Sample Paper on Brand Management

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 Sample Paper on Brand Management
Brand Management

Time-3 Hours                                                                                              Maximum Marks:70

Note:Q1 is compulsory attempt any four questions from 2 to 8 all carry equal marks

1 Discuss briefly in around (50 words)

a Importance of Branding?                                                                                        (2)

b: Define penetration strategies?                                                                              (2)

c: Brand identity?                                                                                                      (2)

d Define family brand?                                                                                              (2)

e:Brand communication?                                                                                          (2)

f: Benefits of Brand equity?                                                                                      (2)

g: what is re-launching of brand?                                                                             (2)

Q2 Is there any relationship between brand personality and human personalty if so comment briefly & what may be the consequences?

A Brand extension is the common phenomenon in the brand market, Illustrate the need for brand extension?                                                                                                                           (7)

B Discuss the need of brand knowledge in the minds of customer? as a marketer what will be your strategy towards brand building?  (7)

Q3: Discuss the various levels of brand loyalty What can be done by the marketers to make ensure that they remain brand loyal?

(A) Differentiate among the different lines, the product line,product mix, product width? Being the marketer manager of an FM CG company what strategies you apply in your company for better results?                                                                                                     (14)

Q4 Explain how the branding will help organisation inBRAND

        (a) Retail Sector(7)

        (b) International Marketing(7)

Q5: Positioning the image of brand in the mind of customers is an art “do you agree with the statement? Discuss with examples how would you differentiate it with re_launch of brand?        (14)

Q6 What is Brand Equity?what are its sources?how it can be measured? explain the need of brand equity in the market now-a-days both for the customer and marketer?                                  (14)

Q7 Explain briefly the process of brand re-launch? what are strategies used by the marketer to re launch his brand in the market?Define target market?what is the role of marketer he has to play in positioning the brand in the minds of customer?                                                                 (14)

Q8 What do you understand by brand management? Is the scenario changed with the recent developments in the market? explain with example related to recent turns in the market?     (14)

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  1. Ritika Savita says:

    Brand Management is a rather new concept, which has surfaced as a reult of expanding economy & emergence of brands. This sector, however contributes maximum to the marketing sector!

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