SAP Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

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SAP is the multinational software company which was established in the year 1972 by the five former employees of IBM. It is the world’s fourth largest independent supplying software company and world’s largest inter-enterprise software company. With their latest softwares capable of managing the financial assets, the company has created a landmark in the software development field. Lets find the types of SAP Interview Questions that are asked in the SAP Recruitment. In this section, we have provided set of SAP interview questions and answers for freshers. We have covered all the basic concepts of SAP Technologies. Still if it contains any error please do let us know. Any type of suggestions will be highly appreciated.

SAP Interview Questions with answers-


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What is SAP ?

SAP stands for Systems Application and Products in Data Processing. It is standards based ERP software. Some of the completive softwares include Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

What is ERP?

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a kind of system which provides a common platform to different processes taking place in an organization including finance, production, inventory control etc. It also enables the stakeholders or shareholders to connect with the inside organization. In short, they facilitate the flow of information between all departments of an enterprise.

What are other ERP systems available in the market?

Some of the major ERP systems other than SAP are from Oracle, Microsoft and Infor. QAD, Lawson, Epicor, Sage and IFS are the players in mid-size businesses and Exact Globe, Syspro, NetSuite, Visibility, Consona, CDC Software and Activant Solutions round out the ERP vendors for small businesses.

What is meant by “Business Content” in SAP?

Business Content in SAP is a pre-defined and pre-configured models of information contained in the SAP warehouse which can be used directly or with desired modification in different industries. This information model includes integral roles, workbooks, queries, InfoSources, InfoCubes, ODS objects, key figures, characteristics, update rules, and extractors for SAP R/3, Business Applications, and for other selection applications.

What is SAP IDES?

SAP IDES stands for SAP Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System. This system is used to demonstrate the functionality of various SAP solutions used by important customers. This system uses data of the IDES model company.

What is Data Sets in SAP?

SAP Data sets are the sets of information which are required to solve some queries which cannot be solved by using the method interfaces.

What is ODS?

ODS is Operational Data Store. It is a component of business warehouse. It is mainly used for reporting of details.

Name the different types of infocubes.

1. Physical data stores:

  • Basic InfoCubes
  • Transactional InfoCubes

2.Virtual data stores:

  • RemoteCube
  • SAP RemoteCube
  • Virtual InfoCube with Services

What are Business KPIs?

Business KPIs are Key Performance Indicators. They indicate the performance of a company at strategic level. They also help in leading the company on the desired track by comparing company’s performance with the previous performances and with that of market leaders in the same sectors. SAP is building a project called “Business KPI wiki” to standardize the process of indication.

What is a MultiCube?

MultiCube is a Infocube which is a collection of several BasicCubes. Using MultiCubes one can test the data from BasicCubes in a single context. MultiCubes itself doesn’t contain any data but works only on data from BasicCubes.

Get the SAP Interview questions with answers in pdf  SAP Interview Questions with answers in pdf

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