Should Sanjay Dutt Escape Law from Mumbai Blast Case 1993

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Should Sanjay Dutt Escape Law from Mumbai Blast Case 1993

As i had said earlier , Sanjay Dutt as citizen of India has right to ask for clemency from Governer or President but governor and President does not have right to Pardon him. Is it a new drama of Mr Katju and Sanjay Dutt together , although I know its a high profile case and best of Indian lawyers brain would be there to save Sanjay Dutt but what about law. Today sanjay Dutt came in front of camera and said he loves India and started weeping but he did not condemn what he did and that is keeping relation with Indian fugitives. He should have said “I aM SORRY FOR KEEPING RELATION WITH TERRORISTS OF NATION > BUT HE WEPT AND SAID HE LOVES INDIA .

After all he is a good actor

It Feals good when you watch Arnab Goswami Asking tough questions from our leaders and making fun of them publicly and giving feel to Indian Public that “So called your channel TIMES NOW is asking question from general public” , I do not understand what happened to Roaring Lion, Mr Arnab Goswami while talking about Mr Sanjay Dutt Case with Mr Ajay Devgan who was advocating Mr Sanjay Dutt case infront of him

Sanjay dutt has been jailed under arms act


Why Mr Arnab Goswami questions seems to be an advertisement or justification. I do not understand, why this question is arising. Why he should be pardoned.

I would like to ask even supreme court , whom they were justifying by giving as 5 Yrs imprisonment, why not 6 yrs , when law says that convict should be jailed for 6 yrs and if even President of India Pardons him then, I as an Indian citizen would like to know , WHY?

Supreme court judgement say what , I will not comment on that but was sunjay dutt job less or was he dying of hunger that he bought AK-57. Although CBI tried to save Mr Sanjay Dutt by not filing proper case.

People whose friends are Daud Ebrahim or Aneesh Ibrahim or chota shakeel can not be a good person at all No matter he is a celebrity , not only this but he has been talking to them after conviction.

Every one in Indian media from news agency to every celebrity is advertising in support of Sanjay Dutt , Zee Tv Showing ,how mother died , then wife and got drug addict bla bla and sad stories with sad music. What about emotions of People who died , what about emotions of Police , who takes all pain to uncover and keep us safe and what they face.

What happened to Zabunisha Quazi , when she could be sentenced for 5 Yrs ,why not Sanjay Dutt

Now Bollywood celebrities will decide who will get what punishment?

Is Law in hand of influential people

Law is in hand of influential peopleI just do not understand what is happening to this country . Are we free citizen of this country and do we have any Judicial system. Why every time we need Someone like Subrymanayam swami to file a review petition and things like that.

If Sanjay Dutt could have been pardoned why not Afjal Guru. If People like Sanjay Dutt will be pardoned then what message will reach to people of this country. Are we making new precedent that  Son and Daughters of Influential people will be treated above law .

How can President of India pardon when already Indian Judicial system have been fighting with corrupt bureaucratically. What does we, age developing country when to give message to world. Are we a corrupt Nation.

Can governor or president of india leave or Pardon sanjay dutt

I think , we need to judge this again , Who will decide our fate? Bolly Wood or our people . We will see this here , although He is brother of a similar representative . How are we going to see this case as.

Whom are We advocating about ,? Who said that Salman has faced a lot , who will decide that. Mr Katju should think before speaking as he holds a respectable position

Sanjay Dutt , who had affair with at least 7 to 8 girls without respecting his alling wife , should we sympathies for this man.

He left his 2 nd wife Probably for Sushmita sen or any one but that girl was through out bad phase of Salman Khan when he was prosecuted and jailed and his romantic partner Madhuri Dixhit had left him.

During case period even , he was caught talking to his beloved Indian Terrorists on Phone and Mrs Bachhan should think before speaking

In a recent development People who think SanjayDutt to be Innocent are

Digvijay Singh: According to him , Sanjay Dutt was young when he did this and suffered a lot. I would like to ask Mr Singh and Ex Judge Mr Katju who has similar view that , how many people in Indian Jail have 2 kids and wife waiting at home , Sanjay Dutt has money but , in many other families there was only one bread earner and he has been sent to jail.

And what about Mamta Banarjee , who use to send people to jail on matter of Cartoon or just one statement against her by any other normal citizen , but today its different. She even feels that Sanjay Dutt should be left . That clearly proves why Mamta ji government has failed on expectation of change of people , when they brought change in west Bengal

Zebonisha quazi , a 70 year old lady will probably be strong candidate for clemency and Arnab Goswami , although doing good thing. sanjay Dutt offence is graver than that of zebonisha Quazi.  after 7 years even sanjay dutt was in relation with chotta shaqil. But what shot of questions Mr Arnab goswami is asking these days from daughter of a 70 year lady who is about to go to jail “How do you feel” , “how does your mother feels ” how some one will feel , if he/she has to go to jail at age of 70 . grow up Mr goswami

Different People may have different views but I think , even President of India will have to prove his metal . Even President of India will have to Prove that India has been a nation of Pride and If President tested once , he will Prove it.

Mr Majid Menon and Justice Katju or even I would like to ask honorable Supreme court , If Bomb and AK-56 would have been found at MY home , I would not be casted as Terrorists , If not why so many people are in Jail . If Mr Katju says that , he will plead in all such cases then simply change LAW.

Sanjay Dutt has many clouts and although he would be proud of his Fath

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31 Responses to Should Sanjay Dutt Escape Law from Mumbai Blast Case 1993

  1. Tushar Kumar says:

    If Sanjay Dutt , will be pardoned , we will definetly loose our faith on Indian Judiacial System and Government. Every one knows that , Media is running campaign to generate sympathy for Sanjay Dutt but if Sanjay Dutt will be pardoned then why Afzal was hanged , why Kasab was hanged. Just because Sanjay Dutt knows most powerful people of country , this does not make him above law .
    Would we have treated Sharukh Khan in same manner , if AK%& would have come out of Sharukh khan home and what about Moral of police. Why next time they will think of going to big people. IT SIMPLY SLAP ON INDIAN DEMOCRACY

  2. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Sanjay Dutt should be punished as he is already been declared guilty. But as far as my knowledge goes he has already been behind the bars for almost 18months before this. After that he was released on bail, and he time and again has shown his regret and begged for mercy for doing so. Even in jail when an accused is found to be conducting well and shows signs of change in him, then under a special law he is released by the president for his good conduct. So, why not this rule should be there for Sanjay Dutt too. Its not that he is being left totally unpunished! He has already gone to jail, begged pardon from the court and hasn’t committed any antisocial act after that again, so why is he being punished again for something he committed 20 years ago?! Jails in India are now a days called ‘correctional homes’ i.e. a place where people who are accused of criminal charges are corrected and changed to be good persons. Punishment is not the ultimate for every thing! if it was so, then the amount of punishment people have been given by the law till date would have made the world a totally corruption-free place! but crime rates are increasing at a whooping rate these days, proving that these punishments are barely having any effect on the mass as a whole. So, very clearly to remove corruption we need to change each person from within. So when a convict has changed already there is no point in punishing him anyway! And if the law still wants to punish him, then go ahead, but then they shouldn’t do the hypocrisy in the name of ‘correctional home’ and ‘we are forgiving people and are ardent followers of Gandhiji’ stuff, its so lame!

  3. Rishu Goel says:

    ‘Sanjay Dutt’ played a terrorist role in “AGNIPATH” movie and the same role was played by him in the year 1993,Mumbai Bomb blast…but that was a movie where the dead person is live again..but why he played with the lives of the INDIAN…

  4. rohit says:

    Not to forget, Rahul Mahajan, who was caught red handed by the Delhi Police in possession of drugs. Guess what? Leave aside being jailed, he’s married to a beautiful girl and is still having a hell of a time.
    Whereas, Sanjay has already gone through a lot, jailed, beaten, psychological pressure and God knows what all more.
    Has he gone around killing people ? Has he done anything even close to being compared to a 26/11 by Kasab? The answer is “NO”.
    Don’t you think its enough ? Don’t you think we should focus on those who have really played with the country? What about equality ? Sanjay Dutt, ever since he’s been out, has been doing things to prove how right the Police in our country is. Please go through his work, Shootout at Lokhadwala, Munnabhai MBBS, and an umpteen number of other movies where he tries to reach a message out to the common man in India to be a good soul.
    Please think twice before asking such rudimentary questions over a public forum.
    Kind Regards,

  5. rohit says:

    It’s not that I’m a fan of Sanjay Dutt or anything of the kind. When the shit hits the roof, some people run, some stay. Here was a guy who chose to stay. To protect his family from the evils around. He was influential enough and used it. I’m pretty sure, if anyone else (even you), was influential enough, would use it to protect your family.
    Please check out the real India, villages in Bihar, Gurgaon, Kurukshetra, and umpteen no. of other places where people roam around with arms and ammunition, even for parties and marriage functions. I really think our country’s police should focus on the real deal, rather than moving up known people’s sleeves.
    Last i checked, 2 villages in Punjab still continue to manufacture guns. I agree they’re not AK47s, but they are 315s and also desi kattas. All serving the same purpose. Taking Life out of a person.
    Running behind a celebrity is a facade to protrude Police is really working. Mumbai is still reigned by the underworld. Believe it or not, similar instances happen all over the country.
    Why don’t we speak about it ? Simple. It doesn’t get anyone MILEAGE enough to be famous.
    I really think every Journalism school must instill a sense of responsibility among it’s students. Making money is good, but at the cost of selling your soul? Which is exactly what’s happening here.
    How many of us really know Rahul Gandhi doesn’t even have an Indian Passport. His original passport is Italian and he’s named Raul Vinci. Priyanka Gandhi’s husband, Robert Vadera, probably the biggest threat to the country’s reserves, is still unnoticed. People who post and comment on them on Facebook are either arrested or barred.
    Thing like these, are more ephemeral to our country’s well being. Not whether a film star had a gun some 15 years back and why did he have it.
    Besides, I think Sanjay Dutt has gone through enough retribution. Going over the same thing, would be a waste of the court’s time and his. Let the man be in peace.

    • Tushar Kumar says:

      I think others comment are not from fan of Munna Bhai . I ghink Munna Bhai campaign is not running properly

  6. Atif Pall says:

    There is no escape for activities of misconduct. Laws are enforced on every individual of the society even if he is a superstar or a celebrity. Wrong deeds are never appreciated even if its done with a cause for the betterment of something. Generally,people with supreme powers who have good connection with the terrorists and the government, suffers no problem in bailing themselves out of the jail in a day or a two. Sanjay Dutt’s cases have not yet been rectified even though there were evidences regarding his misconduct 20 years ago and till now our indian constitution fails to conclude his crime. Justice is for all of us and not for an individual alone . Money can buy power but good deeds earns respect.

  7. Akash Tripathi says:

    As ours is a democratic state and everyone is equal over constitution so the statement for Mr. Sanjay Dutt is right. But at the same time since he has changed in his personality over the years of that incidence also his parents served our nation so we must consider these factors in account.Also since he is now a married man owing the responsibility of his family .
    So in my opinion as he has been publicly abused by the society for that crime for many years and owing to points mentioned above some relaxation must be there.

  8. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Well Laws are same for everyone so there should not be any partiality.Now a days people buy everything with money which is harmful for our country and it will lead to degradation !!!! so government should take care of these things and take these offences seriously and take proper steps…!!

  9. Rohit Kumar says:

    The law of our country is above of all the individual whosoever the individual is either he is a politician or a film-star if he is the main culprit then he would get punishment for his misconduct.India is a democratic country and MR sanjay dutt is still on bails…………he should be behind the bars for his hand in the Mumbai bomb blast.Time and again, film-stars are being connected with terrorist activities.. its just that they get bail in just 2-3 days. This incident is gonna give them a hard lesson.

  10. Kriti Das says:

    The law of the state is always above an individual no matter who it is.The poor of this country are already deprived of so many thing and to let Sunjay Dutt go in this situation is like sending out the message that the famous and powerful can bend the law as well.Sanjay Dutt has committed a mistake and is treated just like any other normal guy which is the best thing to do.This also asserts the fact that sooner or later,guilty can be brought to book.

  11. Pallavi sinha says:

    This one is totally a matter of partiality among a general citizens and a well known celebrity and those who are sitting on the judiciary chair has no any right to give such a low punishment against this kind of crime.
    This shows that the corruption inside our whole Indian system and how a celebrity can influence our law also. It shows that we do not have any feel of guilty & shame and we have no any respect towards the Mumbai blast sufferer.
    Our system needs to be rectified and country needs a fresh revolution and this the responsibility of Indian citizens also that they needs to raise their voice against this types of decisions.

  12. patlakshi Jha says:

    If someone has committed the crime he or she is punishable before law. No matters whether he is a flim star or a beggar. So i do not believe in the fact that if he is a flim star he should be allowed to escape and do whatever he wish.

  13. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    As per our Constitution everyone is equal. If a ordinary person did this work then our judiciary punished him at that time.But in the case of Mr. Sanjay Dutt our judiciary took a long time to decide whether he should be punished or not. Reason behind is that he is a celebrity.
    No pardon for Mr. Sanjay Dutt.

  14. Gourav Jain says:

    Sanjay Dutt.. who does not know him, a very bright star in bollywood but.. In front of the law everyone is the same. In the Mumbai blast case Sanjay Dutt was the prime person behind it, but do you think that being a superstar you have the authority to take the lives of around 257 people and the government grants you 5 yrs of jail.. what nonsense.. every one is equal and should be treated equally.

  15. Shilpi Saksena says:

    All men are equal in the eyes of law.
    He did wrong at that time. So why a request for apology???
    He should complete his punishment as per the constitution and the court says.

    • Deepshikha Bisaria says:

      Mr. Sanjay Dutt did wrong at that moment. He gave his statement that he kept all those hand grenades, AK 47 etc for his self defense. We must ask him who in this country needs a hand grenade and a AK 47 for their self defense? He belongs to such a big and a very renowned family that they can easily afford a license gun then why this?

      So according to my opinion he did wrong and of course law is equal for every single people. So there is no question of demanding an apology. He did wrong and he should accept the punishment.

  16. shreya sarkar says:

    The last time I checked India is a country where every one has equal rights. Be it a film star a cricketer or a lay man. So if a common man can be punished then why not a celebrity?
    He may have lost his mother or wife, but what about those hundreds of people who lost their lives? Even they were someone’s mother, wife or child. Therefore no matter who Sanjay Dutt is he cannot escape from such a audacious crime.

  17. Barun kumar singh says:

    We all know that Law and rules and punishment is equal for every citizen of India no matter the person who he is Sanjay dutt or Sachin tendulkar.If he is the culprit he should be punished for his doings.where as for the case of relief from the governor or president side the are well educated and respectful and the know what is right or wrong.

  18. Arpit Taran says:

    Law is same for all citizens either you a celebrity or a politician it doesn’t matter to the government. If you have break the rules then you will be punished under the act. In this case the punishment should be given equally because many people were dead because of the blast. Fair decision should be given by the government; so that would be better for everyone. No mercy should be given to anyone who found suspect in the act of crime.

  19. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    India is a democratic country. Law and order must be same here for each Indian, whether he is a celebrity or an ordinary citizen. But in reality the laws are completely biased and the entire administration is so much corrupted that influential people always escape even after doing crime .In 1993 Mumbai blast many innocent people had died.If the criminals don’t get remarkable punishment,it will be an injustice with the victims of that day. So Sanjay Dutt must be punished and only 5 years imprisonment is really a very small punishment. This completely shows that the system is corrupted. In other words this is death of democracy.

  20. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    As we all know that India is the Democratic country so every have their own thoughts regarding any aspects.
    So Mumbai Blast is really very cruel aspect which will done in India. So, i think that person which done this type of activity in India have to punished very hardly however whether it is politician,actor or any big name.
    But according to me i don’t think so that Sanjay Dutt involve in this activity because sanjay dutt have rifile but their is no hand of sanjay dutt in this BOMB BLAST and sanjay dutt take that arms and he is punished by 18 months for that so i don’t think is necessary to take any type of punishment given to sanjay dutt.

  21. Seema Mishra says:

    Dutt had been sentenced to six years jail term for possessing a weapon illegally and had spent 16 months in jail after his arrest in 1993. He was, however, acquitted of the stringent charges under TADA.I am agree with the decission of the Indian Government,that Mr.Dutt should be punished.But After 20 years he is still repenting for the mistake he committed in his past. 🙁 :/

  22. debanki mukherjee says:

    According to the democracy of India every citizen should be treated equally.But in most cases the rich and wealthy section of the society makes easy escape even after committing serious crimes. Mr. Sanjay Dutt should be punished keeping in mind the seriousness of his crime.

  23. Vipin Sahu says:

    India is a democratic country so every law has to be strictly followed.So why not in the case of Bombay Blast ’93 .Sanjay dutt was found in connection in this blast, many innocent peoples are died.Every individual who was caught in this case has to be punished either he or she is a business man,politician or an actor.

  24. preeti nisha says:

    Its true that law and jurisdiction is similar for each citizen of india . Before being any celebrity he is a citizen of our country and no man offending the law should be considered for mercy and sanjay dutt has been a part of serious crime and by any means has promoted terrorism in india. So he should be equally punished according to the laws.. He also accepted that he had dine with dawood ibrahim and had relations with abu salem and others which proves that he is involved with the most wanted terrorists.
    So he should be PUNISHED.

  25. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    India is a democratic country… Is IT SO???? I don’t think so if we consider the rules,regulations and the laws of constitution especially made for Mr. Sanjay Dutt…. He is committing crime and at the same time is left on bails… so its a shameful act for our democratic country INDIA… He should be behind bars for his mistakes.

  26. Rashmi Rani says:

    Well i too agree to the point that Mr. sanjay dutt should be punished for his crime but i guess giving a break in imprisonment is not the right decision…. but what to say that’s the Indian government….. and ofcourse crime is a crime … if today sanjay dutt is released from this case then this would lead to a fall in trust in the judicial laws.. If the person did nt think before getting involved in this crime then why should he be allowed to escape…….

  27. SANJANA KUMARI says:

    I think it is a act of shame on the part of Law and order in India. India has always tired to stick to the fact that it is a democratic country and every citizen is equal in the eyes of law and constitution. But when it comes to cases as that of Mr. Sanjay Dutt , one can never believe on these facts. This is a shameful stain on the values and morals of India’s Constitution.

  28. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    Sanjay Dutt was let off TADA and charged under Arms act even though there was incriminating
    evidence against him under TADA. The Mumbai Police Ex-Commissioner admitted that this was a mistake. Sanjay Dutt got off easy, considering the fact that he was involved in the murder of 273 innocent victims.Since 20 years long years , almost a generation for the decision! What a shame on the system.

  29. Amit Kumar says:

    The news has gathered a huge the attention of the whole media since yesterday. i am not able to understand what is bothering these people so much? Mistake is a Mistake. He was found in connections with the ’93 Mumbai Blasts. So, he should be punished. Sanjay Dutt said in the court that 20 years have past and he is still repenting for the mistake he committed as a young boy. Mr. Dutt- just because your that silly mistake, many people lost their lives and their families are still suffering.
    Time and again, film-stars are being connected with terrorist activities.. its just that they get bail in just 2-3 days. This incident is gonna give them a hard lesson.

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