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Sample Paper Programming Language given with this page student who want to adopt more question and answer of the various programming Language must read thisSample Paper Programming Language.

Programming Language is the formal Language who acts as the Interface between Instruction and Machine Computer can read the Programming Language Easily.The Example of the Programming Language is- C,C++,Java.These Language are the basic Language used to build the Software. there basic Sample Paper Programming Language given that will helpful for a Programmer.

Sample Paper Programming Language given as-

Programming Language

Programming Language Sample Paper

1. (a) Explain the brief history of programming language also explain the good characteristics of good programming language.

(b) What are enumerated and union data types.

(c) Describe type checking and type conversion.

2. (a) What are the formal method of describing syntax?also discuss some problem of describing syntax.

(b) What are decimal data types. 

3. (a) What are structured data object or structured data types? its specification and implementation.

(b) What are abstract data types? give ADT supportable operation.

4. (a) Evaluation of data types concept abstraction ,encapsulation and information hiding.

(b) Define over load and generic subprogram

5.(a) Define implicit and explicit sequence control.

(b) Describe exception handler ,co routines,sequence control

6 (a) What is static and dynamic programming

(b) What are semaphores? how they are use.

7.Define the following

(a) Static Storage Management.

(b) Stack Base Storage Management.

(c) Heap Storage Management .

8.(a) Differentiate between C,C++and Java.

(b) Describe the run time requirement and procedural and non Procedural Language.

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9  Write a c program to print Hello world without using any semicolon.

void main(){

if(printf(“Hello world”)){



10 Swap two variables without using third variable.



int main(){

int a=5,b=10;




printf(“a= %d  b=  %d”,a,b);

11  What is wild pointer in c?  

Ans:  A pointer in c which has not been initialized is known as wild pointer.

int main(){
int *ptr;
return 0;

12 WAP in C to modify the constant variable in c?


int main(){

int i=10;

int *ptr=&i;

*ptr=(int *)20;


return 0;
13  WAP in c program to find size of structure without using sizeof operator?
struct ABC{int a;

float b;

char c;


int main(){

struct ABC *ptr=(struct ABC *)0;


printf(“Size of structure is: %d”,*ptr);

return 0;


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