Sample Paper-Material Science(MS)

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Material Science (MS)

Paper Code: ME-305            

Exam: B.Tech, 4th semester             

Max. Marks:100                                                                                            Time Allowed: 3 hrs.

Note: Here are given 8 questions carrying 20 marks each. Attempt only five questions, selecting one question from each unit.


Q.1 What is the elementary structure of an atom? Explain with a neat sketch.        (20 marks)

Q.2 Explain the following in brief:

(a) Frankel and Schottky defects

(b) High and low Angle boundary defects

(c) Point and Line defects

(d) Edge and Screw dislocations                                                                       (10+10 marks)


Q.3 (a) What is Crystal Imperfection? Explain different types of crystal imperfection.            

       (b) Compare a tabular manner impact strength, ductility, elasticity hardness of austenite, ferrite, pearlite and martensite.                                                                                    (10+10 marks)

Q.4 (a) What is Heat Treatment? Explain the following process in brief:         

(i) Carburizing in metals during heat treatment.

(ii) Normalizing of materials in heat treatment.

(b) A gear undergoing shock loading requires hard surface to withstand wear and a soft core to withstand shocks. Suggest and explain the heat treatment process for this subject.    (10+10 marks)


Q.5 (a) Why are plastic deformation are non recoverable? Explain how plastic deformation increase the strength of material.                                 

(b) Discuss the importance of Lever Rule. Which information of a Phase Diagram can be known from the idea of Lever Rule.                                                                            (10+10 marks)

Q.6 (a) Draw stress strain for two materials-one brittle and another ductile, both with equal fracture strength under impact loading. Explain the curves also.

(b)  Explain the concept and difference between recovery, re-crystallization and grain growth .    (10+10 marks)


Q.7 (a) Explain the mechanism and effects of Corrosion process.Also suggest some examples of Corrosion associated with mechanical deformation.

(b) Explain Creep, its mechanism and its behaviour with respect to time and temperature                                         (10+10 marks)

Q.8 (a) What are Ceramic Materials? What are their properties, forming techniques and mechanical behavior.

(b) What are Composites? How are they prepared? What are their advantages? (10+10 marks)

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