Sample Paper of Physics for IAF Exam

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The I.A.F Exam is conducted by Indian Air Force for taking instructors into the Indian Air Force Cadre.The process of Selection is very detailed, effective and transparent.Its a National Level Exam.To appear this test candidates must have knowledge regarding the subjects-1)English 2) Current Affairs 3) General Awareness.

To know more about  I.A.F Exam visit the link.If you want to know where you stand than you can take an online test on IAF at itest.

Sample paper of physics for IAF Exam

We have got the questions for(Sample paper of physics for IAF exam) your practice which will help you prepare better for the Exam.


1.Which of the following is the fundamental quantity ?

(A)Volume               (B) Velocity           (C) Time             (D) Force

Ans : C

2. A ball is projected with a velocity of 15 m/s making an angle of 300 with the horizontal. Calculate the time of flight of the ball ( Give g= 10m/s2 )

(A) 1.5 Second            (B) 3.5 Second              (C) 2 Second             (D) 5 Second

Ans: A

3. The dimension formulas for impulse is same as the dimensional formula for

(A) Momentum       (B)Force           (C) Torque             (d)Rate of change of momentum

Ans : A

Q4. For a common base amplifier, V is the collector base battery, Ic the current in the collector circuit, Rl the resistance connected is collector circuit and Vcbthe voltage across collector & base, then

(A) Vcb =Vcc + IcRL

(B) Vcb = Vcc -IcRL

(C) Vcc = Vcb – IcRL

(d)None of these

Ans : A

Q5. The SI unit of Universal Gas constant (R) is :

(A) Watt k-1mol-1                          (B) NK-1mol-1

(C) JK-1mol-1                                (D) erg K-1 mol -1

Ans : C

Q6 .A force of 70N gives an object of unknown mass an acceleration of 20m/s2.The mass of unknown object is________.

(A) 7 Kg                 (B) 0.3 Kg             (C) 3.5 Kg              (D) 35 Kg

Ans : C

Q7. Zener- diode is used as :

(A) An amplifier

(B) An rectifier

(C) An oscillator

(D)A Voltage regulator

Ans : D

Q8. The magnetic flux through a 50- turn coil increase at the rate of 0.05 Wb/s. What is the induced emf between the ends of the coil?

(A) 2.5V                (B) 5V               (C) 3V                   (D) 7V

Ans : A

Q9.The focal length of objective of a telescope is 60 c.m. To obtain a magnification of 20, the focal length of the eye-piece should be

(A) 2cm                  (B) 5cm           (C) 4cm             (D) 3cm

Ans : D

Q10. Which of the following is a derived unit?

(A) Mass                 (B) Length             (C) Time               (D)Velocity

Ans : D

Q11. Atomic bomb is based on the principle of

(A) Nuclear Fission                    (B) Nuclear Fusion

(C) Nuclear Transition               (D) Radio Emission

Ans: A

Some more questions on–Sample paper of physics for AIIMS Exam

Q12.  A weightless rubber balloon has 100gm of water in it. Its weight in water will be

(A) 100gm           (B) 200gm           (C) 50gm            (D)Zero

Ans : D

Q13. If a force ‘f’ action on a mass ‘m’ produces acceleration ‘a’ then as per Newton’s second law of motion :

(A) f = ma             (B) f = a/m             (C) f = m/a             (D) m = af

Ans : A

Q14. The three capacitors whose capacitances are 1μ F, 2μ F and 6μ F are connected in a series. The equivalent capacitance of the combination is

(A) 2/5μ F           (B) 3/5μ F        (C) 1/3μ F           (D) 1/5μ F

Ans : B

Q15 . The alternating current in LCR circuit is maximum when

(A)XL =0           (B) XC=0        (C) XL = XC            (D) XL2 +XC2 =1

Ans : C

Q16. The efficiency of a Cornot engine working between the steam point and ice point is

(A) 28.8 %              (B) 27.8 %            (C) 26.8 %            (D) 23.8 %

Ans : C

Q17.Railway tracks are banked on curves so that

(A)No frictional force may be produced

between the tracks and wheels

(B)The train may not fall down inward

(C)Necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of normal reaction due to the track

(D)None of the above

Ans : C

Q18. The electromagnetic waves used in the telecommunication are_____.

(A) Ultraviolet                         (B)Infra-red

(C) Visible                              (D) Microwave

Ans : D

Q19.The momentum of a boy of 60 Kg weight running at 10 m/s is

(A) 500 Kg m/s           (B) 600 Kg m/s          (C) 550 Kg m/s          (D) 450 Kg m/s

Ans : B

Q20. When an aero plane is making a loop, pilot does not fall down because his weight provides the necessary

(A) Force against gravity

(B) Centripetal force

(C) Centrifugal force

(D) Viscous force

Ans : B

Q21.A net force of 350 N acts on a body of mass 70 Kg which is initially at rest. Its acceleration is ______ m/s2.

(A) 3            (B) 7          (C) 5            (D) 9

Ans : C

Q22. Two sources of sound are said to be in resonance, when

(A) They look like similar

(B) They produce sound of same frequency

(C) They are situated at a particular distance from each other

(d)They are produced by same source

Ans : B

Q23. Acceleration due to gravity decreases as we go up from the surface of the earth. Then in going below the surface of the earth it

(A) Increases

(B) Decreases

(C) Remains constant

(D) Decreases then increases

Ans : B

Q24. Ozone layer above earth’s atmosphere will

(a)Prevent infra-red radiation from sun

(B)Infra-red rays reflected from earth from escaping earth’s atmosphere

(C) Prevent ultraviolet rays from sun

(D)Reflect back radio waves

Ans : C

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