SBI PO question paper

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SBI PO Question Paper
Section – A , APTITUDE
Direction : Select the correct option.

1. Aman , Abhinandan and Mayank hired a car for Jhashi Darshan and used it for 3, 4 and 5 hours respectively and they paid Rs 900 . Hire charges paid by Aman were :

a. Rs. 8,562       b.  Rs. 8,000         c. Rs. 6,230             d. Rs. 6,000

2. What will be the H.C.F of 0.81 , 7.2 , 3.6 , 2.1 :

a. 0.09                 b. 0.90                   c. 0.30                  d. 0.03

3. What is the average of the following :  59 , 44 , 98 , 84 , 58 , 30 , 40

a.  75                 b.66                          c.62                     d.52            e. 59

4. What is the LCM of 3.6 , 1.8 , 0.72 :

a. 3.60               b. 1.8                        c.3.6                    d.0.36

 5. (8.34 % of 793) – (12.51% of 286) = ?

a. 33.3756            b.28.3675                 c.30.3576             d.36.3657           e.None of these

6. The circumference of a circle is 792 m . Then compute its radius :

a. 136 m                b.120 m                     c.145 m                d.133 m

 7. In how many ways  word “ CREAM ” be arranged :

a. 720                    b. 360                       c.240                    d.504

 8. 48 + 2 x (3+1) -5 = ?

a.  49              b.  79                    c.  20                  d.  None of these

9. 0.55 + 55.50 + 555.05 + 5 + 5.55 = ?

 a. 647.35           b.634.85              c.621.65             d.655.75       e.None of these

10.  (19)2 + (?)1/2  = (21)2

a. 16               b. 64               c.6400          d.4

11. By using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with repetition is allowed from 8 digit number and must be divisible by 4 ?

a. 31250          b.97657          c.97656         d. 78125

12. Gaurav  runs at 6 mph and walks over the same route at 4 mph. What is his average speed for the journey ?

a. 5 mph         b. 4.8 mph    c.  2.4 mph     d.  4 mph

13. Find the profit percentage if the S.P is doubled and Profit triples ?

a. 200/3            b.  
 100          c.  120       d.316/3

14. Shreyas bought  candies at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20 % ?

a. 6                  b.  5                c.4             d. 3

15. The percentage increase in the area of square . If each of its side is increased by 20 % is ?

a. 40 %             b. 42 %           c. 46 %         d.44 %

16. What is a probability of getting a sum 9 from two throws of dice ?

a. 1/6                b. 1/12                c.1/8             d. 1/9

17. A boat can travel with a speed of 13 km/hr in a still water . If the speed of the stream is 4 km/hr . What is the time taken by the boat to go 68 km downstream ?

a. 5 hrs                 b.2 hrs                  c.3 hrs                d.4 hrs

18.  How much time will it take for an amount of Rs 450 to get Rs 81 at interest at 4.5 % per annum of Simple Interest ?

a. 4.5 yrs             b.3.5 yrs                  c.4 yrs              d.5 yrs 

19. In How many ways can the letter “ LEADER “ be arranged ?

a. 72                  b. 720                        c.360                 d.144                   e.None of these

20.  The length of a bridge , which a train 130 m long and travelling at 45 km per hour can across in 30 sec is ?

a. 200 m              b. 250 m                        c.225 m                         d.245 m

Section-B, ENGLISH
DIRECTIONS – Fill with correct option.

21. This is _ Bible book.

a)      the
b)      a
c)       an
d)      none

22. you are _____ to market.

a)     go
b)    going
c)     went
d)    gone

23. This is ____ best book.

a)     A
b)    Not
c)    The
d)    An

24. He is better _____ him.

a)    Their
b)    That
c)    Them
d)    Than

25.  _____you like to take tea.

a)    Would
b)    Where
c)    What
d)    None

Direction(Q.26- 30) Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions.
Ram is aware from corruption after that he is habitual. When income tax officer check the account of ram than he is suspected and arrested by the police. Now magistrate decided to punish but ram requested not to do so again. He is able to paid fine to the magistrate and decided not repeat this again. So greedy habit is bad not save the life but it is always a risk so not to do.

 26.  Who is corruptionist

a)     Ram
b)     police
c)      magistrate
d)     none

 27.    Who paid amount

a) police
b) Ram
c) magistrate
d) none

 28.  Ram is arrested because of

a) theft
b) corruption
c) murder
d) none

 29.  Which habbit is bad

a) kindness
b) help
c) greedy
d) none

30. He has _____  arrested for a long time.

a) not
b)  been
c)  neither
d)  either

31.    ____ Taj Mahal is maked by white stone.

a) a
b) the
c) an
d) none

32. Each book ____ 750 pages.

a) has
b) have
c) are
d) none

33. Comfortable

a) feel nice
b) irritate
c) hesitate
d) angry

34. lazy

a) loose
b) uncomfortable
c) unaware
d) misbehave

35. withdraw

a) reduce
b) need
c) advance
d)  want

36. secret

a) friendly
b) covert
c) hidden
d) overt
37.  Heartfelt

a) loving
b) insincere
c) unhealthy
d) humorous

38. Impartial

a) worried
b) disliked
c) biased
d) hostile

39.  luminious

a) clear
b) diminished
c)  brittle
d)  cleanse

40. nadir

Directions to solve:

41.     Look at this series : 2,1,(1/2),(1/4),… What number should come next ?

a. (1/3)
b. (1/8)
c. (2/8)
d. (1/16)

42.     Look at this series : 7,10,8,11,9,12,… What number should come next ?

a. 7
b. 10
c. 12
d. 13

43. Look at this series : 36, 34, 30, 28, 24, … What number should come next ?

a. 20
b. 22
c. 23
d. 26

44.  Look at this series : 2,6,18,54, … What number should come next ?

a. 108
b. 148
c. 162
d. 116

45.  Look at this series : 80, 10 ,70, 15 ,60, … What number should come next ?

a. 20
b. 25
c. 30
d. 50

Directions (Q.46 )
Study of the following arrangement carefully and answer the question given below .

M3 # R A T 1 E J $ K @ F U 5 4 V I 8 * G B 7 2 W

46. Which is the one that does not belong that group.

a. T E R
b. U 4 @
c. J 1 K
d. none of these

47. How many such numbers are there in the above arrangement , each of which    immediately preceded by a letter but not immediately followed by a letter

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. none of these

48. What should come in the place of the question mark (?) in the following series on the above arrangement .

R T 1 ? $ @ F

a. 8 * H
b. 8 H N
c. 8 H 7
d. D * H

Look carefully for the pattern , and choose which pair of numbers comes next.

49. 28 25 5 21 18 5 14

a. 115
b. 107
c. 118
d. none of these

50. 8 11 21 15 18 21 22

a. 25 18
b. 56 62
c. 58 66
d. 54 61

51. 2 8 14 20 26 32 38

a. 2 46
b. 44 50
c. 42 48
d. none of these

52. 9 16 23 30 37 44 51

a. 59 66
b. 56 62
c. 58 66
d. 54 61

53. 17 17 34 20 20 31 23

a. 26 23
b. 23 33
c. 23 28
d. 27 28

Each problem consists of three statements. Based on the first two statements, the

Statement may be true or false uncertain.

Neeta is older than Neha .
Sunil is older than Neeta.
Neha is older than Sunil.

If the first statement is true , the third statement is

a. true
b. false
c. uncertain.

Ram runs faster than Shyam.
Ankita runs faster than Ram.
Shyam runs faster than Ankita.

If the first two statements is true, the third statement is

a. true
b. false
c. uncertain

Class A has a higher enrollment than class B.
Class C has a lower enrollment than class B.
Class A has a lower enrollment than class C.

If the firt two statements are true, the third statement is

a. true
b. false
c. uncertain

57.If blue is called red, red is called green ,green is called black and black is called white, what is the colors of grass ?

a. red
b. black
c. white
d. green

58. In a certain code RAID is eritten as % # * $, RIPE is written as % * @ &. How is DEAR written in the code.

a. @&#%
b. $@#%
c. @$#%
d. $&#%
59.BE is related to GJ in the same way PS is related to

a. UY
b. UX
c. UZ
d. UY
60. How many meaningful English words can be made with the letters ITRM using each letter only once in each word ?

a. none
b. one
c. two
d. three

Section-D, Computer Knowledge
DIRECTIONS – Choose the correct option :

61. Computers use the ______ number system to store data and perform calculations ?

a. Octal
b. Decimal
c. Hexadecimal
d. None of these

62. Which of the following can be use to select the entire document ?

a. ALT + F5
b. CTRL + A
c. CTRL + K
d. CTRL + H

63. Part description , part number and number of the parts ordered are also known as ?

a. Control
b. Processing
c. Feedback
d. Input

64. VGA is

a. Video Graphics Array
b. Volatile Graphics Array
c. Video Graphics Adapter
d. Visual Graphics Array

65. Which of the following is secondary storage device ?

a. Keyboard
b. ALU
c. disk
d. RAM

66. Which of the following is not a computer language ?

a. C++
b. C
c. Microsoft
d. Java

67. Sending an email is similar to ?

a. Writing a letter
b. Drawing a picture
c. Talking on phone
d. Sending a package

68. What is the full form of USB in terms of computer ?

a. Universal security block
b. Ultra serial Bus
c. Universal serial Bus
d. United service block

69.DVD stands for ?

a. Digital Versatile Disk
b. Digital Video Disk
c. Both of the above
d. Noth of these

70. Instruction in computer language consist of ?

a. Opcode
b. Operand
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. Noth of the above

71. A byte can represent any no. between 0 and ______?

a. 2
b. 255
c. 256
d. 1024
e. 1025

72. Operating system and utility programs are in a class of a software known as:

a. Application Software
b. Sequential software
c. software suites
d. Bios software

73.The display size of a moniter is measured______?

a.larger the pixels
b.less clear the screen is
c. further apart the pixels
d.closer together the pixels
e.none of these.

74.To select a word you click it______?

a. once
c.three times
d.four times
e.none of these

75.What does a website address uniquely specify?

a. web browser
b. website
c. PDA
d. storage
e. harddisk

75.The most comman pointing input device is the _____?

a. trackball
b. touchpad
c. touchscreen
d. mouse
e. scanner

76.Expansion cards are inserted into ____?

a. slots
b. peripheral devices
c.the C.P.U.
d.the back of the computer

77.Web pages are saved in _____?

a. http;//

78. A touchpad response to_____?

d.the sense of heat from fingertips
e. None of these

79.The .exe extension is used  for ______?

a. Windows
b. Access
c. Power Point
d. Word
e. Excel

80. Keyboard is
a. input device
b. output device
c. both
d, none of these


81.What is the stand for GDP ?

a)  Gross domestic product.
b)  Gross domestic panel
c)  Gross domestic paper
d)  Gross domestic pages.
e)  Gross domain Product.

82.Who  is the Prime Minister of PERU ?

a) Ollanta Humalla
b) Juan Jiminez
c) Vlamdir Putin
d) Hisam Kandil
e) Peru yaru

83.Who is the Overseas Indian Affairs Minister ?

a)    Pawan Kumar Bansal.
b)    Kapil Sibbal.
c)    Vayallar Ravi.
d)    Salman Khurshit.
e)    P.j. Pawak.

84. What is the appointment number of Chief justice of India Altmas Kabir ?

a)   35
b)   39
c)   34
d)   40
e)   45

85.Which is the highest food gain state of India?

a)  Maharashtra.
b)  Uttar Pradesh.
c)  Madhya Pradesh.
d)  Bihar.
e)  Delhi

86.Who is the 1st Governor of RBI ?

a)  C.V.Deshmukh.
b)  O.A. Smith.
c)  K.J. Uddesi.
d)  None of these
e)  All of the above

87.Which of the following is NOT a function of a commercial bank?

a)  Providing project finance
b)  Settlement of payments of behalf of the customer
c)  Deciding policy rates like CRR,SLR, & Repo Rates
d)  Issuing  credit/debit/ATM cards
e)  Providing services such as locker facilities, remittances

88.What is money laundering?

a)  Conversion of assets into cash
b)  Conversion of Money which is illegally obtained
c)  Conversion of cash into gold
d)  Conversion of gold into cash
e)  Conversion of gold with foreign currency

89.Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award  is given for excellence in the field of _______

a)  Literature
b)  Music
c)  Sports
d)  Science & Technology
e)  Social service

90.Leila Lopes who was crowned Miss Universe recently is a citizen of _________

a) USA
b) Britain
c) Brazil
d) India
e) Angola

91. The Election Commission of India is a giving training to the electoral officers of which of the following countries in its neighborhood?

a)   Nepal
b)   Pakistan
c)   China
d)   Bangladesh
e)   Bhutan

92. Which one of the following is not a salient feature of debit card ?

a)   No bad debts to banks and so suits for recovery
b)   No interest earning for banks
c)   Works like a normal withdrawal slip
d)   45 days credit is given to the card holder
e)   All of the above

93.‘Raag Darbari’ is a famous book written in Hindi by __________

a)   Shri Amarkant.
b)   Shri Shrilal Shukla.
c)   Shri Nirmal Verma.
d)   Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan
e)   Smt. Malti Joshi.

94.Ms.Hella Thorning Schmidt is the first Women Prime Minister of…………

a)   Norway
b)   Brazil
c)   Denmark
d)   Argentina
e)   None of these

95. Who among the following is the author of the book “Last Man in the Tower”?

a)   Vikram Seth
b)   Kiran Desai
c)   Shobha De
d)   Chetan Bhagat
e)   Aravind Adiga

96. Which of the following is a food crop?

a)   Jute
b)   Jatropha
c)   Cotton
d)   Tobacco
e)   Jower

97. Which of the following days was proclaimed “International Literacy Day” by UNESCO?

a)   8th Sept.
b)   18th Sept.
c)   18th Oct.
d)   8th Oct.
e)   28th Nov.

98.Credit risk to the bank is high from which of these cards?

a)   Debit cards
b)   Credit cards
c)   ATM cards
d)   All of the above
e)   None of these

99. Which one of the following constitutes the largest percentage of Retail loans in India?

a)   Auto loans
b)   Personal loans
c)   Personal overdrafts
d)   Consumer loans
e)   Home loans

100. Which of the following honorary rank is given to M.S. Dhoni in the Army?

a)   Major General
b)   Sergeant
c)   Major
d)   Lieutenant Colonel
e)   Colonel

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