West Bengal Board Sample Papers for Class 8 English

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 West Bengal Board of Secondary Education was founded in the year of 1951 with the aim of  distributing standard of quality to their students.English is one of the most interesting and easy subject to deal. But with little concentration it will help you to add very good marks from your Final Examination. Here we have provide Solved West Bengal Board Sample Papers for Class 8. Solved papers are generally preferred by the students as provide a clear cut idea of the type of questions asked in the exams and the right way to answer them. As a graduate, I have made this effort specially for class 8 students of WB Board. Some help has been taken from the referred textbooks and previous year question papers.

West Bengal Board Sample Papers for Class 8 English

 General Instructions to be followed by the students are:
1. Read all question carefully.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. This paper consists of 4 questions in total.

1) Read through the story

West Bengal Board Sample Papers

Sample Paper of English of Class VIII

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio was born in a Portuguese Indian family in Calcutta (now Kolkata) on 18TH April, 1809. At that time Calcutta was not as crowded as it is now. It was then a lonely city. People used palanquins and horse-drawn carriages travelling with in Calcutta. Some rich people used elephants. Here and there one could see stables for horses. Derozio lived in a red building near the ‘Darga’ at Moulali in Kolkata. He was junior to Raja Rammohan Roy by thirty-five years and senior to Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar by eleven years.

Henry went to school at the age of six in the year 1815. He was a student of Dhormotolla Academy. David Drummond, a famous teacher, established the school near Chandni Chowk. Students had to cross on foot a road and a vast field shaded by green trees to reach their school.

Henry Derozio’s father was Francis Derozio. He belonged to a Portuguese merchant family. He was an accountant in a merchant office named J.Scott and Company. He earned a lot of money and built a beautiful red house at Moulali.

Henry studied at Drummond’s school till 1823. The teaching of David Drummond influenced him greatly. According to Drummond, man is the greatest of all creatures and serving man is to worship God. This thought of Drummonds influenced the life of Derozio very much.

Derozio was a very bright student who often stood first in English and other subjects and got gold medals. Unfortunately Derozio died only at the age of twenty-three on December 26TH, 1831.But he left his mark on the history of modern Bengal. In fact, he was one of the makers of modern Bengal.

A) Answer the questions.

a) When and where was Derozio born?
Ans. Derozio was born on 18th April, 1809 in Calcutta.

b) What were the two means of transport for common people of Calcutta?
Ans. Palanquins and horse-drawn carriages were the two means of common people of Calcutta.

c) How was Calcutta at Derozio’s time?
Ans. Calcutta was not as crowded as it is now and it was a lonely city then.

d) Where did Derozio live in Calcutta?
Ans. Derozio lived in a red building near the ‘Darga’ at Moulali in Calcutta.

e) What was his father’s name and occupation?
Ans. His father’s name was Francis Derozio and he was an accountant in a merchant office.

f) Where was Derozio’s school located?
Ans. Derozio’s school was located near Chandni Chowk.

g) What influenced Derozio very much?
Ans. His teacher David Drummond’s teachings influenced Derozio very much.

h) Why were gold medals given to Derozio?
Ans. Gold medals were given to Derozio as he stood first in English and other subjects.

B) Complete the sentences with information from the text.

a) Derozio was born in a ____ family.
Ans. Portuguese-Indian.

b) He was a student of _____ founded by _____ near ______.
Ans. Dharmatala Academy, David Drummond, Chandni Chowk.

c) The two other great men of Bengal mention in the text are

Ans.  i) Raja Rammohan Roy. ii) Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar.

d) Derozio’s father built a _____ at ______.
Ans. house, Moulali.

C) Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements.

a) Derozio was an Anglo-Indian.
Ans. False

b) Calcutta was a thinly populated city at that time.
Ans. True

c) Vidyasagar was born after Derozio’s birth.
Ans. True

d) Derozio’s father was a poor man.
Ans. Flase

e) Derozio lived in the ‘Darga’ at Moulali.
Ans. False

f)  Derozio was a good student.
Ans. True

2) Combine the following sentences using suitable “self” forms.

a) The boys swept and cleaned the ground. Nobody helped them.
Ans. The boys themselves swept and cleaned the ground.

b) Samik does his homework. He does not take anybody’s help.
Ans. Samik does his homework all by himself.

c) I went to Delhi. I did not ask anybody to go to Delhi for me.
Ans. I myself went to Delhi.

d) Samir went to market. Nobody accompanied him.
Ans. Samir himself went to market.

e) My mother prepares our food. She takes nobody’s help.
Ans. My mother herself prepares our food.

3) Join the following sentences using Relative Pronouns.
a)      There is a man. He saved my life.
Ans. There is a man who saved my life.

b) These are the pens. We lost them yesterday.
Ans. There are the pens which we lost yesterday.

c) He is a man. You can trust him.
Ans. He is the man whom you can trust.

d) He sent me a gift yesterday. I received it.
Ans. I received the gift which he sent me yesterday.

e) I have given him a book. He wanted it.
Ans. I have given him the book that he wanted. 

4) Change the voice.

a) The farmer feeds the cow every day.
Ans. The cow is fed by the farmer every day.

b) Did you draw the picture?
Ans. Was the picture drawn by you?

c) The servant will clean the room.
Ans. The room will be cleaned by the servant.

d) Are you telling the truth?
Ans. Is the truth being told by you?

e) My brothers have brought this dog.
Ans. This dog has been brought by my brothers.

5) Write an application to your Headmaster asking his permission to leave the school early on account of your illness.

The Headmistress,
Barasat Kalikrishna Girl’s High School,
Kolkata-700 126
Most respectfully I beg to state that I feel very unwell on coming to school and I am quite unable to continue attending the class.
I, therefore, pray to you to permit me to leave the school early.
Barasat                             Your  obediently,
18th March, 2013               Priyanka Baidya
Class VIII, Sec A

To get pdf of above sample paper,follow:
Sample Paper of English of Class VIII of West Bengal Board

Hope you will get, what are you looking for. Put your comment in the comment section below the post for the further improvement of this sample paper. ALL THE BEST..!!

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