will be the maximum sum of 44,42,40,….?


20.Find the sum of all odd numbers lying between 100 and 200.


21. Find the value of ( 0.75*0.75*0.75-0.001) /( 0.75* 0.75 -0.075 +0.01)

(a) 0.845
(b) 1.908
(c) 2.312
(d) 0.001

22. The average of all prime numbers between between 30 and 50.


23.Find the next number in the series 1,3,7,13,21,31


24.The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20%, is:


25. If the length and breadth of a rectangle is increased by 50% and 20%, then how much its area is increased?


26.If the area of a rectangle plot increases by 30% while its breadth remains same, what will be the ratio of areas of new and old figures?


27.The area of a sector of a circle of a radius 5 cm,formed by an arc of length 3.5 cm, is


28.The ratio of the areas of incircle and circumcircle of an equilateral triangle is


29.The volume of two spheres are in the ratio of 64:27.The ratio of their surface areas is:


30.Solve the inequality 3(x^2)-7x+4<=0

(c)All x
(d)none of these

31.Solve the inequality 2-x-x^2>=0


32.Find the principal if the interest compounded at the rate of 10% per annum for two years is Rs. 420.


33.24% of 4568+8% of 246 is approximately equal to


34.Complete the series 123,277,459,669,907,….


35.Complete the series 36,154,232,278,300,…


36. A can do a piece of work in 8 day,B can work three times faster than A and C can work five time faster than A. How many days will they do the work together?

(a) 3 days
(b)8/9 days
(c)9 days
(d) none of these

37.A car travel certain distance in 7 hours in forward journey, during his return journey he increased his speed to 12 km/hr taking 5 hours,What is the distance travelled?

(a)210 kms
(b)30 kms
(c)20 kms
(d)none of the

38. Find (7x+4y)/(x-2y) if x/2y=3/2 ?

(c) 7
(d)none of these

39. If on one item a company gives a discount of 20 %, they earn profit of 25 %. If now they give discount of 10% then what is the profit percentage

(b)55 %

40. A certain number of men can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 men less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. How many men were there originally?

(a) 110 men
(b) 130 men
(c) 100 men
(d) none of these

41. In simple interest what sum amounts of Rs.1120/- in 4 years and Rs.1200/- in 5 years ?

(a) Rs. 500
(b) Rs. 600
(c) Rs. 800
(d) Rs. 900

42. Find odd one out of the series 6,9,15,21,24,28,36.


43. Find odd one out of series 2,5,10,50,500,5000


44. Find odd one out of series 3,5,7,12,17,19


45. 15 men take 21 days of 8 hours each to do a piece of work.How many days of 6 hours each women would take for 21 days if 3 women does as much work as 2 men.


46. A cylinder is 6 cms in diameter and 6 cms in height.If sphere is made of same size.What is its diameter?

(a)5 cms
(b)2 cms
(c)3 cms
(d) 4 cms

47. The difference between the compound interest payable half yearly and simple interest payable at the rate 10% for 1 year is Rs 25. What is the sum?

(d)none of these

48. What is the smallest number by which 2880 must be divided to make it a perfect square?


49.A father is 30 years older than his son and after 5 years he will be thrice the age of his son.What is the age of father?

(a)40 yrs
(b)50 yrs
(c)60 yrs
(d)none of these

50. If an item cost Rs 3 in 1999 and Rs,203 in 2003.What is the percent increase in its price?

(a)200/3 %
(c)100 %
(d)none of these



Directions (1-5): In each of the following,chose the one which best express the meaning of the word.











Directions (6-10):In each of the following, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.











Directions (11-15):Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

11.He has good…..over the famous world languages.


12.These essays are intellectually…..…and represent various levels of complexity.


13.I have profound respect for his political………


14.He is too… be deceived easily.


15.The accused… the judge for mercy.


Directions (16-20): In each of the following sentence find which part has an error.

16. The road(a)/to famous monument(b)/passes through a forest(c)/no error (d)

17. My father is (a)/in bad mood(b)/today.(c)/no error(d)

18. A person I met(a)/in the theater(b)/was the playwright himself (c)/no error(d)

19. On my request(a)/Lalit introduced me (b)/to his friend(c)/who is singer and a scientist.(d)

20. This candidate lacks(a)/an experience(b)/otherwise he is well qualified.(c)/no error (d)

Direction (21-25) :Find the misspelt word.











Directions (26-35): Passage completion:

The appointed day has come, and India stands…(26)…again, after long…(27)……and struggle, awake, vital, free and independent.The past….(28)…on to us still in some…(29)…and we have to do much before we…(30)….our pledges…..(31)…., it is fateful moment for us in India, for all Asia and for the world. A new star….(32)…,the star of freedom in the East and a vision long cherished….(33)….May the star never set and out hopes never be….(34)….!To India, our motherland-the ancient, the eternal and the ever new, we pay our….(35)…homage and we bind ourselves afresh to her service.





















Directions (36-40):Passage 1

Religion is the greatest instrument for so raising us. It is amazing that a person not intellectually bright, perhaps not even educated, is capable of grasping and living by something so advanced as the principles of Christianity. Yet, there is a common phenomenon .It is not, however, in my province to talk about religion, but rather to stress the power which great literature and the great personalities whom we meet in it amd in history have to open and enlarge over minds, and to show us what is first rate in human personality and human character by showing us goodness and greatness.

36.In the passage the author’s ultimate intention is to talk about


37.The phrase ‘so raising us ‘means

(a)giving us a sense of spiritual superiority
(b)making us feel that we are more important than we really    are
(c)improving mental ability
(d)making us realise that we all are children of god

38.The author hesitates to talk about religion because

(a)he does not feel  himself competent to talk about it
(b)nobody around him likes to talk about it
(c)he does not believe in any religion
(d)he does not fully understand its importance

39.What surprises the author is that

(a)even uneducated people are attracted towards Christianity
(b)Christianity is practised by a large number of people.
(c)despite being difficult and complex,the principles are practised by so many
(d)even very intelligent people cannot understand the principles of it.

40.According to the author, we come across examples of greatness and nobility in

(a)great work of literature
(b)literary and historical works
(c)historical records
(d)books on Christianity

Directions (41-45)  :Passage 2:

Bansilal’s train was late and it reached Bombay a little after midnight.It was his first visit to the city, and he didn’t know where to go.He thought he would go to a choultry where he would not have to pay rent, but he did not know how to find one at that hour.He asked a porter to get him a cheap.The porter said that if Bansilal gave him three ruppes, he would take him to one.But Bansilal waved him away and walked out of the station. He wandered through the streets and asked a number of people, but could not find a room cheap enough for him. He sat down on a park bench to think what he should do next.He was very tired and fell asleep on the bench.He woke up the next morning stiff in every limb-but he smiled when he realised that it was the cheapest.

41.In the passage, the word ‘choultry’ should mean

(a)a highway motel
(b)an expensive hotel
(c)a free resting place
(d)a roadside eating shop

42.The porter refused to help because

(a)he refused to pay the porter ant tips.
(b)he spoke a language which porter could not understand
(c)he was rude
(d)none of these

43.Bansilal could not get any accommodation for the night because

(a)he wanted to spend night in open
(b)all hotels were full
(c)all hotels were closed
(d)the hotels were too expensive

44.The night long in the open

(a)did not affect him at all
(b)made his limbs stronger
(c)gave him aches all over his body
(d)refreshed Bansilal

45.From the passage, Bansilal emerges as

(a)a fun-loving person
(b)an adventure-seeking person
(c)an extravagant spender
(d)a thrifty person

Directions (46-50) :Sentence improvement.

46.I have already read this book twice.

(a)I already twice have read this book.
(b)I twice have already read this book.
(c)I have twice already read this book
(d) no improvement

47.He was selected for the job because he has very good command  on English

(d)no improvement

48.A thing of beauty is joy for ever.

(a)is joyous
(b) is the joy
(c)is a joy
(d)no improvement

49.He drives as if the road belongs to him

(a)has belonged
(c)is belonging
(d)no improvement

50.He didn’t believe in God but he went to church regularly.

(d)no improvement

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