Sample Paper of Chemistry for AMRITA Entrance Exam

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AMRITA Entrance Exam

AMRITA Entrance Exam






AMRITA Vishwa Vidyapeetham conducts its Entrance exam to take skilled and efficient students for 4 years programmes which is being offered at 3 places-Kollam,Bangalore & Coimbatore.The question paper has 3 sections-Mathematics,Physics,Chemstry and all are objective type questions.

To get more information regarding the exam please visit the link AMRITA.Want to know the type of questions that come in AMRITA entrance exam then take an online test on AMRITA at itest and get benefited.

Here we have got the sample paper of chemistry for AMRITA Entrance exam.Go through it once,it will be surely helpful.

Sample paper of Chemistry for AMRITA Entrance Exam:-

Questions along with answers:-

1) Which of the following is not a isomer of pentane :

(a) n-pentane

(b) 2, 2-dimethy 1 propane

(c) 2, 3-dimethy 1 butane

(d) 2-methy 1 butane


2) Which of the following is iron are :

(a) Malachite  (b) Hernatite (c) Siderite  (d) Limonite


3) The molar concentration of chloride ions in the resulting solution of 300 ml.of 3.0 M NaCI and 200 ml. of 4.0 M BaCl2 will be :

(a) 1.7 M          (b) 1.8 M               (c) 5.0 M           (d) 3.5 M


4) Which of the following compound is not aromatic :

(a) 1, 3-cyclobutene

(b) pyridine

(c) furane

(d) thiophene


5) Which of the following compound is used as refrigerant :

(a) CCI2F2

(b) CCI4

(c) CF4

(d) Acetone


6) L.P.G. mainly consist of the following :

(a) Methane (b) Hydrogen  (c) Acetylene  (d) Butane


7) The nature of 2, 4, 6-trinitrophenol is :

(a) Neutral (b) Basic (c) Acidic (d) Weak basic


8) Which of the following group is sharp ortho and para directive :

(a) –C6H5


(c) –CH

(d) –CI3


9) By which of the following process hydrocarbons are found from petroleum :

(a) combustion

(b) fractional distillation

(c) addition

(d) all above


10) A sample of petroleum contains 30% n-heptane, 10% 2-methyl hexane and 60% 2, 2, 4-trimethyl pentane, the octane no. of this sample will be :

(a) 30%               (b) 60%              (c) 10%            (d) 70%


11) Which of the following statement is false :

(a) 40% solution HCHO is known as formalin

(b) HCHO is least reactive in its homologous series

(c) The B.P. of isovarelaldehyde is less than n-varelaldehyde

(d) The boiling point of ketones are higher than that of aldehydes


12) The reaction of sodium acetate and sodalime gives :

(a) Butane         (b) Ethane         (c) Methane           (d) Propane


13) Which of the following acids does not contain – COOH group :

(a) Carbamic acid              (b) Barbituric acid

(c) Lactic acid                   (d) succinnic acid


14) The strongest acid is :

(a) acetic acid

(b) trichloroacetic acid

(c) dichloracetic acid

(d) monochloroacetic acid


15) The false statement regarding alkane is :

(a) This does not perform polymerization reaction

(b) This does not gives elimination reaction

(c) It does not disappear the colour of dilute KMnO

(d) It does not decolourise bromine water


16) Which of the following aromatic compound gives sulphonation reaction very easily :

(a)  Chlorobenzene     (b) Nitrobenzene       (c) Toluene        (d) benzene


17) The geometry of I3- is :

(a) Triangular  (b) Linear (c) Tetrahedral (d) T-shape


18) The volume concentration of hydrogen peroxide 6.8% concentration will be :

(a) 5           (b) 11.2         (c) 22.4          (d) 20


19) Which of the following on combustion give maximum energy :

(a) Ethane          (b) Propane            (c) Methane                 (d) Butane


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20) The natural rubber is the polymer of :

(a) 1, 3- butadiene    (b) polyamide    (c) isoprene     (d) none of these


21) Nylone-66 is a :

(a) polyester     (b) polyamide    (c) polyacrylate    (d) none of these


22) The energy produced realated to mass decay of 0.02 amu is :

(a) 28.2 MeV     (b) 931 MeV       (c) 18.62 MeV     (d) none of these


23) Petroleum is mainly consist of :

(a) Aliphatic alcohol

(b) Aromatic hydrocarbon

(c) Alipnetic hydrocarbon

(d) None of these


24) Molecular oxygen is :

(a) ferro magnetic        (b) diamagnetic          (c) para magnetic        (d) non magnetic


25) Bonds in acetylene are :

(a) 2Pie bonds   (b) one Pie bond   (c) 3 Pie bonds    (d) none of these


26) The hybridization state of C atom in butendioic acid is :

(a) sp2

(b) sp3

(c) both two

(d) sp

Ans: b

27) “The negative part of the molecule adding to the double bond goes to that unsaturated asymmetric carbon atom which is linked to the least number of hydrogen atoms.” This statement is related to :

(a) Markownikoff’s law

(b) Peroxide effect

(c) Bayer’s law of distortion

(d) none of these


28) The false statement for Griynaed reagent is :

(a) It gives tertiary alcohol with acetamide

(b) It gives tertiary alcohol with acetone

(c) It gives secondary alcohol with acetaldehyde

(d) It gives primary alcohol with formaldehyde


29) The weight of a benzene molecule is :

(a) 78 gm. (b) 7.8 gm. (c) 13 x 10-23  (d) none of these


30) CuFeS2 is :

(a) iorn pyrites        (b) malachite        (c) chalcosite    (d) chalcopyrites


31) In which of the following compound there are maximum no. of sphybrid C atoms:

(a) Benzene                        (b) 1,3,5-hexatriene

(c) 1,2,4-hexatriene             (d) both 1 and 2


32) The shape of the molecule having hybrid orbitals of 20% character will be :

(a) octahedral                     (b) tetrahedral

(c) square planer                (d) triangular bipyramidal


33) The pH of a solution is 5. If the dilution of this solution is increased by 100 times, the pH value will be :

(a) 5                  (b) 7            (c) 9             (d) 8


34) The normal temperature when raised by 100, the rate of reaction will be

(a) lowered by 2 times

(b) increased by 2 times

(c) lowered by 10 times

(d) increased by 10 times


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35) The tetraethyl lead mixed in petrol is works as :

(a) Cooling agent

(b) Anti knocking agent

(c) Bleaching agent

(d) None of these


36) The alkaline hydrolysis of ester is known as :

(a) dehydrogenation  (b) dehydration  (c) esterification (d) saponification


37) The number of alkenyl groups possible from C4 H7 are:

(a) 7            (b) 5             (c) 3              (d) 8


38) Which of the following gives red precipitate with ammonical cuprous chloride :

(a) Propane            (b) Ethane           (c) Methane             (d) Acetylene


39) C-H bond length is least in :

(a) Acetylene            (b) Methane            (c) Ethylene            (d) Ethane


40) The minimum nos. of carbon atoms in ketones which will show chain isomerism will be :

(a) Seven             (b) four          (c) six            (d) five


41) Which of the following organic  compound could not be dried by anhydrous CaCI2 :

(a) ethanol (b) benzene (c) chloroform  (d) ethyl acetate


42) Which of the following compound forms white precipitate with bromine water :

(a)Nitrobenzene    (b) Phenol   (c) Benzene    (d) all above


43) C and Si belong to the same group of periodic table, CO2  is a gas and SiO2is a :

(a) liquid       (b) gas     (c) solid    (d) none of these


44) H2S is a gas while H2O is a liquid because :

(a) there is association due to hydrogen bonding

(b) bond energy of OH high

(c) the ionization potential of oxygen is high

(d) the electro negativity of oxygen is high


Some more questions on chemistry in “sample paper of chemistry for AMRITA Entrance exam”

45) Primary halides follow the following reaction mechanism :

(a) SN1

(b) SN2

(c) both  (d) none of these


46) F3 is :

(a)  Bronsted  base  (b) Lewis base  (c) Lewis acid  (d) Bronsted acid


47) The formula of Celestine is :

(a) SrSO4

(b) SrCO3

(c) SrO (d) SrCl2


 48) The pka value of phenolphthalein is 9.1 and the pH range is 8-10. In which of the following titrations it can be used as an indicator :

(a) NH4OHand HCI

(b) NH4OH and CH3 COOH

(c) NaOH and HCI

(d) NH4OH


49) Haber process is used for production of which of the following :

(a) NH3

(b) HNO3

(c) H2SO4

(d) O3


 50) Which of the following compound of xenone does not exists :

(a) XeF6

(b) XeF4

(c) XeF5

(d) XeF2


 51)The oxidation number of C atom in Ch2CI2 and CCI  are respectively :

(a) -2 and – 4  (b) 0 and – 4 (c) 0 and 4 (d) 2 and 4


52) Which of the following dissolves in lonic solvents :

(a) C6H5

(b) CH3OH

(c) CCI4

(d) C5 H12


53)The conjugate acid of HS is :

(a) S-2

(b) H2S

(c) both two  (d) none


54) Phenolphthalein of pH range [8-10] is used in which of the following type of titration as a suitable indicator :

(a) NH4OH and HCI

(b) NH4OH and HCOOH

(c) NH4OH and C2H4O2

(d) NaOH and C2 O4 H2


55) FeSO4, 7H2O is :

(a) Mohr’s salt     (b) Blue vitriol (c) Green vitriol  (d) White vitriol


56) Which of the following is strongest base :

(a) C6H5NH2

(b) CH3NH2

(c) NH3

(d) CH3CONH2


57) The half life of a radio active element is 140 days. 1 gm. of this element after 560 days will become :

(a)1/16 gm

(b)1/4 gm

(c)1/8 gm



Some more questions on chemistry in “sample paper of chemistry for AMRITA Entrance exam”

58) The oxidation state of Cr in K2Cr2O  is :

(a) + 4         (b) + 3        (c) + 6         (d) + 5


59) Benzene reacts with CH3COCI in presence of Lewis acid AICI to form :

(a) Acetophenone (b) Toluene (c) Benzyl Chloride  (d) Chlorobenzene


60) Which of the following is reducing agent :

(a) H2S

(b) HNO3

(c) H2O

(d) K2 Cr2O7


61) In which of the following alkyl chloride the possibility of SN1reaction mechanism is maximum :

(a)  (CH3)2CHCI

(b) (CH3)3C-CI

(c) CH3CI

(d) CH3 CH2 CI


62) Hypo solution forms which of the following complex compound with AgCI :

(a) Na5[Ag(S2O3)3]

(b) Na3[Ag(S2O3)2]

(c) Na2{Ag(S2O3)2]

(d) Na3[Ag(S2O3) 3]


63) Which of the following alkane exists is liquid state at normal temperature :

(a) C20H42

(b) C3H8

(c) C8H18

(d) CH4


64) The solubility of AgCI at 250 C will be maximum in :

(a) Potassium chloride solution

(b) AgNO3 solution

(c) Water

(d) All above


65) The required amount of oxygen for combustion of 20 ml. of gaseous hydrocarbon is 50 ml. The hydrocarbon will be :

(a) C2H2

(b) C2H4

(c) C2H6

(d) C3 H4


66) The formula of Celestine is :

(a) SrSO4

(b) SrCO3

(c) SrO

(d) SrCl


67) Fool’s gold is :

(a) Cu2S

(b) FeS2

(c) Al2O5

(d) CuFeS


68) In which of the following compound the central atom is in sp2 hybrid state :

(a) OF2

(b) HgCl2

(c) XeF2

(d) NH2 +


69) When Pb3O4 is heated with dilute H N O3it gives :

(a) pbO2 and pb(NO3 )2

(b) pbO and  pb(NO3 )2

(c) pbO2

(d) pbO


70) Gypsum is :

(a) CaSO4.H2O

(b) CaSO4.2H2O

(c) 2CaSO4. 2H2O

(d) CaSO4


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