Sample Paper Of Company Secretary Examination

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Sample Paper Of Company Secretary Examination


Time allowed : 3 Hours Maximum marks : 100

Total number of questions : 8

1. (A) Explain any two of the following :

(a) Del credere commission
(b) Balancing ledger accounts
(c) Garner vs. Murray rule
(d) Dual aspect concept

(B) State , with reasons in brief , whether the following statements are true or false :

(a) Trial balance and balance sheet are the same.
(b) Trade expenses account is transferred to trading account .
(c) Being invisible , goodwill is a fictitious assets.
(d) Receipts and payments account is a summary of all capital receipts and capital payments.
(e) The relationship between the consignor and the consignee is that of principal and agent.

2. (A) Re-write the following sentences after filling in the blank speces with appropriate word(s)/figure(s) :

(a) Surplus or deficit revealed by income and expenditure account is transferred to _______ fund.
(b) The total of purchases book is periodically posted to the _______ of purchases account.
(c) In case of new accounts , debit in the account of a person means that the person has become the ________ of the business.
(d) Valuation of closing stock in hand is done at lower of ________ and _______ .
(e) Compensating errors _______ the agreement of trial balance.
(f) When a bill receivable is dishonoured , the amount of the bill is debited to the _______ account .
(g) Outstanding rent account is a ________ account .
(h) Dissolution of a firm necessarily implies _________ of the partnership also .

(B) Distinguish between any two of the following :

(a) ‘ Joint venture ‘ and ‘consignment’ .
(b) ‘ Statement of affairs ‘ and ‘ balance sheet ‘ .
(c) ‘ Bill of exchange ‘ and ‘promissory note’ .

3. (A) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given options in respect of the following :

i. Revaluation account is prepared to find out the profit or loss on ____

(a) Sale of fixed assets
(b) Revaluation of assets and liabilities .
(c) Sale of goods .
(d) Sale of services .

ii. The expire cost is known as ___

(a) Assets
(b) Expense
(c) Liability
(d) Provision

iii. The imprest system pertains to __

(a) Purchases book
(b) Sales book
(c) Cash book
(d) Petty cash

iv. The process of entering transactions in the ledger is called ___

(a) Journalising
(b) Posting
(c) Summarising
(d) Balancing

v. Goodwill brought in byan incoming partner in cash to join a partnership firm is shared by the old partners in their ___

(a) Ratio of capitals
(b) New profit sharing ratio
(c) Ratio of sacrifice
(d) Old profit sharing ratio.

vi. If a payment is made on a bill on due date , then it is called ___

(a) Honouring of the bill
(b) Retiring of the bill
(c) Dishonouring of the bill
(d) Renewal of the bill

vii. Under single entry system , if a ladger is at all maintained , one can expect in it accounts of only ___

(a) Assets
(b) Trade debtors and trade creditors
(c) Outstanding liabilities
(d) Incomes and expenses.

viii. Plant and machinery accounts is a ___

(a) Personal account
(b) Tangible real account
(c) Intangible real account
(d) Nominal account .

(B) Explain any two of the following statements :

(a) Bank reconciliation statement is significant for business.
(b) A cash book is a journal as well as a part of ledger .
(c) Every transaction has debit and credit aspects.
(d) Trial balance is a link between ledger and final accounts.

4 . A firm purchased a plant on 1st April, 2002 for Rs.10,00,000. The plant had an
estimated useful life of 5 years. The firm used straight line method of depreciation.
An extension was carried out for Rs.2,00,000 and it was made operational from
1st April, 2004. Prepare the plant account for all the seven years assuming that
the extension was capable of being used independently of existing plant and expected
to last 5 years from its installation.
(8 marks)

5. Suman of Surat consigned to his agent Puneet of Pune goods invoiced at Rs.1,20,000
which was 20% above cost. Suman spent Rs.6,000 on packing, cartage, freight and
insurance in transit. Puneet accepted a bill of exchange for Rs.70,000 at one month
drawn on him by Suman.
The terms of consignment were that the consignee would be allowed 5% commission
on sales and all expenses incurred by him would be reimbursed.
The consignee sold 4/5th of the goods for Rs.1,03,000 incurring cash selling expenses
amounting to Rs.4,700. Goods of the invoice price of Rs.6,000 were damaged due to
negligence of the consignee. These goods were sold for Rs.2,800. It was agreed that the
consignee would not be entitled to any commission on this amount.
Puneet agreed to take the remaining goods himself at 10% above invoice price without
charging any commission on the amount. He settled the account by means of a bank
Prepare the necessary ledger accounts in the books of the consignor.

( 8 marks)

6. On 1st May, 2008, Kunal sold goods to Subhash invoiced at Rs.60,000 and drew
upon the latter two bills of exchange, one for Rs.20,000 at two months and another
for Rs.40,000 at four months. Subhash accepted both the bills. On 4th May, 2008,
Kunal got the first bill discounted with bank @ 12% per annum and endorsed the
second bill in favor of his creditor Mohit. Subhash met the first bill for Rs. 20,000
on due date. Before the due date of the second bill, Subhash became insolvent and
his estate paid only 60 paise in a rupee on 8th November, 2008.
Pass journal entries to record all the transactions in the books of Kunal and
( 10 marks)

7. Rim Zim Ltd. maintains a current account with the State Bank of India. On
31st March, 2010, the bank column of its cash book showed a debit balance of
Rs.1,54,300. However, the bank statement showed a different balance as on that
date. The following were the reasons for the difference :
(i) Cheques deposited, but not yet credited by the bank 75,450
(ii) Cheques issued, but not yet presented for payment 80,760
(iii) Bank charges not yet recorded in the cash book 1,135
(iv) Cheques received by the bank directly from trade debtors 1,35,200
(v) Insurance premium paid by the bank as per standing
instructions, but not yet recorded in the cash book 15,400
(vi) Dividend collected by the bank, but not yet recorded in
the cash book 1,000
Find out the balance as per the bank statement as on 31st March, 2010.

(8 marks)

8. The books of Ramesh did not agree. The difference of Rs.12,700 in trial balance
was placed to the debit of suspense account. Subsequently, the following errors
were located. Pass journal entries to rectify the errors and prepare the suspense
account :
(i) The total of the purchases returns book, Rs.2,100 has not been posted.
(ii) A sale of Rs.4,300 to Ram has been credited to his account as Rs.3,400.
(iii) A purchase from Suresh for Rs.4,000 has been entered in the sales book.
However, Suresh has been correctly credited with Rs.4,000.
(iv) Old furniture sold on credit for Rs.5,400 has been recorded in the sales book
as Rs.4,500.
(v) Goods taken away by Ramesh, the proprietor for his personal use worth
Rs.750 have not been recorded in the books of account at all.

(6 marks) ..

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