Soft Computing vs Hard Computing

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Soft Computing vs Hard Computing

Difference between the soft computing and hard computing?

1)      Hard computing, i.e., conventional computing, requires a precisely stated analytic model and often a lot of computation time. Soft computing differs from conventional (hard) computing in that, unlike hard computing, it is tolerant of imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and approximation. In effect, the role model for soft computing is the human mind.

2)      Hard computing based on binary logic, crisp systems, numerical analysis and crisp software but soft computing based on fuzzy logic, neural nets and probabilistic reasoning.

3)      Hard computing has the characteristics of precision and categoricity and the soft computing, approximation and dispositionality. Although in hard computing, imprecision and uncertainty are undesirable properties, in soft computing the tolerance for imprecision and uncertainty is exploited to achieve tractability, lower cost, high Machine Intelligence Quotient (MIQ) and economy of communication

4)      Hard computing requires programs to be written,uses two-valued logic,is deterministic, requires exact input data, is strictly sequential, produces precise answers; soft computing can evolve its own programs, can use multivalued or fuzzy logic, incorporates stochasticity, can deal with ambiguous and noisy data,   allows parallel computations,  can yield approximate answers

Question to be asked frequently:

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3) What is parallel computation?

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6 Responses to Soft Computing vs Hard Computing

  1. suriya prakash says:

    This article clearly explains the differences between the soft computing and hard computing.

  2. Tapash Mazumder says:

    Hard computing is all about computing with efficiency and precision whereas Soft computing deals with even the fuzzy logics. Soft computing is even proposed as a subject in engineering course of Information Technology in many universaties. Author did a great job by giving light to this topic. Really appreciable.

  3. Dinesh says:

    Its very important to know the difference between the soft computing and hard computing, the one who understand it very clearly can only develop a good product by considering many aspects, and i believe that this article will help everybody

  4. Ritika says:

    The concept of hard computing & soft computing is relatively new to us. The article takes both the topics, one at a time & explains its charecteristics & features. It also has some related questions which further help in analysis.

  5. priyanka nayak says:

    The detailed distinguished comparison in this article is Quite knowledgeable. soft computing deals with approximation while hard computing deals with precision.

  6. Mrityunjay Kumar Singh says:

    it’s always been a nice comparison in my life, the comparison between hard computing and the soft computing. Thanks to the author who have significantly compared between hard computing and soft computing.

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