Sample Paper Thermodynamics

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Sample Paper Thermodynamics

Note:- All Questions are compulsory.

Subject Name :- Thermodynamics                                                                Time-3 hour

Maximum Marks – 100 marks

Q.1 Explain the basic laws of thermodynamics system ?(5 marks)

Q.2 Explain the following terms –

1.Specific Heat.(2 marks)

2.Latent Heat.(2 marks)

Q.3 Define Thermodynamics System.Explain its states ?(10 marks)

Q.4 Write any two statements of the thermodynamics second laws?(5 marks)

Q.5 Explain the Carnot Engine and its efficiency ?(12 marks)

Q.6 Explain any four from the following terms:-(20 marks)


2. boundary.

3. Enthalpy.

4. Zeroth Law.

5. Boy’s Law.

Q.6 How does the Vander waal’s equations differ from the ideal gas equation of the state? (marks 12)

Q.7 Explain Maxwell’s Equations. Briefly ? (marks 20)

Q.8 Why is the Carnot cycle is not a realistic model of steam power plant ? (marks 12)

Sample Paper Thermodynamics

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