sample Paper – Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

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Time: 3 Hours                       Max. Marks: 100       

B.Tech (6th semester) Mechanical Engineering

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning 

Note: Attempt any five questions from the 10 questions. Each carry 20 marks.

Q.-1  What is refrigeration and air-conditioning and state the various types of air-conditioning? And also differentiate between refrigeration and air conditioning? (20 marks)

Q.-2  Why ducts are used in air-conditioning? List the factors due to which the pressure of air falls in a duct. State the basic principles of operation of air-refrigeration system. (20 marks)

Q.-3  Differentiate between sensing elements and actuating elements, used in a refrigeration control system. Give examples of both. Comparison of compression and vapour absorption refrigeration system. (20 marks)

Q.-4  List various electrical faults found in a domestic refrigerator. Explain the breakdown and preventive maintenance. (20 marks)

Q.-5  Write a short note on two of the followings:

   (a)  What is Bypass control valve?  And explain that how it works.                            (10 marks)

   (b)  What is Specific humidity of moist air?                                                                (10 marks)

   (c)  Describe the terms Wet bulb temperature and Dry bulb temperature?               (10 marks)

   (d)  What is Bell-Coleman air refrigerator? How it works? And also state the advantages and disadvantages of the Bell-Coleman refrigeration.                                                         (10 marks)

Q.- 6 Differentiate between humidification and de-humidification. Describe also the terms thermoelectric cooling and adiabatic de-magnetization. (20 marks)

Q.- 7 With the help of a neat sketch, Enumerate the simple vapor compression refrigeration system. And also state its advantages over simple vapor absorption system. (20 marks)

Q.- 8 Describe the nomenclature of the refrigerants. And also state the desirable properties of the         refrigerants. State the Lithium-Bromide vapor absorption systems, with neat sketch. (20 marks)

Q.-9 Define the various terms briefly :

(a)    What is temperature of adiabatic saturation?             (5 marks)

(b)    What is summer air-conditioning?                              (5 marks)

(c)    What is year round air conditioning?                          (5 marks)

(d)    What is winter air-conditioning?                                 (5 marks)

Q. 10 Why the cooling is necessary in Air craft? Also describe the simple air refrigeration in air craft and simple evaporative type air conditioning in air craft. And also state the advantages of the air conditioning. (20 marks)

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