Shreyans Kumat optional Anthropology

Shreyans Kumat UPSC Air 4 toppers strategy

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Shreyans Kumat UPSC Air 4 toppers strategy

Shreyans Kumat has emerged as house hold name not only in Rajasthan but also in every part of India after result of UPSC 2018.

As soon as result of UPSC has been declared , it became clear that 3 out of 4 toppers of UPSC civiil services exam are from Rajasthan. 3 of top 4 result holders are also from IIT and all these three are from Rajasthan only.

Shreyans Kumat comes from a middle class family where no one from his family has been into civils services and thus for better guidance he decided to come to delhi for preparation.

UPSC topper prelims strategy

For his prelims strategy Shreyank Kumat suggested future aspirants to focus on news paper

  1. Indian Express
  2. The Hindu

Shreyans suggested that students should finish their optional subject as Anthropology .

Which coachings did Shreyans Kumat attend ?

As per our reserch finding about 6 coachings have claimed to train or contribute in success of Shreyans Kumat.

VAjiram and Ravi:


SriRam IAS

Unique Shiksha


Drshti IAS

From which coachings did Shreyans Kumat studied for ias exam ?

At least 6 to 7 coachings have claimed to train Shreyans Kumat during hgis endevour to become an IAS officer . We have tried to include maximum claims.

  1. Vajiram and Ravi : As I have also discussed in previous 4 write ups that Vajiram and Ravi has claimed to train Shreyans and Shreyans features in advertisement of Vajiram and Ravi. for details on Vajiram and Ravi you can refer our vajiram and Ravi review
  2. Next IAS : Allthough we were not able to figure out advertisement of Next IAS till late and thus in our imafe Next IAS does not feature as claimed coachings for Shreyans Kumat
  3. Vaid IAS : Vaid IAS is one of best anthropology optional coaching in delhiĀ 
  4. Drishti IAS : Drishti IAS coaching has also claimed to train Shreyans for UPSC 2018.
  5. Shriram IAS : Shriram IAS is another one of 7 coachings which we could see claiming for Shreyans Kumat result. SHriram IAS is also ranked amongst best ias coaching in delhi list of oureducation
  6. Unique Shiksha : Unique Shiksha in its advertisements have also claimed for UPSC rank holder 4 Shreyans Kumat result.
  7. KSG : Khan study group has also claimed to contribute in success of Shreyans Kumat . For pdf notes of UPSC you should check onlinekhanmarket.


Shreyans Kumat UPSC preparation strategy
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Shreyans Kumat UPSC preparation strategy
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