Sample Paper-Micro Electronics

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                                                     Sample Paper-Micro Electronics

                                                                           ECE 309-E

Maximum Marks:100                                                                                            Time Allowed: 3 hrs                                                                                               


  • Attempt any 5 questions.
  • Selecting one question from each unit is compulsory.
  • All questions carry equal marks.


Q1:    a)  In terms of crystal growth, explain Silicon shaping with the help of neat diagram.       10

b)  Explain the following in detail.                                                                                     5+5

i) Oxide Properties of Micro Electronics

ii) Fabrication.

Q2:    a) What are different steps Lithography, why this technique is useful ?                          10

b) Calculate depth if the height of the oxidation layer is 3mm without applying the etching

process with a decay of 6 days.                                                                                  10


Evaluate the thickness of a chip having radius 10mm and time delay of 3 hours.


Q3:   a)  What are Plasma properties, explain each in brief with proper diagrams.                  12

b) Explain with diagram, how X-rays are generated in labs.                                             8

Q4:    What are Etching techniques, how are they used in manufacturing?                             20


Q5:   Give a detailed description of Diffusion and explain how diffusion mechanism is used in the

manufacturing of chips in the commercial factories.                                                      20

Q6:   Explain the following:                                                                                                  6+6+8

a) Range Theory & its application.

b) Ion Implantation.

c) Annealing.


Q7:  Why bipolar fabrication is preferred over other fabrication techniques? Explain by giving few

commercial examples from each step in detail.                                                          20

Q8:  Explain any two:                                                                                                        10+10

a) Assembly & Packaging.

b) Future trends of designing in Electronics.

c) Isolation.

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