Science Arts or commerce

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Science Arts or commerce

Science Arts or commerce

science arts or commerce

Science arts or commerce a question which every student at a stage has to ask from himself , What to study ,which exam to appear for Science, Arts or commerce? A very confusing career option for many students who have completed there class 10 exam, Students are unable to decide on this and when I talked to my cousin and his classmates then I really realized that mass of students are confused , in case  in family there is no one from these Background as in an engineer always wish to make his/her child an engineer and same is case with a CA/CS and in that case decision of child gets influenced by decision of parents but where there is no CA,CS or an engineer , child is more confused.

Board results have been recently published in June 2014 and students are running in colleges to take admission but are confused. Many of the times preference is given to college than subject but it depends on individual to individual. Many students give preference to subject of choice as well. Although choosing one among Science Arts & Commerce has always been topic of group discussion

I remember my days when we hardly knew about any thing else than that of science as a career path and we had mentality which went as follows.

Best student takes Science

Average student go with commerce

No more a student but need degree! Go for Arts  or UPSC aspirant

But now after a decade I really realised that order is actually reverse , If we consider career option then highest payed individuals or highest earners are those who made career in ARTS , Its difficult to believe but take example of all artists , may it be an actor or singer.

I do understand that in a country like India its very difficult to think of Music , Film & television as a career option but remember those days when music was being considered as waste of time and effort but latter it was accepted by parents as hobby of kids , similarly talk of cricket , Now cricket coaching are more popular then any other time. If you are Parent reading it , I do understand that , still its difficult to understand what I am trying to convey.

I simply want to convey let child fly , Allow him choose himself , every stream has its height , why we should limit our self or our children for an engineering JOb or a Bank PO job , may be he is worth more , probably he or she would be more interested if parents allow kids to make hobby as career option then it would be win win situation for career and hobby both.

For information of Parents : Engineering is least paid Job Globally but by this I do not mean to say that Science should not be taken as option.

Let me illustrate it This way Science , Commerce or Arts

Science is considered as career option mainly in Under Developed countries or countries which have agricultural economy or Manufacturing as base of Economy , in country like India where manufacturing and cheap labor is base of economy and earlier even when we had agriculture based economy then Science was considered as better career option but In Developed countries which Consulting based economy or knowledge based economy Commerce gets more preference this system will have another effect and we have started seeing it in Developed economies like that of US where economy is changing towards Entertainment it will be Art based education and Arts will be main focus.

I hope now it will be little more clear and easy to take decision.

Take care of following aspects while choosing a career

1. What you want to be in life

2. Whats your strength

3. Weakness

More than liking emphasize on disliking and don’t waste your time there.

If you donot like maths , physics , chem and like to make car , do not run for science , arts can be better option . Design can be your key forte. you will get chance to design cars and planes.

There is one Benefit with ARTs which we always feel , we take it for granted and think let me take science or commerce , if not able to do well then will opt for arts in 12th or graduation. According to Indian education system its always an option but in that case take it point. You will never be able to read Science because you surrendered in beginning same with Commerce and Arts you can never be good at because you chose it because you had no other option.

Technically its always possible to shift from science or commerce to arts


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10 Responses to Science Arts or commerce

  1. oishi chatterjee says:

    The pressing concern faced by every student after tenth is which way to go? which would be of their choice and which would synchronicity with their aptitudes. The one decision should be independent of any other thoughts like what my parents wish, which way will give me more success and all that.This decision should be completely based on your own choice ,the subject that you are interested and you are confident about it only that can give you success whether it be arts ,commerce or science.

  2. barun kumar singh says:

    A child from his childhood know that in which field he is strong in which field he is weak.I think i a duty of every parent to have a deep look on there child likes and dislikes.As its seen now a days maximum of parents suggest or a student is tentative to choose that subject which is in a flow at that time. This should be avoided and every parent should motivate his child to go for that field in which he/she is welling to go.It can be foe science,arts or commerce.

  3. preeti nisha says:

    Yes it is true that most of the students do face problems in choosing their career and most them lacking a proper guide often end up choosing a wrong career path. Some also are pressurized by their parents or elders to follow a career of their choice. I would suggest one should follow their own instincts and decide what is their passion, their strength and likewise decide their career. One right decision taken at the correct time might cause a little pain for a moment but can change your life else career would become a burden and boredom. So think on what you want to be, what is your cup of tea and then the cake is YOURS!

  4. aratrika sengupta says:

    In short, I would like to comprehend that its all your own choice.Media can provide you with the pros and cons but decision is yours. Only thing that matters is whatever you take, you should be responsible enough to excel in that.

  5. Sanjeet Sharma says:

    Its the most easiest but very delicate issue. Willingness to do something is good – but willingness can be for anything or a mix of biased cluster. A student can have the willingness to study Economics & biology both but our system doesn’t allow the student to do so.
    Here the role of parents, mentors and teaches comes in to identify – for what student is passionate. Evaluate the student on certain parameter that what is the goal of any student. Suppose if a student says i want to become an IAS officer. so, here the ultimate goal is quite homogeneous for each stream, so obviously student have only two ways – Either he/she can go for the stream who provide the basic knowledge for IAS or can go for the stream which has maximum lines open out after 2 yrs.
    I won’t talk about the excellence, future, willingness, destiny, interest or any crap but about the PASSION . This is the term which stands for you by you. If a student is passionate of doing something let him(er) do it , (s)he will excel in career.

  6. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    After 12th a student has many options to choose for higher education in India. You can choose a career oriented course or an academic course. The avenues of selection are many like in above said article it can be SCIENCE,COMMERCE OR ARTS…… But before choosing a career you should contemplate seriously on the faculty of interest, your aptitude, educational qualifications and ability to cope with the subject.

  7. Gourav Kumar says:

    The heading of the article is a big question itself and each student faces it in their schooling life and this is the decision on which their career lies. The decision should be made with very thoughtfully as the subjects are totally different in each stream and students should pick only that stream in which they think they are comfortable and willing to pursue their career.
    Parents should guide their wards to choose the right stream but they should never force them to impostor their own decision.

  8. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    There is an Engineer in every home what I had seen in last 2-3 years.Engineering is becoming the most popular field. Now-a-days there is a craze of engineering. Basically it is a Technical field who actually wants to do technical work they should prefer engineering.As I saw that many people completed their engineering but they are searching jobs in banks. So guys please think about it. If you really interested then go for it otherwise go for commerce it is also a good stream.

  9. shreya sarkar says:

    A very nicely put article. I totally agree with that concept of the brightest going for science the mediocre for commerce and the dull ones for arts. That’s the scenario in our society. A student does not go to the department where he wants to but to the one where his marks take him. It is really a shameful fact. This way a lot of people end up doing things which they don’t like and hence it affects there output in that sector of work. So people please do what you want to do go for the option you are best at and do not act according to the fixed so called rule of the society where the brightest goes for science the mediocre for commerce and the dull ones for arts.

  10. Chaitali Mallick says:

    i have seen so many students to choose science just for showing off. and after that they fall into a big problem. and i have also seen that the student who had a brilliant performance in school has chosen arts as their career choice and they have done really well in their career. so it doesn’t matter what society or relatives say. what matters is that you like as your career option.

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