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VITEEE(Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam) is an online test which is conducted all over India between 15th to 30th April by Vellore Institute of Technology for admission of students to various engineering courses.The exam is divided into 3 parts-part 1-Physics,part-2 chemistry,part-3 biology or mathematics.Each paper consists of 40 questions each and 1 mark for each question.There is no negative marking.

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Here we have got questions from 4 different section(Sample Paper for VITEEE) to help you to prepare well for the examination.


Sample Paper for VITEEE:-


1) The half life of a radioactive element is 3.8. The fraction left after 19 days will be

a) 0.124

b) 0.062

c) 0.093

d) 0.031

ans:-  D

2)  The temperature coefficient of a zener mechanism is

a) negative

b) positive

c) infinity

d) zero

ans:- A

3)  The output stage of a television transmitter is mostl likely to be

a) plate modulated class C amplifier

b) grid modulated class C amplifier

c) screen modulated class C ampplifier

d) grid modulated class A amplifier

ans:- B

4)  A parallel plate capacitor of capacitance of 100 pF is to be constructed by using paper sheets of 1mm thickness as dielectric. If the dielectric constant is 4, the number vof circular foils of diameter 2cm each required for the purpose is


b) 20

c) 30

d) 10

ans:- D

5)  The temperature coefficient of a resistance of a wire is 0.00125/K. At 33K its resistance is 1 ohm.The resistance of the wire will be 2 ohm at

a) 1154 K

b) 1100 K

c) 1400 K

d) 1127 K

ans:- C

6)  Rising and setting sun appears to be reddish because

a) diffraction sends red rays to the earth at these times

b) scattering due to dust particles and air molecules are responsible

c) refraction is responsible

d) polarization is responsible

ans:- A

7)  Assuming f to be the first frequency of Balmer series the frequency of the immediate next line is

a) 0.50f

b) 1.35f

c) 2.05f

d) 2.70f

ans:- B

8)  A photo sensitive material would emit electrons if excited by photons beyond a threshold. To overcome the threshold one would increase the

a) voltage applied to the light source

b) intensity of light

c) wavelength of light

d) frequency of light

ans:- D

9)  The radius of nucleuc is

a) proportional to its mass number

b) inversely proportional to its mass number

c) proportional to cube of its mass number

d) not related to its mass number

ans:- A

10)  Radio carbon dating is done by estimating in specimen the

a) amount of ordinary carbon still present

b) amount of radio carbon present

c) ratio of amount of 14C6 to 2C6 still present

d) ratio of amount of 12C6 to 14c6 still present

ans:- C

Sample Paper for VITEEE:-


1. Which of the following is not a isomer of pentane :

(1) n-pentane

(2) 2, 2-dimethy 1 propane

(3) 2, 3-dimethy 1 butane

(4) 2-methy 1 butane

Sol:- 3

2. The oxidation number of C atom in Ch2CI2 and CCI4 are respectively :

(1) -2 and – 4

(2) 0 and – 4

(3) 0 and 4

(4) 2 and 4

Sol:- 3

3. Which of the following dissolves in lonic solvents :

(1) C6H5

(2) CH3OH

(3) CCI4

(4) C5H12

Sol:- 2

4. The conjugate acid of HS is :

(1) S-2

(2) H2S2

(3) both two

(4) none

Sol:- 2

5. Phenolphthalein of pH range [8-10] is used in which of the following type of titration as a suitable indicator :

(1) NH4OH and HCI

(2) NH4OH and HCOOH

(3) NH4OH and C2H4O2

(4) NaOH and C2O4H2

Sol:- 2

6. Which of the following is iron are :

(1) Malachite

(2) Hernatite

(3) Siderite

(4) Limonite

Sol:- 4

7. Which of the following compound is not aromatic :

(1) 1, 3-cyclobutene

(2) pyridine

(3) furane

(4) thiophene


8. Which of the following compound is used as refrigerant :

(1) CCI2F2

(2) CCI4\

(3) CF4

(4) Acetone


9. Which of the following is weak acid :

(1) C6H6

(2) CH3-C≡CH

(3) CH2=CH2

(4) CH3-C≡C-CH3

Sol:- 2

10. The solubility product of CaCo3 is 5 x 10-9. The solubility will be :

(1) 2.5 x 10-5

(2) 7 x 10-5

(3) 2.5 x 10-4

(4) 2.2 x 10-9

Sol:- 2

Sample Paper for VITEEE:-


1. Equation of the bisector of the acute angle between lines 3x + 4y + 5 = 0 and 12x – 5y – 7 = 0 is (1) 21x + 77y + 100 = 0

(2) 99x – 27y + 30 = 0

(3) 99x + 27y + 30 = 0

(4) 21x – 77y – 100 = 0

Sol:- 4

2. Equation to the line passing through the point (-4,5) and perpendicular to 3x = 4y = 7 :

(1) 3x-4y+32=0

(2) 4x+3y+1= 0

(3) 3x+4y-8=0

(4) 4x-3y+31=0

Sol:- 4

3. If A and B are the two matrices of the same order and A^2-b^2 = (A+B) (A-B) , then the correct statement will be :

(1)   A′B′= AB    (2) AB=BA     (3) A^2+B^2 = A^2-B^2      (4) none of these

Sol:- 2

4. If A.M. and H.M. between two numbers are 27 and 12 respectively then their  G.M. is:

(1) 9       (2) 18       (3) 24     (4) 36

Sol:- 2

5. The value i^3-i^5-i^10-i1^6 will be :

(1) 0       (2) i       (3) – 2 – 2i         (4) 2 – 2i

Sol:-  4

6. A bag contains 3 white and 5 black balls. One ball is drawn at random. Then the probability that it is black is :

(1) 1/8

(2) 3/8

(3) 5/8

(4) 3/5

Sol:- 3

7. If the normal to a curve is parallel to axis of x, then the correct statement is :

(1) dx/dy = – 1

(2) dx/dy

(3) dx/dy = 0

(4) dy/dx = 0

sol: 3

8. If the normal to a curve is parallel to axis of x, then the correct statement is :

(1) dx/dy = -1

(2) dx/dy

(3) dx/dy = 0

(4) dy/dx = 0

sol: 3

9. The angle between the vectors (i+j) abd (j+k) is

(1) π/4       (2) 0         (3) π/4       (4) π/4

Sol:- 4

10. The area of the region bounded by the curves y = x sin x, axis of x, x= 0 and x = 2πwill be :

(1)   8π      (2) 4π      (3) 2 π         (4) π

Sol:- 2

Sample Paper for VITEEE


1. Binomial nomenclature was given by

A) Lamarck   B) Linnaeus    C) Darwin    D) Tijo and Levan

Ans:- B

2. What is the scientific rationale behind Lamarckism?

A) Germplasm theory            B) Mutation theory

C) Natural selection              D) use and disuse of organs

Ans:- B

3. Single membrane bound organelles present in the cell which contain a number of hydrolytic enzymes are called

A) Lysosomes        B) Phagosomes       C) Mesosomes         D) Peroxisomes

Ans:- A

4. Lampbrush chromosomes are seen in

A) Prophase        B) Mitotic metaphase

C) Mitosis           D) Meiotic prophase

Ans:- D

5. In nature, cleistogamous flowers are

A) Self-pollinated    B) Insect-pollinated   C) Wind pollinated   D) Bird pollinated

Ans:- A

6. Which of the following is the odd category among worms?

A) Taenia solium           B) Ascaris lumbricoides

C) Fasciola hepatica   D) Planaria

Ans:- A

7. Which of the following disease-causing microbe is NOT transmitted by fecal-oral route?

A) Polio virus     B) Hepatitis B virus    C) Vibrio cholerae    D) E.coli

Ans:- A

8. Cholesterol is a

A) derived lipid      B) phospholipid       C) glycolipid       D) simple lipid

Ans:- A

9. In grasslands, ergot feeds by following grazing cows. Cow during grazing exposes insects from grasses to ergots. This is an example of

A)  Ammensalism      B) Commensalism    C) Mutualism    D) Parasitism

Ans:- C

10. Which one of the following algae is used for production of agar agar?

A) Acetabularia        B) Macroalgae       C) Gelidium        D) Rhodoymenia

Ans:- D

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