Sample Paper of WBJEE Mathematics

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Sample Paper of WBJEE Mathematics described in detains those who are going to appear in the WBJEE Mathematics learn here for improvement of their skills and can also judge their capability.

State Govt. organize WBJEE(West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination) as a centralised test for admission of students to various private and government. Medical and Engineering institutions in West Bengal.Students after their 12th can appear for this test for graduation courses.Two different tests are organised for all those candidates seeking admission in medical colleges and engineering colleges. In medical test students will have to answer questions from biology whereas in engineering test they will have to answer mathematics questions..Physics and chemistry are common to both the test.

Exam Pattern has been changed from 2012,the question paper contains only MCQ questions having same weightage as that of 2 marks short answer questions in the previous years question paper.Each paper contains 80 questions and it has been divided in to two test-1st test contains 60 MCQ questions of 1 mark each and 2nd test 20 MCQ of 2 marks each.Negative marking is also there for every incorrect answer

Here I have set mathematics questions to help the students to prepare well for the exam.Go through it once.


WBJEE Mathematics Sample Papers

WBJEE Entrance Exam

Sample Paper of wbjee Mathematics

Q1. If three unequal numbers x, y, z are in A.P. and are such that  y-x,  z-y,  x are in G.P. then x:y:z is equal to

a)    2:3:4             b)    1:2:4           c)    1:3:5           d)    1:2:3



Q2. The value of x for which the value of 8x-x^2-15 is greatest is,2

a)  -4         b)  4          c)  0          d)  -8


Q3. If a>1, then the roots of the equation (1-a)x^2+3ax-1=0 are

a)      both positive    b)     both negative    c)     opposite in signs   d)     imaginary conjugates


Q4. The number of words that can be made by writing down the letters of the word CALCULATE such that each word starts and ends with a consonant is,

a)       7!          b)      7!/2          c)      5/2 (7!)          d)      2 !


Q5.  let p be a relation on a non empty set A and p=p^-1 then p is

a)      reflexive     b)   symmetric     c)   transitive     d)   none of these


Q6. George shows patience in 45% cases of conversation, while Tony does the same in 65% cases. They are likely to behave differently in

a)      15.75% cases      b)    35.75% cases      c)    19.15% cases      d)    51.50% cases.


Q7. The number of solutions of the equation sinx = x is

a)      0          b)    1          c)    2          d)   infinitely many


Q8. The number of solutions of tan(5∏ cosx) = cot(5∏ sinx) in 0< x <2∏ is

a)      2         b)    21         c)    12         d)    14


Q9. The co-ordinates of the points A, B, C are (-1,-1) (5,7) and (1,-15). The length of the median through A is

a)      √41 unit       b)    √29 unit       c)    5 unit       d)      none of these


Q10. In an acute angle triangle ABC if a= 3 cm b= 3√3 cm and A= 30° then B will be

a)      30°          b)   45°         c)     60°          d) 75°


Q11. If the ex-radii of a triangle are in H.P then the corresponding sides are in

a)      H.P          b)    A.P           c)    G.P          d)    none of these


Q12. The equation of the straight line passing through the intersection of the lines 3x+4y+5 = 0 and 4x+6y = 6 are perpendicular to 7x-5y+4 = 0 is,

a)      5x + 7y -2 = 0       b) 5x + 7y -3 = 0        c) 5x + 7y + 3 = 0       d) 5x + 7y +2 = 0


Q13. If a, b ,c are in H.P the a/bc, 1/c, 1/b are in

a)      H.P          b) A.P           c) G.P           d) none of these


Q14. A integer is chosen t random from the first two hundred digits. The probability that the integer chosen is divisible by 6 or 8 is,

a)      ½              b) ¼             c) ¾        d) none of these


Q15. The displacement s of a particle in time t is given by s= 3 cos2t + 4 sin2t. if f be the acceleration at time t then

a)      f= 5s             b) f= -5s             c) f= 4s            d) f= -4s



1: Ans. d) 1:2:3     2:  Ans. b) 4     3: Ans.  a) both positive.      4:  Ans. c) 5/2(7!)     5:  Ans. b) symmetric     6:  Ans. d) 51.50% cases.     7:  Ans. b) 1     8:   Ans. d) 14    9:  Ans.  c) 5unit.     10:  Ans.  c) 60°.     11:  Ans. b)A.P     12: Ans.  d) 5x + 7y +2 = 0      13:   Ans. a) H.P    14:  Ans.  b) ¼   15:  Ans. d) f= -4s.

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