CMAT Sample Papers with pdf

CMAT Sample Papers with pdf

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Common Management Admission Test, CMAT is one of the most reputed management entrance exam approved by AICTE. CMAT is conducted twice in a year for the admission in management programme offered. A graduate individual in any discipline is eligible to take part in CMAT. Following CMAT Sample papers are prepared for all interested one’s who are willing to give CMAT Test and looking forward to check their performance level. 

cmat sample questions

CMAT Sample Paper

Instructions for CMAT Sample Papers are as follows

  1. The Test consists of 20 Multiple Choice type questions to be answered in 40  minutes
  2. Choose the Correct Option and record the answer on the separate answer sheet provided.
  3. For every correct answer the candidate is awarded with “1” mark
  4. There will be negative marking of .25.
  5. Use of mobile phones, scientific calculators is strictly prohibited during the test hour.
  6. Rough work ( if any) should be  done at the back of the question / answer sheet.
  7. Resorting to unfair means like, copying, cheating, talking in the exam hall may lead to the disqualification of the candidate.

CMAT Question Paper

1. Six members of a family are travelling these are a,b,c,d,e, and f. b is the son of c but c is not mothers of b. a and c are a married couple, e is the brother of c. d is the daughter of a. f is the brother of b. How is e related to d:

a) father               (b)brother                                 (c)uncle                                  (d)none of these

2. There is a group of five teachers a,b,c,d and e.  b and c teaches maths and geography a and c teach maths and history.  b and d teach political science and geography. d and e tech political science and biology. e teaches biology, history, and political science. who teaches political science, geography and biology

(a)e                       (b)d                                         (c)c                                          (d)b

3. 0.0874 + 1.236 – 0.0012 +? = 1.489

(a) 0.1568                (b). 0.1578                              (c). -0.1668                             (d). 0.1668

4. 30% of 300 – 40% of 400 + 50% of 500 =?
(a) 1800                   (b) 180                                    (c) 18                                       (d) 18000

5. The average of seven results is 5; the average of first three is 3, and that of the last three is 7. The fourth result is
(a)  6                        (b) 2. 5                                    (c) 5                                         (d) 4. 5

6. A, B and C are partners and make a profit of Rs. 4800 which is distributed among them in the ratio 6:5:4. The difference of the amounts A and C received is
(a) Rs. 640              (b) Rs. 1290                            (c) Rs. 1280                            (d)Rs. 1600

7. If sold for Rs. 247.50, an object gives a profit of 12.5%. The cost price is
(a) Rs. 210              (b) Rs. 220                              (c) Rs. 224                              (d) Rs. 225

8. A fruit seller purchases oranges at the rate of 3 for Rs. 5 and sells them at 2 for Rs. 4. His profit in the transaction is
(a) 20%                   (b) 25%                                   (c) 15%                                   (d)10%

9. A merchant sold his goods for Rs. 75 at a profit percent equal to the cost price. His cost price is
(a) Rs. 50               (b)Rs. 60                                (c)Rs. 80                                (d) Rs. 100

10.  A man buys an article at ¾ th of its value and sells it for 20% more than its value. His profit based on the cost is
(a)  45%                 (b)50%                                   (c)60%                                    (d) 75%

11. The average weight of 8 men is increased by 1.5 kg when one of them who weighs 65 kg is replaced by a new man. The weight of the new man is
(a) 76 kg                                  (b)76.5 kg                    (c)  76.7 kg                         (d)  77 kg

12. If all the letters in the word MERCIFUL are rearranged in alphabetical order and substituted by the alphabet preceding them in the English alphabet what will be the new arrangement of letters?

(a) BDHEKLQT  (b) BDEHKLQT (c) BDEHLKQT  (d) BDEJMLQT   (e) None of these

13. In a certain code language’ In ba pe’ means ‘he has won’,’le ki ba’ means ‘she has lost’ and ‘in se pe’ means ‘he always won’. Which word in that language means ‘he’?

(a) in          (b) pe                   (c) se            (d) Data not sufficient       (e) None of these

14. If the letters of the word OBSERVANT are interchanged, such that the first becomes ninth, second becomes eighth, and so on, and the position of the fifth letter remains unchanged then what will be the new arrangement of letters?

(a) TNAVERSBO  (b) TNVARESBO                                 (c) NTAVERSBO         (d) None of these

15. If 1 is coded as Ś, 5 is coded as %, 6 is coded as «, 3 is coded as +, 7 is coded as # and 4 is coded as ? What will be the correct form of the number 435671?

(a) ? + % « # Ś                        (b) ? + % Ś # «             (c) ? + « % # Ś                  (d) Ś # « % + ?


Directions (16 – 20) : The following bar chart shows the trends of foreign direct investments(FDI) into India from all over the world.

Trends of FDI in India


16. What was the ratio of investment in 1997 over the investment in 1992 ?

(a) 5.50                        (b) 5.36                               (c) 5.64                       (d) 5.75

17. What was absolute difference in the FDI to India in between 1996 and 1997 ?

(a) 7.29                        (b) 7.13                               (c) 8.13                       (d) 8.96

18. If India FDI from OPEC countries was proportionately the same in 1992 and 1997 as the total FDI from all over the world and if the FDI in 1992 from the OPEC countries was Euro 2 million. What was the amount of FDI from the OPEC countries in 1997 ?

(a) 11.0                        (b) 10.72                             (c) 11.13                     (d) 11.5

19. Which year exhibited the highest growth in FDI in India over the period shown ?

(a) 1993                       (b) 1994                              (c) 1996                      (d) 1997

20. What was India’s total FDI in billion Rs. for the period shown in the figure ?

(a) 93.82                      (b) 93.22                             (c) 94.62                     (d) 93.19

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