Important Sony Interview Questions for Preparation

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SONY Interview Questions

Sony was established in 1946 at Japan has total revenue of about 80 billion $ every year with world wide presence has head quarter at Tokyo. Sony is one of the most popular and largest consumer electronics manufacturing company of world and is indulged in making of TV, CD, Mobile phones, Music systems, Play stations etc. This Japanese consumer electronics giant is known for its quality and style either in camera or in Laptop or any electronic item. Here we have arranged questions which have been asked from various aspirants during interview at Sony may it be Technical interview or HR round.

sony interview questions

Sony Interview Questions

Placement criteria of Sony is aligned with a standards of Global organisations and seeks for through out 1st Division marks for aspiring candidates who wish to work with Sony. For Freshers recruitment sony hires candidates from top business schools or top engineering colleges but in experienced hiring , company gets liberal in terms of colleges of education.

SONY Ericsson Recruitment Procedure:

1. Online Test: The First round compromise of Online Test of duration of 1 hour which focus on mainly three sections i.e; Aptitude, English (Analytical and Logical Reasoning with some context of verbal part) and Technical part. Each section includes 20 questions which are to be answered within 20 minute. This paper required quick understanding and thinking.

You can prefer R.S Aggarwal to prepare your quants part. Technical Part focus to judge the knowledge of basic knowledge of their domain. It depends on for which you are applying for. In order to clear the test, candidates must practice MCQs from a good book.

2. Technical Interview: Here basically candidate technical knowledge is judged. Questions were asked from their technical background to check their familiarity with their core field.

3.Personal Interview: Personal Interview is made with the selected candidates. This round is basically to check the presence of mind of the applicant. You may asked questions like tell me something about yourself. Candidate should study their resume properly as questions may be asked from their resume.

4. Managerial Round: It this round, they can put a situation to check one’s ability to judge difficult situations. Candidates need to prove themselves to get the positive results.


1. Device density on a microprocessor/chip?

2. Difference between computer and super computer?

3. How the performance of a super computer is measured (in flops).

4. What is tera flop ? 5. If a 2.8 GHz processor is given, calculate the number of floating point calculations that it can do.

6. Name a  indigenous super computer. (PARAM, built by C-DAC)

7. What is real time operating systems?

HR Interview Questions at SONY

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What are your strength and weaknesses?

3. Why should I hire you?

4. What was your final year project?

5. What is your favourite subject?

6. Are you willing to relocate?

7. Can you work under pressure?

8. What are your aspirations?

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