Shashwat IAS Academy Ahmedabad reviews

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In this article we will be discussing one of the prominent players in the IAS coaching institute industry of Ahmedabad, Shashwat IAS Academy. Shashwat Academy offers technical and other non-technical courses as well apart from guidance for UPSC Civil Services Examination. It doesn’t grab much limelight as compared to its counterparts, but there can be absolutely no doubt about the caliber of this coaching institute as far as educating the IAS aspirants is concerned. Thus, owing to a dedicated approach towards its vision and mission, Shashwat IAS Academy is preferred by a lot of aspirants from Ahmedabad and places nearby, which makes it one of the most sought after and renowned IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

Shashwat IAS Academy Ahmedabad reviews


Shashwat IAS Academy is based primarily in Ahmedabad and is revered much by the IAS aspirants of the city. It might not grab much attention, as it isn’t a national level coaching institute. However, the teaching methodology of the faculty at the institute is much famed throughout Ahmedabad and as a result one can find a considerable number of IAS aspirants opting for it. Owing to an impressive pedagogy and a dedicated faculty group, Shashwat IAS Academy can be termed as one of the most prominent IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.


Shashwat IAS Academy finds its place among the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

To start with, Shashwat IAS academy has a decent infrastructure, if not the most sophisticated setup in the city. The classrooms are sufficiently well equipped and offer a favorable enough atmosphere to the aspirants for carrying out their preparations incessantly and smoothly. Classrooms employ digital teaching methods to ensure that the students get a complete hang of the topic and don’t get stuck merely in the bookish aspect of the things.

Shashwat IAS Academy also has a top-notch teaching staff whose style of teaching is considered to be highly standard by IAS aspirants across the city. According to Janak P, one of the students of Shashwat IAS Academy, “Shashwat IAS Academy is the best coaching for UPSC in Gujrati and optional Gujarati Literature. Suresh Sir’s teaching method is really helpful for the examinations.”

Thus, a decent enough infrastructure and an impressive faculty with a higher standard mode of teaching make Shashwat IAS Academy one of the best coachings for IAS in Ahmedabad.


Shashwat IAS Academy is one of the lesser-known players in the market but no doubts can be raised over its credibility as one of the absolute best in Ahmedabad.

To begin with, those who have studied or are currently studying at Shashwat IAS Academy have a lot of positive reviews and feed-backs to give. The most impressive facet of the institute is its student-friendly approach towards teaching. The students who have experienced the state of affairs are all in praise about the faculties and the teaching methods they employ to make the course content simple and easy to grasp.

Shashwat IAS Academy is most suited for the people who are prone to language barriers. Batches in Gujarati are available at Shashwat IAS Academy, and according to some of the alumni of the academy, it is the best place for studying the optional subject, Gujarati literature.

The batch sizes are really small as well which means you as an IAS aspirant are bound to get the personal attention of the faculty. This healthy dynamic between students and the teacher ensures that the process of teaching and learning goes on smoothly. It also facilitates the creation of an environment where one comes across the healthy competition and pushes himself further to give out one’s very best.

The materials and everything are thoroughly prepared and are error-proof. The contents in the material go through changes with every minor or major shift in the UPSC syllabus. No aspirant is ever bound to face difficulties in his/her preparations owing to the inaccurate or faulty information provided in the notes. The stakeholders at Shashwat IAS Academy make it a point to keep the interests of the students at the fore and thus deliver their services accordingly. Dedicated management evokes a sense of confidence in the students as well. They believe that they have someone who constantly backs and as a result they can afford to carry on with their preparations in a relaxed manner.

Even though Shashwat IAS Academy doesn’t possess that staggering brand value which perhaps some of its counterparts possess, it can’t be taken lightly. The coaching institute has already garnered wide acclaim from those who have experienced the pedagogy firsthand and many of them don’t shy away from labeling Shashwat IAS Academy as one of the best in Ahmedabad. According to Niten M, one of the students at Shashwat IAS Academy, “It is the best coaching institute for UPSC in Gujarati, for Gujarati Literature, History and other optional subjects.”


Barring a few faculties, not much can be said about the others. Positive responses have been received for Gujarati Literature, History, and a couple of other optional subjects but it can’t be generalized as a whole.

No conclusive evidence about past results is available, meaning that no clear cut conclusion can be reached regarding the credibility and actual substance of the coaching institute.

Absence of an up-to-date all India test series is a negative as well, as it doesn’t provide students to evaluate their preparation levels accurately.


Shashwat IAS Academy does have a couple of chinks in its armor. It doesn’t have enough past glory to brag for its superiority in the field. However, if one is to judge the institute solely based on the reviews given by its students, one can not possibly doubt its effectiveness. Thus, Shashwat IAS academy can be touted as one of the very best in Ahmedabad.

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