Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

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We all know that Pakistan has been cheating India from a long time. And many times we had decided to establish friendship with Pakistan, with starting of bus services from Delhi to Lahore, train service from India to Pakistan and by the help of many whiteline meetings. But that resulted in what – Kargil war, again INDO-PAK war, Kandhar plane hijack, Delhi Serial Blast, Mumbai Attack, and many more which can’t be counted and confirmed by we the public of India due to leaders of our country.¬†But still we kept saying that we don’t need to break the diplomatic ties.

Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan

Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

Though in the current times we say India is a developing country. But on other hand there is lacking of unity in our government and with the public. Our government is busy in corruption and scams and giving the answer of Opposition Party. On the other side, China Is also supporting Pakistan frequently. We must mind that China had always been against India. Moreover nowadays China has interfered in Arunachal Pradesh and wants to war with India.

So in this situation if we break the ties, then obviously we would be forcing them to finish the terrorism supports by Pakistan and Pakistan can’t be ready for that because terrorists are the life of Pakistan. Then it is possible that Pakistan can attack on India and if he doesn’t attack than yet Pakistan will try to send the terrorist in India.

I know that India is able to face any types of attack but here main problems are atomic attacks by all the countries.

Because, here if Pakistan attacks on India than China would be with them. And many countries may be with India and many countries would be with Pakistan. That means the Breaking of diplomatic ties leads the 3rd World War and the Human life could be finished.

We Indian know our culture that to save 1 person we need to kill 50 than we can’t do it and if India doesn’t break diplomatic ties than India would have the time to become a powerful Developed Country. Then no any Pakistan and China like country would try to see India on the map also. But in reality it is far away dear.

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