Sample Paper of JIPMER 02

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Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER)  was established by the French Government in the year 1823.This medical school was converted into Dhanvantari Medical College at the time of Pondicherry to Government of India.This Medical College was later upgraded into Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER).

JIPMER Logo.      JIPMER is well known for its undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses.  It has excellent health care facilities and most of the patients treated here belong to low socioeconomic group.  JIPMER also promotes research in various medical disciplines. JIPMER runs a popular MBBS course.


Sample Paper of JIPMER 02

1. Which of the following as a living fossil?

(a) Pinus

(b) Gnetum

(c) Ginkgo

(d) Riccia


2. Two  projectile are fired from same  point with the same speed  at angle of projection 60 and 30 respectively. Which of the following is true?

(a)    Their maximum height will be same

(b)   Their range will be same

(c)    Their landing velocity will be same

(d)   Their time of flight will be same


3. The alga used for quick sewage disposal is:

(a)    Ulothrix

(b)   Cladophora

(c)    Volvox

(d)   Chlorella


4. Atomic weight of boron is 10.81 and it has two isotopes 5(B)10 and 5(B)11. Then the ratio of their mass in nature is

(a)    19:81

(b)   18:92

(c)    81:19

(d)   92:18


5. The number of female flowers found in a cyanthium is:

(a) one

(b) three

(c) two

(d) many


6. A uniform chain of length a and mass M on the smooth table and one-third of its length is hanging vertically down over the edge of the table, if g is the acceleration due to gravity, the work required to pull the hanging part on the table is

(a)    Mgl

(b)   Mgl/9

(c)    Mgl/3

(d)   Mgl/18

7. In turnip, 2/3 part of swollen area is derived from:

(a)    hypophysis

(b)   hypocotyl

(c)    epicotyl

(d)   radical


 8. Venus looks brighter than other planets because it

(a)    it is heavier than other planets

(b)   it has heigher density than others

(c)    it is closer to earth than others

(d)   it has no atmosphere


9. Transpiration would be lowest when:

(a) wind velocity is high

(b) enough water is in the soil

(c) atmospheric RH is high

(d) high temperature and light


EXPLANATION:- When RH of the atmospheric is high, the temperature of

atmosphere will be low which reduces the rate

of evaporation and also the rate if transpiration.

10. In a simple harmonic motion, what fraction of the total energy is kinetic energy at te mid way between mean position and extreme position

(a)    1/8

(b)   ½

(c)    ¼

(d)   3/4


11. Water in plants is transported by:

(a) cambium (b) phloem

(c) xylem (d) epidermis


12. A pellet carrying a charge of 0.5C is accelerated through a potential of 2000V. It attains a kinetic energy equal to

(a)    1000J

(b)   500J

(c)    100erg

(d)   500erg


13. The light phase of photosynthesis is called:

(a) Hill reaction

(b) photo action

(c) pigment action

(d) chlorophyllous process


14. Weber ampere per metre is equal to

(a)    Joule

(b)   Henry

(c)    Newton

(d)   Watt


15. During anaerobic conditions, the rate of glycolysis

increases, is called:

(a) compensation point

(b) extinction point

(c) Warburg effect

(d) Pasteur effect


16. X-ray are produced due to

(a)    break-up of molecules

(b)   change in atomin energy level

(c)    change in nuclear energy level

(d)   radioactive disintegration


17. Micro-nutrients are:

(a) less important in nutrition than macronutrients

(b) as important in nutrition as macro-nutrients

(c) may be omitted from culture media without

any detrimental effect on the plant

(d) called micro because they play only minor role in nutrition


EXPLANATION:- Micro-nutrients are the minerals/elements which

are required by the plants in less amount and thus

are present in less quantity in the plants but these

are as important as the macro- nutrients.

18. A thermo-electric refrigerator works on

(a)    Joule effect

(b)   Seedback effect

(c)    Peltier effect

(d)   Thermionic emission


19. Hydroponics is a:

(a)    soilless culture

(b)   waterless culture

(c)    airless culture

(d)   none of these


20. Milk,blood and blood clot are the collodial states , respectively

(a)    Gel, sol, and emulsion

(b)   Emelsion,gel,sol

(c)    Aerosol, sol,gel

(d)   Emulsion,sol,gel


21. Green plants constitute:

(a) first trophic level

(b) second trophic level

(c) third trophic level

(d) complete food chain


22. For an engine operating between the temperature t1 degree C and t2 degree C, thev efficiency will be

(a)    t2/t1

(b)   (t1-t2)/t1

(c)    t2+273/(t1+273)

(d)   (ti-t2)/(t1+273)


23. Carrier of fluorosis is:

(a) CO2

(b) chlorine

(c) Nitrogen

(d) water


24. Three resistors are connected to form a sodes of the triangle ABC and the resistance of the side Ab, Bc, Ca is 40, 60, 100 ohms respectively. The effective resistance between the point A and B in ohms is

(a)    32

(b)   64

(c)    50

(d)   200


25. A nucleotide is a molecule consisting of a:

(a) hexose sugar, phosphorus and albumen

(b) phosphorus, iron and calcium

(c) phosphate, 5-carbon sugar and nitrogen base

(d) RNA and glucose


EXPLANATION:- A nucleotide is a nucleoside (sugar + nitrogen

base) with phosphate group.

Thus, nucleotide = nucleoside + phosphate group

And nucleoside = sugar + nitrogenous base

26. Water flows in a streamline manner through a capillary tube of radius a. The pressure difference being P and the rate of flow is Q. if the radius is reduced by the a/2 and the prssure is increased to 2P, then the rate flow becomes

(a)    4Q

(b)   Q/2

(c)    Q

(d)   Q/8


27. Perisperm is:

(a) degenerate part of synergids

(b) peripheral part of endosperm

(c) degenerate part of secondary nucleus

(d) remnant of nucellus


28. The heat of combustion of ethane, hydrogen and graphite are -372,-68.5,-94 k cal/mole respectively. The heat of formation of ethane in k cal/mole would be

(a)    -188

(b)   -383.5

(c)    -21.5

(d)   +373


29. Which of the following is non symbiotic biofertilizer?

(a) VAM

(b) Aztobacter

(c) Anabaena

(d) Rhizobium


 30. Transformation in bacteria was discovered by:

a)    Lederberg

(b)   Griffith

(c)    Avery,

(d)   Tatum


31. When a solid melts, there is

(a)    an increase in enthalpy

(b)   no change in enthalpy

(c)    a decrease in enthalpy

(d)   a decrease in internal energy


32. Pigment anthocyanin is located in:

(a) chloroplast

(b) chromoplast

(c) cytoplasm

(d) vacuole


33. The molecularity of a reaction is

(a)    may be zero

(b)   always a fraction

(c)    always a whole number

(d)   may be a fraction


34. Non-protein part of enzyme is known as:

(a)    holoenzyme

(b)   apoenzyme

(c)    prothetic group

(d)   none of these


EXPLANATION:- The holoenzyme is made up of

two parts i.e., protein pan (apoenzyme) and nonprotein

pan. (cofactor).

 35. The rare gas not found in atmosphere is

(a)    krypton

(b)   radon

(c)    argon

(d)   Xenon


36. The enzyme responsible for atmospheric nitrogen

fixation is:

(a) nitrogenize

(b) hydrogenase

(c) oxygenase

(d) carboxylase


37. Which of the following is not a nutral ligand?

(a)    Nitrosyl

(b)   Cyanon

(c)    Carbonyl

(d)   Aqua


38. Hausmannite is the ore of

(a)    mercury

(b)   manganese

(c)    Nickel

(d)   Zinc


39. Insects captured by insectivorous plants fulfill

their requirements of:

(a)    enzymes

(b)   oxygen

(c)    nitrogen

(d)   water


40. Portland cement contains the following amount of CaO?

(a)    5-15%

(b)   20-35%

(c)    50-60%

(d)   70-80%



1)      c

2)      b and c

3)      d

4)      a

5)      d

6)      d

7)      b

8)      c

9)      c

10)   d

11)   c

12)   a

13)   a

14)   c

15)   d

16)   b

17)   b

18)   c

19)   a

20)   d

21)   a

22)   d

23)   d

24)   a

25)   c

26)   b

27)   d

28)   c

29)   c

30)   b

31)   a

32)   d

33)   c

34)   c

35)   b

36)   a

37)   b

38)   b

39)   c

40)   c





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