SRS Software requirement specification

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The Software Requirement  Specification SRS is a  complete description of the behavior of system to be developed and it may include a set of use cases that describe interactions the user will have with the software. The software requirement specification document include all necessary requirement of the project description to derive the requirements we need  to have the clear thorough understanding of product. This is prepared after the detail communication with the project team and customer.

The SRS software requirement specification may be one of the contract delivered data item on design or have other form of organizational content. A SRS software requirement specification minimizes the time and effort required by the developer to achieve the desired

software requirement specification

software requirement specification

goal and also maintain the development cost a  good software requirement specification  defines how  a system will interact with the system hardware other program, and human users response parameter  such as operating speed and speed of recovery is also given. A software requirement Specification includes brief description of all the phases through which a software is developed the phases are :

1. The Software Analysis phase in this the                 analysis is done and the requirement for software is analyze.
2. The next phase of software design is the design phase in this the rough sketch of the             software is made  that how the software will look all the phases of that software are               designed at the design phase.
3. Implementation in the implementation phase the coding for the software is done or the         modeled is made ready to work through the coding or programming.
4. Testing in the testing phase the  testing of the software is done that whether the software     is performing the task for which it is made .in this the software is checked and                         maintained.
5. Deployment in the last phase the software is deployed to the customer and is seen                 whether his requirements are getting fulfilled or not.


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